The best sex positions for a great workout

If the ‘new year, new me’ mentality and trips to the gym are already losing momentum, we’ve got great news. You could torch some of those pesky calories simply by heading to the bedroom and getting frisky. It certainly sounds more fun than the treadmill, right?

As if we needed any more argument for the benefits of sex – it’s mood boosting, stress relieving, mind clearing, sleep promoting (and more) – choose the right positions and you can get a great workout in at the same time!

Here, we’ve collated our five favorite positions to not only connect you and your significant other on a deeper level, but you’ll both feel the burn too.


Works: Rhomboid, Biceps, Core and Quads

It’s first up because we’re here all day to battle against popular opinion that the missionary position is boring. Far from it. Put some additional effort in and you’re in for a great orgasm and enhanced fitness.

With the missionary position, it goes without saying the person on top is getting a good hip-thrusting workout in. They’re working their upper body and core throughout the movements.

But the person laying on their back can do more to get that burn in. Either lift your legs into the air and hook them over your partner’s shoulders or, much like the ‘eagle’ sex position, bend your legs back as far as possible (so your feet are by your head). You’re working your core, while the person on top strengthens their own core and biceps.

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Reverse cowgirl

Works: Quads, Glutes and Core

Here, the person on top straddles their partner while facing away from them. This is the perfect workout position for the person being penetrated, engaging their quads, glutes and core. Ready for an even tougher session?

Instead of kneeling and resting your legs against the bed while on top, come up on to your feet so you’re effectively in a squat. This isn’t an easy move (and you’ll need to find the funny side if you lose your balance rather than let it spoil the moment), but get it right and you’ll give your thighs and glutes a killer workout.

Doggy style

Works: Quads, Hamstrings and Core

Penetration from behind is always a winner when it comes to strengthening the core and testing stamina. Doggy style is a classic and it will never go out of fashion – with very good reason.

Handy, then, that it can be used to get a good workout in too. This position requires the receiver to be on all fours, while the partner, on their knees, enters from behind.

This pleasurable workout sees the person on all fours naturally working their core, quads and hamstrings, while their partner, if thrusting from the abdomen in rhythmic, controlled moves, can work their core too. Add an interactive sex toy as an accessory like the KIIROO Pearl2 G-Spot Vibrator or the OhMiBod Lumen and prolong the workout for an even more intense finish.

The wheelbarrow

Works: Upper body and Core

This position isn’t easy but for upper body strength building combined with an amazing finish, you’ll want to perfect this one!

The wheelbarrow is as it sounds: the person being penetrated gets on their hands and knees, while their partner picks them up by their hips or waist. The person being held should wrap their thighs around their partner. This is an upper body and core workout for both – and the penetrating partner gets a good view to boot!

The bridge

Works: Abs, Triceps, Calves and Glutes

The ultimate in sexercise, the bridge takes serious effort from both parties. The person receiving should have their back facing downward, raising their hips and supporting themselves with their arms and legs (palms and feet flat).

The person penetrating should kneel between their legs. This position tests your stamina, giving your abs, triceps, calves and glutes a workout. Take the easier option if you find the bridge is too hard on your back – lower your shoulders and head on to the bed, while keeping your hips thrust upwards.

Each one of these positions is perfect for building up a sweat, burning a few calories and enjoying mind-blowing sex while you’re at it. Who needs the gym anyway?


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