How to build a sex machine

So you want to learn how to build a sex machine yourself? We salute you. Thrusting, hands-free euphoria, with a climactic contraption that really pulls its weight.

You know what you want and you’re going to get it. And we’re happy to inform you that you’re in the right place.

Sometimes it’s fun to do the dirty work ourselves (or with a partner), but a full-blown fuck machine can deliver a mind-blowing new dimension to penetrative pleasure.

The downside to these machines is that they can be eye-wateringly expensive. But for those who are smart, knowing how to make a sex machine can be the perfect solution.

What is a sex machine?

We’re not sure the sex machine James Brown sang about was the same one we design in the teledildonic world. These machines are basically the god-tier of penetrative sex, simulating the in-and-out thrusting motions of a real penis.

Sometimes, a dildo is attached to blow-up furniture, or even full-on scaffolding-like mechanisms that require a dedicated sex room to enjoy. The aim of the game: a hands-free, tongue-free, human-penis-free ride, vaginally or anally. And the odd orgasm, or five.

How to build a sex machine

When it comes to figuring out how to make sex machine devices that actually work, leave it to the professionals. There are countless articles online that will show you how to make a homemade sex machine using items from hardware stores.

These involve sourcing power supplies, then motorized parts (powerful enough to give you the thrust you desire) along with bases, speed controllers, screws, nuts, bolts, joints, air tube connectors, and rods with vacuum locks on.

By the time you’ve been to the store, splashed out on all of the components to make your sex machine and spent days trying to build it, the result will always be a crude and noisy contraption, no matter how good your DIY skills are. And don’t get us started on attaching dildos to power tools.

So pack away the toolbox, and allow yourself the pleasure of putting together a cost-effective body-safe interactive sex machine in minutes - one that’s been designed by sex tech scientists.

kiiroo keon sex machine accessories

How to make a sex machine yourself

If complex assembly instructions have you crumbling at the mere sight of flatpack furniture, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that learning how to make sex machine parts fit together can be an easy, if not enjoyable experience. The Keon sex machine is a game-changer: it’s beautiful, it’s interactive, and it’s the lowest priced sex machine on the market. Here’s what you need to build it:

  • Step one: If you don’t already own one, you’ll need the multi-award-winning Keon (aka the smartest interactive masturbator in the world) as your epic base. This clever and compact machine reaches speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute - perfect in combination with Feel Strokers and in this case, our dildo and adapter.
  • Step two: Got your Keon? Great. Now you simply need to attach the Keon dildo adapter. To do this, screw the dildo attachment into its vacuum-lock system, then insert the dildo adapter into your Keon to lock it into place.
  • Step three: Attach any size vacuum-lock dildo to your Keon dildo adapter and you’re ready for the ride of your life! Our Vacuum-lock Dildo is a deep-filling joy to ride - its 7.5-inch shaft has raised veins and a supple ridged head for realistic sensations.

The only thing left to do? Get on it and enjoy the ride.

How to use a sex machine

At first glance, these romping, ramming devices may seem intimidating. And for many homemade apparatuses, for good reason. Thankfully, our Keon Sex Machine is incredibly easy to build and use yourself. Once you’ve followed the three steps above, lube up, then simply rest the device between your legs or attach it to furniture using our Keon accessories such as the Keon Table Clamp, then bend over and prepare for the doggy-style of your dreams.

For those who also require clitoral stimulation to climax, your hands will be free to deliver bliss with interactive vibrators such as Cliona, or our next-gen Pearl3 with a touch-sensitive tip. If you’re learning how to use a sex machine for anal pleasure, another vibrator can simulate double penetration, or those with a penis can combine G-spot heaven with stroking galore by bringing more masturbators and strokers into the mix.

With the FeelConnect app, you can play with pattern settings, controlling the thrusts and speeds yourself, or connect it to a partner device to simulate real sex, even if you’re not together.

To go a step further, sync up your sex machine to interactive adult content and feel every deep, powerful thrust as it happens. Our FeelMe AI plug-in turns almost all porn on the internet into an interactive experience, so fill your boots (or shall we say, your hole).

There you have it - the most cost-effective way to put together the premium interactive insertable your precious parts deserve. Create more wild and wonderful configurations with our ideas for more fun ways to use Keon accessories.

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