How to Achieve a Hands-Free Orgasm

There are a lot of ways to have an orgasm, and exploring how to have a hands-free orgasm brings up so many fun options. It’s not a myth! You can sexually climax without being intimately touched with hands or digits - either by yourself or a partner.

But knowing how to orgasm hands-free may require trying a few different techniques - pleasuring yourself with toys, breathwork, or using the mind alone. Whether you’re mixing up your masturbation or spicing up your sex routine, let’s look at the best hands-off ways to reach the mighty O.

Five ways to learn how to orgasm hands-free

If there's no touching allowed, what else can you do? Thankfully, reaching climax without using your hands is both possible and wildly pleasurable. If you want to learn how to have hands-free orgasm experiences, try the following methods to reach heady hands-off heights.

1. Sex in the shower

With touching off-limits, pressurized water can be a sensational way to explore how to have a hands-free orgasm. Try using a showerhead to stimulate erogenous zones, from nipples to genitals.

Or, invite a partner into the tub or shower to have them guide the powerful stream for you, or masturbate together. If you have a vagina, the force of water can be an amazing way to stimulate your clit, but take care not to spray into the vagina penetratively, as this can disrupt your natural pH.

2. Stimulate with sex tech

At Kiiroo, we’re passionate about showing pleasure lovers how to have a hands-free orgasm with our sex tech. So, we’ve specially designed male sex toys and female sex toys that fit snug enough for touch-free stimulation.

From award-winning automatic masturbators Keon and Pulse Solo Interactive to wearable massager Esca2, our revolutionary devices are your quickest, easiest, most euphoric route to figuring out how to have a hands-free orgasm - whether you’re playing solo or with a partner.

3. Orgasmic breathing

Breath is intimately connected to the sexual experience and can be intentionally used when exploring a hands-free way to orgasm. Deep orgasmic breathing can get your blood flowing and help you tune you into euphoric sensations in the genitals - all those tingles, waves, chills, and powerful vibes our mind can bypass at the height of pleasure. Paying this kind of attention may take a lot of time to master, but it’s definitely a fun way to practice how to orgasm hands-free.

4. Erotic stories and dirty talk

The brain is dubbed the most important sex organ for a reason. It’s where sex drive begins, making it the best place to start when practicing hands-free orgasms.

Listening to erotic stories or dirty talk activates regions of the brain that create arousal and stimulate the body, particularly the hypothalamus, responsible for testosterone production in men. The power of suggestion alone can be enough to spark lust that leads to a full-on climax - science says so.

5. Oral pleasure

Keeping sex strictly oral might be an obvious way to explore the hands-free orgasm - but it works. Focus on sensations from the lips and tongue alone, or ask a partner to explore other erogenous zones that might lead to climax, such as the nipples.

If you’re playing solo, our oral sex toys and clit vibrators replicate the unique sucking sensations that drive us all wild. Penis owners can amp up the BJ experience with a Keon masturbator and Keon neck strap - sync its movements to a POV adult oral sex scene to experience being spoiled down there, completely hands-free.

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How to hands-free orgasm, every time

Everyone can learn toorgasm without the use of their hands. Whether you’re pleasuring a penis or vulva, we’ve got the perfect sex tech to blow your mind (and more), everytime.

  • How to have a hands-free orgasm with a penis
  • When it comes to exploring how to have a hands-free orgasm, men are spoilt for choice. At Kiiroo, we designed the world’s smartest automatic masturbator - Keon.

    Combined with the FeelStroker and synced up with red-hot adult content, its internal ridges squeeze your entire length, moving in time with on-screen action to create a lifelike experience.

    And the best part? It’s entirely hands-free with Keon accessories like the neck strap or table clamp, which allow you to explore even more positions and fantasies.

    Want to explore how to have a hands-free prostate orgasm? Anal vibrators such as the Lumen can give male prostate massages, either by syncing vibrations to your favorite music or letting a partner take control of stimulating your prostate. Play with lubes of different viscosities to create a range of wet, warm, or cooling sensations.

    Part of the fun in no-touch ejaculation is in coming up with creative ways to enjoy it. Edging with male vibrators such as the Pulse Solo Interactive can help to get a feel for how to have a hands-free orgasm by bringing you to the brink and stopping.

    Play around with the 12 vibration patterns of this multi-award-winning sex device, adjusting the intensity to edge your way to explosive hands-off ejaculation.

  • How to have a hands-free orgasm with a vagina
  • Exploring a hands-free orgasm with a vulva is a lot of fun. For touch-free G-spot stimulation, the Esca2 has been specially designed to massage your most intimate spots.

    It’s fully wearable and Bluetooth-enabled for app-controlled play, so your hands are free to do as you please while the Esca2 (or a partner driving it) takes you to Cloud 9 and beyond.

    You'll be surprised at just how pleasurable an orgasm can be (and how far your fantasies can go) when you leave the digits aside. With clit vibrators such as Cliona, you can simply straddle a pillow to hold it in place hands-free, rubbing and grinding against deep thrumming clitoral vibrations until you’re breathless. For double the stimulation, slip Fuse’s G-spot massager into your vagina and let the tickler stimulate your clitoris.

    If you're feeling adventurous and want to explore how to hands-free orgasm with different penetrative methods, try using suction cups. These devices are attached to a dildo at one end and can be stuck to a wall, bathtub, chair, floor - just about any place you can think of.

    You could even try having multiple suction cups positioned in such a way as to simulate group sex, which many find to be a mind-blowing sensation.

    How to have a hands-free orgasm… together or solo

    Orgasms are for celebrating - they’re all about feeling good. Knowing how to do it hands-free starts with exploring what turns you or your partner on, rather than racing to the finish line.

    Bluetooth vibrators paired with interactive male masturbators have totally changed the rules of the game when it comes to hands-free orgasms, bringing an entirely new dimension to partnered sexual experiences.

    It's possible to control your partner's toy from a distance or from your phone, remotely pairing your devices so you share the same rhythm and pressure, at the same time.

    Take your time, try out new things, and aim to reach a heightened state of sexual arousal. Once you get the hang of it you'll likely come up with your own scenarios and techniques that can be used to play out your sexual fantasies alone or surprise your partner with. Let go and you’ll reach the big O - half the fun is in the process of pleasure itself.


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