How to hit the G-spot? Curved Vibrators and Dildos!

How to hit the G-spot? Curved Vibrators and Dildos!

The Right Curve for your G-Spot

When it comes to sex toys, personal preference is always going to differ. Some people prefer smaller or larger toys, some are only interested in vibration, and the list goes on. But in general, you can tell a lot about what a sex toy is good for based on its shape. Today, we’re going to cover the curves of G-spot dildos and vibrators.

The Sharp G-spot Curve

An adult toy with a sharp G-spot curve is – of course – amazing for G-spot stimulation, but it’s very intense. It’s not for everyone. As an example, let’s look at the Jopen Comet Wand. The bulb is about 1.5 inches wide, and it’s very firm – some people just don't like that. It’s a very specific sort of sex toy. It does one thing (G-spot or prostate stimulation), and it does that well. But it’s very much a focused adult toy.

The Broad G-spot Curve

A female sex toy with a broad G-spot curve is a little bit more flexible in terms of use than one with a sharp G-spot curve. As an example, we have the LELO Mona. Mona is a vibrator, and it can be used either internally or externally. Its G-spot curve may not be intense enough for everyone, but because of that, it can be more comfortable to insert and use. Because Mona’s shape is less intense but still bulbous, it can fulfill two purposes: It stimulates the G-spot, and it creates a nice, full feeling in the vagina. Plus, it works like a charm clitorally.

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The Petite G-spot Curve

A love toy with a petite curve and a thinner shaft can be great for beginner toy users and for multi-tasking. JeJoue’s Uma is one such toy. The G-spot curve might be too slight for some users – it’s really only a guaranteed hit if you know that you prefer smaller, less intense toys. Uma is a vibrator, so it can be used either externally or internally, which is where sex toys like this shine. They’re a good choice if you don’t know how you’ll use your female toy, or if you want something unintimidating.

The Slender G-spot Curve

A toy with a slender G-spot curve but a reasonably thick shaft tends to feel the most natural and comfortable if you’re used to penetrative sex. A slender G-spot curve is considered one of the more accommodating shapes, so it suits more users. The KIIROO Pearl was designed with a slender G-spot curve to make it easier to use during KIIROO video calls with a partner. The internal haptic sensors are most effective if you thrust with the adult toy, so using a shape that feels amazing while thrusting only makes sense.

Each shape has its own pros and cons, and this is by no means an exhaustive list. Rather, I hope I was able to help you determine what kind of toy will suit your needs.