Your guide to mutual masturbation

It’s no secret that we’re a big advocate of a solo session. Masturbation is an immensely pleasurable act that can help you learn about hot spots you didn’t even know existed! That said, there’s also a time and a place to extend an invite to your significant other to join the party…

Mutual masturbation is exciting, intimate and can be a heck of a turn on. But what exactly is it, and how can you get the most out of this partnered sex act?

What is mutual masturbation?

Mutual masturbation can mean something different in every relationship. To some, it means the two of you (and more people if you fancy it) each masturbate, separately, while watching each other until you both climax.

To others, mutual masturbation might look a little more hands-on if you allow yourselves to touch each other too. If you’re wondering ‘is mutual masturbation sex?’, the answer’s no – and that’s the turn on.

Mutual masturbation usually forbids you to touch your partner. You each get yourselves off in a solo session that has a fantastic view. But the verdict is in – make mutual masturbation a staple in your sex life and you won’t regret it.

Why’s it so great?

There are many reasons why we suggest you grab your partner right now for a mutual masturbation session. You can expect the intimacy and connection to ramp up a notch – a sex act like this can take a fair amount of trust, after all.

But more than this, it can help you really get to grips with what your partner likes, and you can show them what you like. Help them to learn more about your body and needs, as you do theirs.

Mutual masturbation is a great way to break from the norm if your usual routine has become a little tired. Introducing a new type of play into the bedroom is always recommended and offers so much possibility.

While you’re at it, fight the cause for sex toys in your relationship too! You can show your partner exactly how your favorite sex toy works and gently introduce them to the idea the right toys can mean amazing things for your playtime together.

Plus, you’ve no need to question ‘is mutual masturbation safe?’. If you’re concerned about swapping bodily fluids, don’t be – this sex act comes with very little risk.

Can you get HIV from mutual masturbation? No, there is no significant risk. But of course, if you swap sex toys within the session, there are steps to take to maintain that low risk – using condoms is one. Find out more about sharing sex toys and whether it’s safe.

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How to mutually masturbate

The best positions for mutual masturbation are the ones where you’re in full view of one another – either laying or sitting side by side or facing each other for a real show. It’s important here that you stimulate yourself exactly as you would do if you didn’t have company. Let them watch – and hear – everything, as they treat you to the same. Hot, right?

Enjoy experimenting with lots of different positions. Many enjoy a seated position where one will sit on their partner’s lap and lay back on their chest, both then stroke themselves (and have a cheeky touch of each other every now and then!).

But mutual masturbation is also great for long-distance relationships when you can’t physically be together. Get on the phone or a video call and fantasize about what you’ll do to one another when you get back together – but act it out while talking about it.

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Still need convincing? Check out our top 10 health benefits of masturbation and tell us it’s not worth adding to your daily routine.

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