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February 08, 2019

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Waiting is the worst. Whether it’s waiting for the new Game of Thrones season or waiting to get some freakin’ sex already. No one likes waiting for it. Foreplay is often skipped.
Such a shame! Good foreplay can make all the difference between ‘OK’ sex and ‘GREAT’ sex. In dire need of some good foreplay ideas? Help is here!


You can feel your partner’s body press up against yours. You want to have sex and you want it NOW! It’s tempting to skip the hors d’oeuvres and dig right into the main course. Even though there’s nothing wrong with a good quickie every now and then.

The climax will be so much sweeter when you allow yourself to take your time. Especially for women. It’s incredibly important to get your body warmed up and in the right mood for sex. After a long session of slowly teasing and caressing.

Things will get all the more intense once it’s time for the ‘Real Thing’ but it’s not just the ladies that will benefit from foreplay. The longer the foreplay, the stronger the orgasm will be for men as well. 


One of the reasons people shy away from foreplay is because they often don’t know how to go about it. But it’s important to remember that there’s really no right or wrong here. You can try whatever you like. Erotic massages with massage oils, lighting candles, dirty talk, sex toys, oral sex, or other sexual activities.

As long as you listen to your own needs and those of your partner. You’ll be set to have the best sex of your life! Need a little help getting started? Try some of these foreplay ideas. 

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The ambiance in the room can make or break a good foreplay sesh. Before any of the actual sexual activities begin, it’s important to create the right mood. We’re talking dimmed lights, a fine red wine, candles, Marvin Gaye coming out of the speakers: the works!

Even if the object of your affection is your long-term partner, really try your best to seduce them. This makes your partner feel desirable, special and wanted. Who doesn’t like that?


Contrary to what most men believe, the mind is actually our biggest erogenous zone. There’s nothing that stimulates our dirty mind like a little dirty talk before you even touch, you can start off by gazing deeply into your lover's eyes. Then whisper intimately into each other’s ears and compliment your partner on how sexy they look. Tell them what you would like to do to them or, what you’d like them to do to you. 


We often aim our affection at the most obvious body parts. For the guys out there, it might be worth mentioning; women consist of more than just vaginas and boobs!

Take your time to discover all her erogenous zones. To make your lady ache with desire, pay attention to all parts of her body, not just the obvious ones. Kiss her gently behind her ears, on her neck, on her back, shoulders, stomach, legs, and feet. The longer you beat around the bush, the more desperately she will want you to go further. 

Of course the same is true for men, guys don’t just have the one erogenous zone. Make your man go crazy by paying attention to his thumb (an unexpected male erogenous zone!). During foreplay, gaze seductively into his eyes, kiss his hands and slowly start sucking on his thumb. In his mind this will evoke thoughts of you sucking on something else, giving away a taste of what’s to come. 

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Oral sex can be a goal in itself and a great way to achieve climax and it can also be incorporated into the foreplay session. The important thing is to take it slow. You want to stretch out the orgasm for as long as you can.

During foreplay, oral sex is meant to build up the sexual tension. So make sure to tease a lot and take your sweet time while giving your lover head. If you’re good, they may even return the favor.


If you’ve never tried incorporating sex toys into your lovemaking or foreplay, now’s the time! Everybody’s different so it will take some experimenting to find out which type of sex toys will do the trick for you.

Sex toys can help spice things up and bring variation back into your foreplay routine. Ladies can try our OhMiBod Fuse for example. Pleasure yourself while your partner watches, or let him take the lead by controlling the vibrations through the FeelConnect app on his phone. Guys, try the Fleshlight Launch. And let her control the sensational penetrations with her device. The choice is yours!


After you’ve carefully taken your time to both get completely in the mood and the tension is through the roof. The time has (finally) come to dissolve into each other.

Like literally. Once all this build up tension releases, don’t be surprised to see some fireworks.

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Lara Metman

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