The World of Foot Sex: A Beginners Guide for Feet Lovers

The World of Foot Sex: A Beginners Guide for Feet Lovers

Everything you need to know about Foot Sex

What are you looking for in a partner? Maybe it’s a good sense of humor or someone with strong arms. Or perhaps it’s someone who’s into toes and goes wild over a strong arch.

While foot sex has always been a tad taboo, today, more and more people are breaking free of their sexual shackles and enjoying being a foot lover.

A recent survey found that one in seven people have fantasized about feet. In other words, if you’re into toes and heels, you’re normal! Podophilia is a type of fetish.

What’s a fetish? A fetish is an attraction to an object or body part that causes sexual arousal.

So, what is podophilia? Podophilia also known as foot fetish, is the sexual attraction to feet. However, like anything, podophilia comes in many forms, as no two people are alike.

If you’re a feet lover, odds are you want to add some feet worshipping in the bedroom. After gaining consent from your partner and establishing boundaries, it’s time to enter into the world of feet fetish and foot sex.

What is a footjob?

Okay, so you know what podophilia is, but do you know what a foot job is? Footjobs are similar to handjobs. The only difference is it involves using feet rather than hands to stimulate the man’s penis. However, this isn’t for men only.

Women can receive a footjob as well. For women who receive footjobs, their vulva and clitoris are stimulated by feet. Now, knowing what a footjob is, is only half the task. What you need to know is how to give a footjob.

How to Give Mindblowing Foot Sex

Naturally, you want to know how to give a footjob. But not just any footjob - you want to be the best. So, here are the must-know steps to get you on the path for mind-blowing foot sex. Footjobs are different depending on if the receiver is a man or woman.

So, we’ve included a comprehensive guide for both. And don’t forget before performing or receiving a footjob, make sure the feet are clean. While some people are turned on by dirty feet, if the feet are coming into contact with genitals, they must be clean. You want a footjob, not an infection!

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Footjobs for Him

When performing a footjob on a man, you can use any part of the foot. You can give a footjob with toes, however, the easiest is by using the soles of your feet.

With the soles of your feet, push his penis against his stomach, either while he’s lying down, sitting, or standing close to your feet. Then, slowly rub your soles up and down the underside of his penis. Once comfortable, you can explore using more areas of your feet, like your toes, rubbing up and down the shaft.

After some time, ‘grab’ his penis in between your soles. This is where you’re going to masturbate his penis like you would if you were giving a handjob - using an up and down motion. Your feet may slip out of position, which is normal if you’re a beginner. Continue to masturbate his penis until he reaches an orgasm.

If you notice your feet getting tired, use other parts of your feet or body to stimulate the penis. As we said, it’ll take time for your feet to get used to these footjob positions.

Footjobs for Her

If you’re performing a footjob on a woman, the focus will be stimulating the vulva and clitoris with your feet. You can achieve this by rubbing your heel against her clitoris or penetrate vaginally or anally with the big toe.

For penetration, make sure your nails are smooth and trimmed - and make sure you use Kiiroo’s Spark Lubricant for smooth entry. Alternatively, some women masturbate by rubbing or grinding their clitoris against their partner’s heels or feet for extra stimulation.

The 3 Best Footjob Sex Positions

You know how to give a footjob, but what are the best foot fetish sex positions? These are some of the best and easiest positions for you to try.

The Wedge

Your partner kneels, sitting on his heels, while you lie down in front of him on your back. He pulls you into his lap, with your hips resting on his thighs and your legs on his shoulders. Adjust the position for penetration while your partner plays with your feet. It’s the perfect blend of deep penetration and foot worship.

The 69 Special

Now, this isn’t exactly 69, but that’s why it’s called the 69 special. While you’re in the 69 position, performing a blowjob on your partner, he has full access to your feet. He can lick, suck, or nibble on your feet while you’re blowing him.

Thigh High

Your partner lies on his back with his head elevated. You sit in between his legs, with your feet on either side of his penis. Lube up your feet and press from around the penis (use your hands for a tighter sensation). Then you perform a footjob while he has a full view.

15 Foot Foreplay Ideas For the Bedroom

You now have some ideas for foot fetish positions, a footjob isn’t the only way you can add feet into the bedroom. Luckily, we have 15 foot foreplay ideas that you have to try out with your partner or fetish buddy.

Foot Domination

Feet domination consists of humiliation, submission, and body walking. Some people like being walked on, others like having their face squished by their partner’s feet. Feet domination comes in various forms.

Foot Tickling

The feet are extremely sensitive - foot tickling can be used in submissive/dominant activities.

Foot Bathe

Some people like unwashed feet; however, washing your partner’s feet or vice versa can be an arousing and sensual experience.

Stockings & Tights

Wearing or removing stockings or tights can enhance sexual arousal, shifting attention to the feet.

Foot Bondage

Tying the feet together is called Shibari, which is a Japanese practice. You can do this while being suspended in the air (or not).

Sensation Play

Discover different sensations that make your partner feel vulnerable. These sensations come from using Kiiroo’s Pearl2 G-Spot Vibrator for stimulation, another foot fetish sex toy, or a cold metal spoon.

Foot Massage

Give or receive a sensual foot massage to relax and get in the mood for intimacy. When giving a foot massage, make sure your hands are warm and medium pressure, starting at the heel and working your way up to the toes. Massage oils and creams can help build on the relaxing atmosphere.

Shoe Fetish

A shoe fetish includes wearing foot jewelry like toe rings or shoes like a platform heel or stiletto that fulfills a fantasy.

Foot Kissing

Soft, gentle kisses, building up to longer, sensual kisses. You can french kiss the feet, slipping your tongue in between the toes.


Gave your partner a massage? Now it’s time for a pedicure. Focus on the toenails, trimming and filing them to perfection.

Toe Sucking

Toe sucking can be added to most sex positions and is highly stimulating as there are many nerve endings in the feet.


Rub your partner’s body part in between your feet. You can rub the clitoris, penis, and breasts.

Toe Fingering

Use the toe or foot to penetrate the vagina or anus.

Foot Worship

Just as you appreciate your partner’s body, you can do the same with foot worship. Take time to study your partner’s feet, getting close to them but without touching them. Admire their shape, smell, and texture.

Tantric Foot Sex

You can use the tantric foot in edge play. You use your feet to build up to orgasm and then stop when your partner is just on edge. Then you build up again to a climax.

Now you know everything for mind-blowing foot sex. All you need to do is take this information and try it out with your partner. Have fun!


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