New around here? A guide to first-time masturbation

Not only is masturbation joyous, it’s completely natural, good for your health and can be mind-blowing when done right.

Whether you’re nervous about your first time, or want to up your solo pleasure game, here we cover the dos, don’ts and what to expect - from exploring your body's needs and grabbing a new toy, to using lube for added pleasure.

1. DO set the mood

It goes without saying that you’ll have an overall better experience if you’re ‘in the mood’ and aroused, so set the tone before you start to play. Foreplay enhances whatever comes afterwards and will increase your chances of having an orgasm.

So do whatever you need to do to get in the mood for the main event – whether that’s watching your favorite porn or teasing your non-genital erogenous zones (such as torso, butt or lips).

2. DON’T put yourself under pressure

Masturbation is often talked about as something instinctual, but that’s not always the case – especially if it’s your first time. You have to learn what you like and uncovering pleasure can be a journey, so adopt a willingness to experiment. Set aside some time to focus on you – every inch of you – and really get to know your body.

And remember - if you know of types of stimulation that you don’t enjoy, you’re already on your way to figuring out what you do like! The process of elimination takes courage, determination, and patience, and sometimes it takes a few misses to find a hit.

Allow yourself blocks of uninterrupted time to explore your body, and don’t pressure yourself to reach orgasm by the end. If it happens, good for you! If not, we can’t think of a better excuse to keep trying to reach the big ‘O’!.

interactive sex toys by kiiroo

3. DO watch others and learn

Mainstream media depicts a very rigid portrayal of masturbation, which is often immediately pleasurable or orgasmic. But that’s not always the case.

Stick on some performer-made porn and enjoy. And, if you’re a vulva-owner, femme cammers do a great job at going beyond the simple penetration-focused videos we’re so used to seeing.

4. DON’T limit your stimulation

There’s more than one way to stimulate yourself, so it’s important to explore your body and mix things up. No two people like exactly the same things. You might prefer rubbing, pinching, tickling, circular motions, up-and-down strokes, or even light smacking — but you’ll never know until you try them all!

5. DO embrace lube

Considering lubricants can make sex more comfortable, sensual and pleasurable for all involved, we say why not use them? In our book, anything that helps get people turned on and having more great sex is a big, resounding YES!

Lubes reduce friction and chafing between body parts or toys, working to eliminate any pain and discomfort when you’re getting hot and heavy between the sheets (or wherever you choose to play!).

6. DON’T shy away from sex toys

Want to level up from using your hands to masturbate? Invest in some of the best orgasm-inducing gadgetry on the market. Kiiroo’s male masturbators take interactive pleasure to a whole new level, while there’s something for every need and sensation in our collection of vibrators.

If you take things at your own pace, any sex toy can enhance your masturbation session, no matter how new to it you are. The real thing to consider is where you want the focus of the stimulation to be. Here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Anal: The OhMiBod® Lumen™ is an interactive vibrating butt plug that opens unexplored realms of interactive pleasure for elevated anal play. You can sync its buzz to your favorite beats or let lovers control your glow.

  • G-spot: For powerful pleasure in one smart package, Pearl2 boasts a sensually curved shaft to deliver deep G-spot stimulation. For on-the-go pleasure or daring couple play, try the Esca2.

  • Clitoris: Cliona is the ultimate clit vibrator and delivers powerful vibrations to both your clitoris and G-spot. Pocket-sized and discreet, it’s light on the hands and heavy on the vibes.

  • Penis: For the ultimate in interactive pleasure (and hands-free if you fancy), KEON has masturbation covered. Up to 230 strokes per minute - consider your fantasy fulfilled.

  • Masturbation is empowering for both men and women, so don’t be afraid to play around and revel in sexual exploration and self-discovery! Still need convincing? Masturbation is great for your health too - find out why.