bringing a vibrator into the bedroom kiiroo

Bringing a Vibrator into the Bedroom

November 04, 2014

For some people, sex toys are a new, even intimidating, adventure. If you’ve never used one before, you might have some misconceptions about what they could mean for you and your relationship. In order to bring adult toys into the bedroom, I really suggest you frame it as something else that you can do together. Vibrators […]


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scary movies for your Halloween long distance date kiiroo

7 Scary Movies for Your Halloween Long Distance Date

October 20, 2014

A staple of long distance relationships everywhere is the classic movie date. Pick a film, start it at the same time, and either call, text, or video chat while you enjoy it together. This Halloween, how about something a little spooky? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite scary movies. Rosemary’s Baby: It […]


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what's ethical non-monogamy cheating kiiroo

What’s Ethical Non-Monogamy?

October 16, 2014

KIIROO, Cheating, and Ethical Non-Monogamy There’s been some concern that KIIROO devices would make it easier for partners to cheat. We don’t believe that’s the case. Cheating will happen with or without the latest technology. KIIROO aims to keep people together, not drive them apart. Ethical, consensual non-monogamy is very different from cheating. In order […]


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real world long distance relationship kirra and michael kiirooo

Real World LDR: Kirra & Michael

October 13, 2014

To kick off our new series on Real World LDRs, we reached out to our friends Kirra and Michael. These two met in 2009, and have been dealing with distance on and off ever since. Kirra and Michael are now married, but are once again dealing with distance due to unexpected career opportunities. They’ve been […]

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how kiiroo is redefining safe sex for couples solo too kiiroo

How KIIROO is Redefining Safe Sex

October 07, 2014

Regardless of what kind of sexual education you’ve had, you’ve heard the phrase “safe sex.” For most people, that conjures images of condoms, STD and STI tests, maybe even consent conversations. “Safe sex” has been around for ages – the oldest depiction of condom usage dates back 12,000-15,000 years to a French cave painting! But […]


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dating and social media long distance relationships for couples kiiroo

Dating and Social Media

October 01, 2014

Social media can be a minefield when you’re trying to date, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow a few simple rules, you can be sure to present yourself accurately, but in the best possible light. When it comes to your profile photos, be smart. Keep them recent, preferably within the last 6 […]


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anatomy of a successful long distance relationship kiiroo

Anatomy of a Successful Long Distance Relationship

September 23, 2014

Most successful long distance relationships have at least a few things in common. By successful, we mean that they generally feel positive about their relationship and their partner, whether or not they plan to eventually transition to a non-distance relationship. Surprisingly, it isn’t necessarily important how the relationship started (aside from honesty being a key […]


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5 more virtual date ideas vr kiiroo

5 More Virtual Date Ideas

September 17, 2014

Our first virtual date ideas article was pretty popular! So, we decided to brainstorm even more great ideas for virtual dates. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, virtual dates are a MUST! Stargazing: This one works well over Facetime or a regular call. Head outside with a blanket and your favorite beverage, and look […]


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can exercise improve your sex life kiiroo

Can Exercise Improve Your Sex Life?

September 01, 2014

It’s certainly no secret that physical fitness is a key part of living a long and healthy life. What you may not know is that exercise can actually help improve your sex life, for both men and women. Here’s how: Blood flow: Exercise – particularly cardiovascular exercise – gets your heart pumping faster. Adequate blood […]


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Kiiroo cyberdildonics for long distance

Are KIIROO Cyberdildonics Just for Long Distance?

August 27, 2014

Is Cyberdildonics just for long distance? If you’re familiar with KIIROO couple toys, you’ve probably heard about how great they are for long distance couples. See, KIIROO devices can connect over an internet or BlueTooth connection, and they allow you to physically feel your partner over the internet. It’s Teledildonics for the 21st century – Cyberdildonics. […]


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green your sex life kiiroo

Green Your Sex Life!

August 18, 2014

Green is arguably one of the biggest buzzwords right now, from eco-friendly buildings to toiletries, to the way we eat. Can you green your sex life? Absolutely. If you want to control the environmental impact your sex life makes, we need to look at a few different angles. First, contraception. Condoms are great because they […]


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electrostimulation sex electrostim a shocking fetish kiiroo

Electrostim: A Shocking Fetish

August 14, 2014

This may shock you, but electrostimulation can be quite erotic. While we usually focus on new technology like Teledildonics, we thought electro stim (electrostimulation or electric stimulation) was just too interesting to pass up. For centuries, people have been using electrical current for both medical and entertainment purposes. It’s no wonder, then, that eventually we took to electrical current as […]


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