Home Delivery - An Erotic Story

Just Look Out the Window!

Let’s cut to the chase: two weeks ago, Sarah was dumped by her boyfriend the day before they were supposed to travel Europe. She canceled her ticket and decided to spend her vacation at home, not telling anyone what happened or where she actually was.

In her head, it sounded like a great plan; it would give her time to get over her ex. She passed the hours melting her brain while scrolling through Instagram. Always masturbating but longing for the sensation of a warm tongue against her wet pussy lips.

In her moment of hysteria, she sat by her window, watching the world zoom past her, thinking of ways to satisfy her urge. Everyone else walked below her apartment, texting their friends, listening to music, or thinking about what to make for dinner.

Sarah’s eyes focused on the window across the street, where another girl sat along her windowsill, staring out the opened window.

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If you asked Sarah who she was attracted to, she’d say, “guys, obviously.” But after seeing this girl, things weren’t so clear. There was this foreign sensation starting in her pussy, slowly making its way up her back.

What the fuck? There’s no way, she thought to herself. I’ve been housebound for way too long. But she couldn’t take her eyes off this girl’s pouty lips. Those lips on my pussy would make me cum in a second.

She sat there, weighing her options, maybe...I could see if she’s interested...fuck it, I’m single. I should experiment and have fun, right?

She opened the window and yelled, “Hey! You at the window! Yes, you!” The girl looked at her with curiosity, but also Sarah noticed ‘horniness’ in this girl’s eyes. Bingo. The girl took her hands and gestured her phone number while Sarah quickly took her phone and typed it in.

Was it supposed to be that easy? The phone rang, and Sarah heard a voice from the other end, “Hey.” Sarah quickly replied, “Hey, uh, I noticed you were bored... wondered if you wanted to come over.”

There was a small pause, “Are you hitting on me?” Sarah knew this was her now or never moment, “And if I was?” Oh, that was smooth. They both giggled, “Tell me your apartment number, I’m coming over.”

Sarah quickly got up and slipped into a sexy pair of panties, sliding on her sweatpants over top. I can’t look too desperate. After a couple of minutes, there was a knock on the door, Sarah opened it, and it was the girl; she was even sexier in person.

She had long auburn hair, freckles, big bouncy tits, and plump, pouty lips. While Sarah was taken by her looks, she didn’t notice the girl was holding a dildo in one hand.

“I didn’t get your name,” Sarah asked as she welcomed her inside. The girl placed the cucumber on the coffee table and laid on the couch, with sex oozing from her eyes, “Does it matter? We’re just too neighbors looking to have our pussies eaten. Let’s not complicate things.” The girl slipped her pants off; she was pantiless, exposing her smooth, swollen pussy.

Sarah had a moment of panic and blurted out, “I’ve never done this before.” The girl opened her legs, took two fingers, and started playing with her wet pussy lips, “That’s okay. Get over here and I’ll show you everything.”

Sarah took off her sweatpants, and the two sat next to each other on the couch. The girl gently grabbed Sarah’s face, kissing her lips tenderly, while grabbing her breasts. Sarah could feel the heat in between her own legs and began kissing back intensely. She feels so good.

The girl’s fingers slowly massaged Sarah’s upper thigh and inched their way closer and closer to her pussy. The girl slid the panties to the side, and played around in Sarah’s juices, giving it a taste, “Oh, you have a sweet pussy.” She got up from the couch and took to the ground on her knees, “Lay back, I wanna drink your sweet pussy juice.” Sarah never was one to disobey orders.

Laying back on the couch, the girl licked Sarah’s inner thigh, and opened her legs aggressively, wasting no time in rushing in. Sarah’s mouth dropped, her head tilted back, and the girl started eating her out. Licking her shaven lips, and slowly sucking on her clit.

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Though it was good, Sarah wanted more. The girl grabbed Sarah’s legs, lifting them, so her asshole was in perfect view. “Did anyone ever tell you you have a delicious looking asshole?” Sarah was in shock, but the girl didn’t wait for her reply as she dove her tongue right into Sarah’s tight asshole. Sarah could feel her asshole slowly relax as the girl’s tongue massaged it.

“Ready?” the girl asked, but Sarah wasn’t paying attention, so she continued to moan with delight. Suddenly, she left a dick-like object in her asshole; it was the dildo. Confused, shocked, Sarah accepted it in her as it moved in and out while a tongue sucked on her clit.

“Get on your knees,” the girl ordered sternly. Sarah obeyed. On all fours, she had her hair pulled back as the dildo went deeper and deeper into her ass. “You’re all mine, you understand?” the girl said while pulling Sarah’s hair back harder.

“I-I’m all yours,” Sarah replied as she could feel herself about to cum. “I-I-I’m gon-gonna cum,” as Sarah’s fingers started rubbing her clit. “Don’t cum,” the girl commanded. But it was too late.

Sarah’s body started to shake uncontrollably as she let out a loud moan, the dildo still moving in and out of her ass. The girl took the dildo out of her throbbing asshole and started eating her asshole slowly, relaxing the body. Her pussy slowly stopped spasming.

Just before Sarah could get up, the girl was putting on her pants and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow. Same time.” Sarah, on all fours, watched her get dressed and walk towards the front door. In complete shock, Sarah tried to think of something to say, “Don’t forget the dildo,” she said as the girl opened the front door. “I have something better,” she said, closing the door behind her.


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