Eye Candy - An Erotic Story


My city’s been in quarantine for weeks, and I haven’t touched another body this entire time, which is pretty impressive. I moved into my new apartment right before self-isolation and social distancing began.

I thought living alone would be a step up from sharing a place with my previously annoying roommates. But while in quarantine, I now wish I was sitting on the couch, listening to them fuck through the thin walls. Now, I live in complete silence.

When the quarantine first started, I thought this practice of social distancing would be good for me. You know, I’d be able to tick off some stuff on my to-do list. Like read some books, listen to a couple of albums, and organize my closet.

But when you’re living in a constant state of horniness, you can’t focus on anything. I need to fuck. Yeah, I know, I can masturbate, but masturbation is like eating a veggie burger; it fills you up but doesn’t satisfy you.

But I’m not going to break the rules and possibly get someone sick for it all. If anything, I need to test my mental strength.

Yes, I want to fuck now, but I don’t need to fuck right now. Yes, keep telling yourself that. I just need to find a way to spice up my masturbation routine…

While deep in thought, I was staring out my window, looking at the apartments around me. Couples are sitting on their couches watching tv, some girl is doing yoga in her living room, but nothing is inspiring me.

Hmmm, new jerk off routine, new jerk off routine...My eyes quickly take notice of a woman sitting by her window, suntanning topless. Her breasts were the perfect perky handful type, absorbing the sunshine when they should be stuffed in my mouth. She - she is the one who will change my life in self-solation.

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In a desperate need to get her attention, I flip through my SoundCloud. Pick an upbeat tune, turn up the volume, and open the window. Then I rip off my shirt and sit casually in the sunshine.

Every couple of seconds, I look over to see if she notices me, and in one moment, our eyes met. She releases a flirtatious smile while keeping her breasts exposed; I feel my dick harden. I smile back nonchalantly, you know, making sure she knows I’m cool and collected.

Holy shit, what I would do to suck on those nipples. Her eyes stay glued on me as she grabs one of her breasts, squeezing it tenderly and gives a little wave with her other hand.

My head is scrambling, is this really happening right now. I need to think fast. I quickly grab a paper and pen, writing down, “Aren’t you a naughty one.”

Showing her the paper, she laughs, and grabs herself a pen and paper, replying, “There’s more where that came from.”

She positions her chair directly in front of my window, propping her legs up on the window sill. Without taking off her underwear, she pushes it to the side of her pussy, exposing her sweet and juicy lips.

A finger goes into her mouth; she sucks it while staring at me. She takes her wet finger and caressing her pussy lips gently. I slip my hands in my underwear and start to lightly jerk my dick. I nod at her to keep going; she understands me perfectly. She slips two fingers into her pussy and pushes them in and out.

Her eyes are locked onto me the entire time. I’m not sure if this is heaven or hell. No, it’s heaven, quarantine heaven. Why are you thinking about this right now? Focus on what’s important!

I tighten my grip around my dick and start jerking it a little faster. I raise my eyebrows and give me a “I want you to slip your finger into your ass” look, but I’m not sure it translates so well. She looks at me and mouths, “another finger?” I shake my head and do “the Shocker” hand gesture.

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She giggles and bites her lips. Oh, she knows what I mean. She props her body a little higher on her chair so that I can catch a glimpse of her sweet asshole. Ever so slowly, she takes her middle finger and sucks it. She just loves to torture me, this one. Before slipping her pinky finger into her ass, she massages her anus, releasing a silent moan.

I start jerking my dick a little faster, come on, put that beautiful little finger in your ass. But she wasn’t going to give me what I want that easily. She raises her eyebrows, gesturing to my dick. I gesture, “you wanna see?” and she nods back as her finger continues to rub her anus.

I slip off my underwear, sitting in front of the window completely naked with a hard-on. She licks her lips, and I jerk myself harder and harder. Her finger slides into her asshole, and her head tilts back as her mouth opens up, taking in more air.

She hit the spot. Her hand picks up speed as we sync into a jerking rhythm. Her other hand starts grabbing onto the side of her chair; she’s close to cumming. Her toes start to curl as her back arches, and I know I can’t hold it in any longer.

The cum shoots out of my dick, landing on the window sill, but I try to stay focused on watching her cum. Her body twitches as I see a stream of pussy juice drip down her hand. We both pause in exhaustion, staring at each other blankly.

Several seconds pass, she gets up and grabs her pen and paper. “I didn’t expect that to happen,” it read. I write on my paper, “see you in 30 minutes?” She takes a second and writes back, “make it 20.”


Natasha Ivanovic

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