What is Exhibitionism and how does it work?

What Consensual Exhibitionism Can Teach You About Your Sexual Kinks

What is Exhibitionism?

Exhibitionism can be quite a polarizing topic, depending on your point of view. The simple definition of exhibitionism is the exposure of body parts (or sexual acts) in public for the purpose of sexual arousal.

But, just to be clear, we're not talking about indecent exposure in the form of creepy people in parks flashing their private parts at unsuspecting passers-by. While that kind of exhibitionism certainly does exist, it's probably not something you want to pursue, and could land you in a heap of trouble.

What we mean by the term exhibitionist is the thrill and excitement of indulging in risque sexual behavior. Usually between two or more consenting adults for the purpose of fulfilling sexually arousing fantasies.

An example of this form of safe exhibitionism might be sending a sexy selfie to a potential lover. Or skinny dipping in the lake at dusk while your partner watches from the shore. With the emphasis on erotic sexual attraction rather than freaky jump scares.

So if you've ever felt the sexual urge to masturbate in front of your partner or get fresh on a park bench, read on. Here are some practical tips on how to bring out your exhibitionist tendencies in a safe and fun way.

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How Does it Work?

It's no secret that many people enjoy being the center of attention. After all, who doesn't find pleasure in being admired? Consensual safe exhibitionism is simply coaxing out that kinky tendency in an intentional way. It's a form of sexual expression and can be subtle, almost innocent, or daring and bold.

It's also more common than you might think. Exhibitionism involves a myriad of human sexual acts and behaviors. From an erotic strip tease in front of your significant other. To full blown nudity and sexual acts in front of strangers on the internet via camshows and OnlyFans accounts.

You can use exhibitionism to tease your partner, explore new avenues of sexual excitement, or bask in the glow of sexual admiration from your loving fans.

Voyeurism vs Exhibitionism

For every performer there's an audience and for every exhibitionist there's a voyeur. This is someone on the flip side of the act, who gets their sexual satisfaction from watching someone else perform for them.

A voyeur is typically not in the spotlight themselves, but likes to watch those who are. This can be someone who watches others perform sex online or in a group setting. Or who simply enjoys watching their partner put on a show.

How to Embrace Your Inner Exhibitionist

It pays to build your confidence one step at a time. Not everyone is comfortable with stripping naked and diving into the nearest lake or masturbating in front of their partner.

While some people wouldn't give this a second thought, even they generally had some fears to conquer along the way. So, if you want to unleash your inner exhibitionist, start off small.

First of all get comfy. Set the scene and be clear with yourself or your partner about what you want to achieve. It can also be exciting not to tell your partner what you are doing, as this can ramp up the sexual tension even more.

This doesn't mean you can skip the consensual part, so steer clear of naked strip teases in front of the in-laws. It's also a good idea to set some boundaries, so you don't end up crossing a line that your partner's not OK with.

You can start with being flirtatious in a setting where you feel comfortable and in control. Add a hint of eroticism to your movements or indulge your partner by wearing something racy that evening. This can be as simple as wearing heels or dressing up in clothes that you know turns your partner on.

You can even introduce exhibitionism as an element of foreplay. It can be fun for your partner to watch you masturbate or put on a show in front of them.

If you're in public you can gradually lean into your exhibitionist tendencies by transitioning to a sexy dance in a club. Where your partner can either watch or join in. This can help you get used to being the center of attention in a public setting without feeling too self-conscious or exposed.

While many people may be shy about having sex outdoors, for others it's a life long fantasy. The excitement of being someplace in nature or in a car where someone could see you and the thrill of getting caught only adds to the experience. Keep in mind this can be illegal in some places so if you're thinking of making some kinky moves out in the open, make sure you know the risks first.

For an indoor experience, group sex events, orgies, and swingers parties are places where you break free from your comfort zone. You can explore new facets of your personality. These events can also be spontaneous, provided that everyone is on-board and is comfortable with what's going on.

Sex Toys and Exhibitionism

There are dozens of discreet sex toys you can use in public to tap into your exhibitionist fantasies.

These include wireless and remote control devices that can be used by your partner from a distance. The OhMiBod Esca2 or Cliona by KIIROO are examples of devices that can be used by a partner to give you the ultimate thrill in a safe and secure way. And no-one need be any the wiser about what's going on.

Wrapping Up

Embracing your inner exhibitionist can be a thrilling way to flirt with your partner and live out your sexual fantasies.
A racing heart, and the thrill of getting caught, can breathe new life into your sexual activity.
You can use exhibitionism to liven up your sex life and explore new avenues of sexual pleasure. From public spaces to swinging and group sessions, or even just sharing sexual images with your lover on Skype.
Sex toys can add an entirely new dimension to the experience. And it can help you and your partner embrace your exhibitionist fantasies at a distance.
There's so many ways to get started, so find one that appeals to you and have fun!


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