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What is an Erotic Massage and How to Practice It

The World of Erotic Massages

Maybe you’ve been to massage parlors or practice massages at home with your partner. One thing is for sure, erotic massages, also known as sex therapy massage or happy endings, can become a staple in a couple’s intimate life.

Massages are a great way to build up and release sexual tension. Though you may have just started incorporating erotic massages into your relationship, they’ve been around for a long time. Seriously, a really long time.

Erotic massages have been around for over 5,000 years and was used in ancient civilizations, including Ancient Asia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In Ancient Egypt, it was highly common for professionals to offer erotic massages as they were considered sacred. In Ancient Rome, they were seen as a normal activity for everyday life.

Until today, erotic massages are being used to alleviate muscle tension and stimulate arousal through one of our five senses, touch. We’re going to dive in and unwrap what erotic massage is all about.

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What is an erotic massage?

An erotic massage means either a male masseuse or female masseuse use massage techniques on another person’s erogenous zones for sexual stimulation. Though it sounds simple, it’s not. There are various types of erotic massages that use different techniques. The most popular ones are tantric and Japanese massage.


Originally from India, tantric massage uses elements of Kama Sutra, guiding you through various poses. It’s a full-body massage that promotes sexual energy in the receiver while moving the energy throughout the body. The female or male masseuse will try to achieve a state of “tantra” in the receiver, leading to a state of euphoria.

Japanese massage

The Japanese are masters when it comes to erotic massage. They have a couple of massage techniques, including Shiatsu and Nuru massage.

The Shiatsu massage is a Japanese massage that identifies the body’s pressure points and uses the fingers to relieve tension. The female or male masseuse will tract the meridian lines that carry energy throughout your body, using it to find the pressure points.

The Nuru massage is when a male or female masseuse rubs their body against the receiver’s body. The Nuru masseuse is covered in massage oil. Using the pressure of their body, they loosen up kinks and knots. It creates intense orgasmic energy similar to tantric massage.

Yoni massage

It’s assumed that erotic massage is mainly male-focused, but there is an entirely different massage technique just for women. How cool is that? In Sanskrit, Yoni means “a sacred space”—there’s no arguing about it; the vagina is very sacred. The Yoni massage focuses on softly caressing the lower back and hips. It builds energy around the lower body, leading it up to a climax. It’s an amazing massage for women who need to relax or want to experience multiple orgasms.

Erotic Massage: Practice At Home

Not everyone is comfortable going to massage parlors with their partner. Even though you may not be a professional masseuse, that doesn’t mean you can’t practice erotic massages at home. If you like the idea of pleasuring your partner through touch, then it’s time you tried giving your partner an erotic massage. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Set the mood

Setting the mood is a layered process. The first thing you need to do is make sure there’s consent from your partner. Once there is, you can continue to work on creating a sensual atmosphere. Choose a quiet room, light some candles, have body-safe oils, and put on relaxing music.

Oh, and since it’s erotic, you’ll need to play the part. Put on some sexy lingerie or go completely nudewhatever’s comfortable for you. If you have all of this checked off your list, then you’re good to go.

Don’t forget the lube

Have you ever had a dry massage? It’s not fun. It’s just pure pain. So, when you offer an erotic massage to your partner, make sure you have the right tools. If not, this massage will be more traumatic than eroticyou don’t want that.

Body-safe oils or regular body lotion works well, but they have limitations. A candle massage oil can also be used as a sexual lubricant, so your partner can get the happy ending they’ve been waiting for.

Go easy with the thumbs

When it comes to giving a sensual massage at home, we tend to our thumbs a little too much. What happens is you end up burning out within a couple of minutes. The trick to a sensual massage, aside from oil, is using your body weight through your hands. You don’t need to massage your partner for an hour, but everyone wants a massage longer than two minutes (and will end up with a happy ending).

Remember the shoulders

Just because it’s an erotic massage doesn’t mean you can’t relax the muscles. We tend to hold a lot of our tension in our shouldersespecially for people who work in front of computers. If your partner is one of them, give their shoulders a little extra attention. Listen to your partner’s muscles and use kneading strokes to loosen the area.

Who knew the history of erotic massages was so rich? What’s even better is that you’re able to have an erotic massage at home for your partner. Not only will it lead to a happy ending, but it’s a great way to connect on multiple levels.


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