The Future of Sex Tech 

What will Sex Tech be like in the future?

Back in 2015, we wrote an article about what to expect about the future of sex-tech. We’ve come a long way since then, and it’s worth recapping what has happened.

2020 has been a strange and crazy year for everyone so far. In the world of sex tech, the market has continued to grow and diversify. Because we all spent a lot more time indoors, many of us also spend more time doing research. Like exploring sex toys and sex tech that we want to introduce into our sex life.

Now more people are using sex toys and sex-tech, remote connections have become increasingly popular. It is no coincidence that this coincides with an increase in online dating around the globe. This all means that sex tech is becoming more entwined in our daily lives and relationships. Let’s take a look at what’s in store.

Remote Connections

Online dating used to be a bit of a niche. Online chat rooms were a scary place and strangers on the internet were not ‘meant’ to be potential lovers. In 2020, online dating is the new norm.

According to a study published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, online dating has become the most common way to meet potential partners and love interests. In a recent article by Forbes, they noted how the coronavirus pandemic has also accelerated the use of mobile and virtual platforms for dating. This means that 2020 has seen one of the biggest increases in online dating in the last decade.

As people become more accustomed to meeting love interests online, the idea of remotely connecting for pleasure will become more mainstream. There are already huge communities of people online who like to connect anonymously for pleasure. One of the main benefits of remotely connecting is that it allows you to build intimate connections.

It also gives the user more control to navigate their pleasure receptors and experiment with what feels best, in a totally safe environment. In a recent report by the Kinsey Institute in 2019, they published a report on the benefits of sex-technology. If you did want to see what it’s all about, check out the subreddit r/toycontrol and dip your toes in the action.

More people are also becoming separated due to work commitments. It has never been easier to be a remote worker or a freelancer, thanks to platforms like, Airbnb, Skyscanner, and Being separated from the ones you love when you are working away is certainly made easier with sex-tech, so more people will adopt it as a tool for their relationships and pleasure.

Virtual Reality

VR porn has only continued to grow. There are now a number of fantastic sites, some offering free VR porn videos or trials. VR porn is allowing for a new realm of production. POV porn is becoming increasingly popular and more realistic with the help of VR headsets.

The market has grown exponentially and reported that 2020 saw a surge in VR porn searches online. This means that more money will trickle down into the production and circulation of VR content, which means it’s a great time to invest in a headset. In an article by WIRED, the numerous possibilities of VR are discussed, including pov porn, increased intimacy and excitement, more realism, and different angles.

XR is slightly different from VR in that it allows users to interact with their environment. In 2018, the world’s first augmented reality porn service was launched. ARConk has collaborated with to provide both virtual reality porn and augmented porn to the masses. In the early stages, we won’t see much traction around XR. However, it does hold interesting potential for sex-tech.

Augmented sex will no doubt provide interesting opportunities to merge sex-tech with immersive entertainment. Interactive games could be matched up in the future, allowing users to have VR sex or see their fantasy come to life.

If you want a list of some great VR porn websites, check out our blog for some advice on the best sites with VR adult videos. Syncing toys with VR porn is the ultimate futuristic masturbation experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

New Releases

KEON by Kiiroo

keon by kiiroo

Male sex toys used to be a futuristic vision. Thanks to those dedicated to improving male pleasure and sexual wellness, new products are constantly evolving and developing within the market.

In 2020, we introduced our new male masturbator, KEON by Kiiroo. A revolution in sex toys for men and guaranteed to satisfy their needs. It boasts an ergonomic and compact design that can be easily gripped and positioned for ultimate control.

The design has not compromised on speed or power, offering an intense and speedy stroking function. Increased controls allow for tailored strokes, creating an intense and personalized masturbation experience. Stimulation from male sex toys has never been so good.

Sexual Health

There is an app for everything nowadays, including your sexual health. Our obsession with the smartphone hasn’t gone away and doesn’t look like it will anytime soon. Apps like MySexDoctor are helping users explore symptoms and answer awkward questions around sexual health, all from our pocket. A recent article published in the British Medical Journal suggested Generation Z were turning to mobile apps for advice on STIs regularly.

Female sexual health has seen an increase in fertility tracking and smart-kegel products that have entered the market, partnering pleasure with informative apps that guide the user. has also marketed itself as a menstruation calendar but some other products can also work as a natural conception.

Sex Toys for Men

According to a report by Business Insider about the European Sexual Health Market, male sex toys have grown exponentially between 2018 and 2019. The report declared: “Condoms and sex toys are observing huge demand by male customers in the market.”

As female sexual health becomes more paramount alongside sex toys, there have been similar efforts within male wellness. There are now many more incentives for men to use sex toys, such as stamina training, learning new masturbation techniques, and experimenting with immersive entertainment like VR porn.

There are a number of new male toys, which have entered the market recently, including upgrades of all KIIROO male masturbators such as TITAN by Kiiroo and the Kiiroo Onyx+.

What can possibly happen in 5 years?

So what does the future hold for sex-technology? There will certainly be a huge increase in male sex toys, as they diversify and grow in a similar form to the female-based sex toy market.

Female-focused adult entertainment will also begin to claw back portions of the market that has been dominated by male-focused pornography for so long. More and more female producers are becoming involved in the VR porn industry, so many interesting changes will take place.

Both markets certainly have the potential to influence each other in a positive way. Augmented reality porn will also become more popular, as it attracts new investors and collaborators. Sex tech is bound to couple up well with it’s VR and XR counterparts in years to come. As people have been adjusting and experimenting with VR for some time now. This will make them both become more mainstream.

Whilst men have dominated adult entertainment, female pleasure has for a long time dominated the world of sex toys. Sales of female sex toys have far outweighed the sale of male sex toys.

However, as this article noted earlier, far more men have started to purchase sex toys. This may lead to many men learning more about their bodies and becoming more aware of their masturbation habits.

Sex toys will only continue to get more mainstream in the future. This means that sex tech will also follow in its footsteps. With the rise in online dating and virtual intimacy, sex tech will bridge the gap between physical and virtual intimacy.

In a world that will only continue to become more globalized, all of us are becoming more reliant on technology as a tool to survive. Sex tech is certainly no different.


Eleanor Hancock