Last Longer in Bed 

Almost a year ago, we talked about stamina training right here on the KIIROO blog. Today, we’re going to go a little bit more in-depth, because we’ve been seeing a lot of interest on Twitter!

Stamina training is basically masturbating with a goal and a purpose, beyond just getting off. Many men are interested in stamina training because they want to last longer in bed, but that’s just one of the many benefits.

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“How do I do stamina training?”

Stamina training can be as simple or as complex as you want. To get started, all you need is a hand, some free time, and a penis. If you’re just trying to last longer in bed, there’s a technique that you can practice called edging.

Edging is when you get right to the edge of orgasm, then back off. Essentially, you keep yourself from orgasming in order to make sex (or masturbation) last longer. This can also result in a much more intense orgasm when you do climax.

It’s often recommended that you try edging when you’re masturbating alone because it can be difficult to get the hang of for some men. Practicing alone will help you to feel more confident when the time comes to practice what you’ve worked on with a partner. 

“I’m already pretty good in bed. Why should I do this?”

Being good in bed involves communication and attention to the details that please your partner. Lasting longer in bed isn’t always indicative of good bedroom habits, but it can make it easier to help your partner reach orgasm. Simply put, there’s more than one way to be good in bed, and there’s more than one benefit to stamina training.

Stamina training can help you get a stronger erection, leading to even stronger orgasms. Practicing edging, as we discussed above, can also make your orgasms stronger. So for you, the immediate benefit could be an absolutely mind-blowing climax.

Health-wise, it’s important to masturbate for your mental health, your immune system, and your prostate health. Masturbation has so many health benefits, and stamina training is basically skilled masturbation.

We recommend you get started right away. And remember, enjoy yourself!

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