Sharing sex toys: is it safe?

Sharing sex toys = double the joy, giving you new earth-shattering ways of exploring your own (and other) bodies. But as well as doubling-up on the post-O afterglow, you can also be sharing other less-desirable outcomes. That said, sharing sex toys can be done safely.

As always, knowledge is pleasure - and we’re here to provide it.

Are sex toys dangerous?

Let’s get this straight - not all sex toys are made equally. Since they’re classed as ‘novelty items’ by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the sex toy industry is pretty much entirely unregulated. This means you should always do your own research.

Never be afraid to ask questions - are vibrators safe? What materials should I avoid? And what steps can I take to ensure healthy masturbation habits? Thoughtful discourse leads to happy, healthy intercourse.

To prevent the risk of infection from a sex toy, it’s vital to use those made up of quality ‘body safe’ materials, while avoiding porous materials such as jelly or rubber (breeding grounds for bacteria).

If a company doesn’t list materials used, steer clear. You’ll find full transparency on every KIIROO product page - we never stock anything made from harmful materials.

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Can you get an STD from a sex toy?

In short, yes - you can get a sexual infection from a sex toy. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) pass from person to person in semen, blood and vaginal fluids. So, imagine you’re pleasuring a partner with a dildo, then use the same dildo to stimulate yourself afterwards, and vice versa. Your bodily fluids are being passed to each other via the sex toy. However, this can be avoided in a few simple steps:

1. Sanitize your sex toys after use

“Keep it clean” isn’t a phrase we often use, unless we’re talking about sex toys. Cleaning your sex toys thoroughly after every single use (whether playing alone or during partnered sex) is imperative to preventing infection from a sex toy.

Investing in a premium toy cleaner can be a perfect quick-fix between washes. It’s important to choose a cleaner that’s alcohol-free (to prevent damage to the sex toy’s surface), triclosan-free, and anti-bacterial - this one’s the holy trinity.

2. Use a barrier when sharing sex toys

Condoms and other barriers reduce the risk of passing on an infection from sex toy sharing. If the stress of wondering “are vibrators safe?” is actually killing your vibe, get protection. Simply covering your sex toy with a condom each and every time it’s used can help stop passing bacteria and disease between you and others.

3. Get tested regularly

Stay on top of your sexual health so you can confidently stay on top (or bottom, or whichever position gets you off!) of your sexual partner(s). More importantly, getting regularly tested for STIs is a safe way to improve your sexual wellness and is empowering regardless of your sexual activity.

Ultimately, the only way to 100% guarantee not getting a STD from sex toy sharing is, quite simply, not to share them.

What are the benefits of using sex toys?

Using sex toys while masturbating or playing with others can turn your body into a wonderland of health-promoting chemicals (check out all kinds of masturbation health benefits). From oxytocin to dopamine to prolactin to endorphins, these chemicals can be produced both while pleasuring yourself and reaching orgasm.

Despite the glorious benefits of using sex toys, it’s still very common to question whether we have healthy masturbation habits. Some people get the jitters about getting jiggy with themselves due to shame and stigma surrounding self-love.

But the blissful thrills of any sexual activity - as long as it’s safe and consensual - should be enjoyed and embraced. That goes for having sex with a partner, multiple partners or a ménage a moi - it’s all good.

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