Safe sex toys: a guide to guarantee high quality

Safe sex toys: a guide to guarantee high quality

Whether they’re used to enhance intimacy during coupled sex or for an exploratory solo session, sex toys are working wonders for our sex lives. Choosing the right sex toy is great foreplay in itself, but – and here’s the not-so-sexy bit – some sex toys aren’t all that safe for our bodies.

High-quality sex toys that feature body safe materials should be your first priority when in the market for some new pleasure tools.

In this handy sex toy guide, we highlight the safety checks you should cover off when picking out your next toy.

Go for the best dildo material

Sex toys are classified as ‘novelty items’ according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so doesn’t regulate the adult toy industry. The industry, unlike any others, is almost entirely unregulated. This means there’s huge responsibility on retailers and you should be extremely cautious about what you’re using in or on the most intimate and delicate parts of your body.

Body safe dildo material won’t harm your body in any way, as it doesn’t contain any dangerous compounds or risk harboring bacteria that can lead to infections. Whether you’re looking at a vibrator, dildo, butt plug or something else entirely, opt for materials like silicone, metal or glass. These body safe materials are non-porous and easy to clean.

Porous materials like jelly or rubber offer the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Think of bodily fluids and lubricants that cannot be properly cleaned because of the material’s porosity and so may cause infection or irritation with repeated use.

Plus, this type of material may contain phthalates, a group of chemicals that make plastics bendable, which are known to have worrying health risks. The advice here is clear: if your sex toy is made of jelly or rubber, it’s wise to use condom to keep you safe and reduce the risk of infection.

And despite their popularity, we’d also advise against using crystal and gemstone dildos, as they come with concerns about consumer safety and health.

Conversely, safe sex toy materials – i.e. non-porous materials – won’t bring any risk of infection or harm to your body. Many ask ‘is silicone safe for sex toys?’ – the answer is a resounding yes.

Silicone is a great choice in material for any pleasure product. It’s very easy to clean so it’s extremely safe. It's silky soft to touch and sits at the more luxurious end of body safe materials. Meanwhile, glass, stainless steel and hard ABS plastics are great materials for sex toys, as they’re high quality, stable and can even be beautiful.

Lumen Interactive butt plug

Buy from reputable manufacturers

The industry’s best and most responsible brands will only sell high-quality sex toys that are safely designed and made only from body safe materials. When buying sex toys, it’s worth taking some time to do your research and only buy from reputable companies that are up front about materials used in their products.

If you’re browsing in a shop, ask questions about the products – they’re experts after all and can help you find the toy most suitable for your needs.

KIIROO doesn’t ever stock products with harmful materials. Whether you’re looking for toys for him or toys for her, you can always find details about their body safe materials in the ‘product specifications’ section of every KIIROO product page.

Keep it clean

Given how much we use our sex toys, so many of us aren’t showing them love and cleaning them properly and regularly. This is so important to ensure your body remains free of STIs and infections.

When they’re not in use, rather than just throwing them in your bedside drawer, store your sex toys in a case or silk bag to protect them from bacteria. And, mundane as it sounds, sex toys should be cleaned before and after use to make sure they’re dust and dirt free.

While many use soap and water to clean their pleasure products, it’s better to use a good sex toy cleaner with an antibacterial agent. Find out more about the right way to do this and which products to use in our handy guide, How to clean sex toys.

If you need any further support or want to know more about body safe materials, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help – because your sexual health is as important as your sexual needs.

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