Reconnecting - An Erotic Story


I found my soulmate, then lost him, then found and lost him all over again. Love and loss intertwined, seemingly forever. Throughout it all, our connection never faltered. The bond between us lingered, molasses-thick, deep, dark and oh so bittersweet. At some point, however, something changed—independently, we both decided to stop fighting it, stop running. If the world turned once again allowing our lives to intersect, we would never let go.


My hands pinned and my vision limited to my collection of teas, I only hear the soft thump of his trousers hitting the floor. Soon. A couple of moments later I realize that he must have undone mine too, at some point, as suddenly I feel cool air on the skin of my arse.

There is a pause, his hands withdraw, and I feel him move away from me. For a long moment I feel bereft and that bittersweet ache for him I know so well returns, but laced with, even sharpened by, my desire.

‘I have missed this,’ he murmurs. With a slap, his hands seize and squeeze my cheeks; I gasp, exquisite. I feel him part my buttocks a little, and I know.

Now. Gently, almost tentatively, he nudges the end of himself into me. ‘Y—‘. The word starts but is cut off as he moves his right hand to cover my mouth; it becomes a plaintive moan, breathed hard into his palm. Yes!

Gentle has been forgotten as he now urgently pushes into me. Although wet, I remain tight and that draws further moans from us both. My hands now brace against the counter top edge, holding me firm against his pounding. Over and over, each delicious inch of him fills every inch of me, claiming and reclaiming his territory.

I open my mouth slightly, sending a message, an invitation. He growls in response and slips first one then two fingers between my lips. I caress them with my tongue, moving my head just a little, matching the timing of his thrusts. We are in sync, resonating with the shared passion running through us.

His rhythm shifts and his fingers hook pulling at my right cheek. I gasp. He gets harder and faster.

Out of nowhere, the first wave of pleasure hits me. Running from the tingling sensation, down the back of my neck and then my spine. I shimmer with it, arching my back allowing him in deeper.

His hands both tense. The kneading of my breasts takes on a new edge, and the pull at my mouth intensifies. Still thrumming from my first crest, these subtle changes bring me again, harder.


His movements become erratic, and I hear his breath catch as he joins me. Wave after wave pass through us both. This time I feel them moving upwards. Starting with the contraction of his balls against my lips, the warmth of him filling me, then rippling up as each shudder reaches my crown.

Transcendent we both pant out our passion. Finally catching our breaths and re-entering reality. This...we have missed this.

A while later, I have tidied up and regained some of my composure. The glow of us, however, still rides my skin. The warmth in my cheeks, the lingering echoes of his touch. Smiling, I dish up the food.

‘Are you hungry now?’

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Forty, and currently identifying as pansexual, sapiosexual, demisexual, a little kinky & polyamorous, Ana of PolyAna Says is just a happy hippy hedonist who enjoys celebrating the pleasures of life. Sex positivity and self-love are her JAM! By day Ana is also a freelancer and solo parent. Follow her on Instagram @anaeidherself