PowerBlow by Kiiroo - an Intro and How it Works

The Powerblow is an automatic suction attachment that connects to your Kiiroo stroker’s case. While older strokers might work to some extent, for the best experience look for the “Compatible with Keon and PowerBlow” text on the case. The current compatible strokers are: Kayley, Tanya, Victoria Mouth, and Feel Sensation stroker.

Setting up

Your Powerblow comes with a few extra parts you need to add to your stroker’s case before you can start using it. There’s a plastic funnel-like part that you’ll need to put into the front of your stroker case.

You’ll need at least one Powerblow compatible stroker to have a case that can accommodate this part, because to put it in you’ll need to remove the front lip of the case first. Simply pull it towards you and it should pop out. You might need to apply a bit of force here, so be extra careful if you have longer fingernails!

To assemble everything, follow the Quick Start Guide that came in the box of your powerblow. After everything is in place lube yourself up, add some lube to the sleeve of your choice and you’re ready to start!

How it works

The Powerblow will alternate between suction, creating a vacuum and releasing the vacuum, so you’ll get a nice, periodic sucking sensation. It’ll work best if you’re at least an inch inside the sleeve, but from there it’ll work even if your penis is not hard yet.

It’s actually a really fun thing to try. Push your soft or semi-hard penis into the sleeve to the point where you feel like the suction is going to keep pulling it inwards. Relax and let the Powerblow gently pull you in all the way and feel as the suction gets your blood flowing and gets you hard.

The Powerblow is also great if you tend to go soft if there’s no stimulation for a minute or so. If you’re watching an interactive video with the Keon, with the Powerblow on, even if the action and stroking stops, the suction will most probably be enough to keep you hard and stimulated until the stroking resumes.

If you look at the bottom of your Powerblow you can see that in the middle there’s a cone shaped part that plugs in the end of your sleeve’s tunnel to prevent lube and body fluids from flowing into the air intake.

It’s still a good idea to mostly use your stroker upright, with the Powerblow being on top to avoid any fluids leaking into it. Also always make sure to dry your sleeve completely before using it with Powerblow!

Best practices

Make sure to try all the modes and experiment with various settings. If you go to Patterns in the FeelConnect app you can actually customize how long the suction part is, and for how long the vacuum release part lasts. Create a few different patterns and see which one you like the most or which works best for which of your favorite videos.

When using your Powerblow with the Keon experiment with different settings. You can either have it react to interactive content through the FeelConnect app and have the suction turn on and off based on the intensity of the scene you’re watching, or simply have it play a pattern you created or run in manual mode and only have your Keon react to the video you’re watching. You can even go fully manual with the Keon as well and see which mode and combination fits your style the most.

With the new Feel Victoria Mouth sleeve you can have an amazing blowjob experience. Experiment with lubes of different viscosity, just make sure they’re all water based! You can also add some extra sensation by using the Kiiroo warming or cooling lubes! Find your favorite, or favorites depending on your mood, stroker and the content you’re watching.

If you’re using the Powerblow with the Keon and don’t want to remove your penis and the entire stroker to add some extra lube, an easy way to refill is to pause both toys, gently unscrew the Powerblow, add lube to the sleeve and let it flow and drip down to your penis. Screw the Powerblow back on and resume the action.


If you feel like there’s not enough suction you can check the battery level on your Powerblow in the FeelConnect app, or by plugging it in to charge. The LED ring will indicate the battery level with its color ranging from red to green. The different colors and their meanings are all described in the quick start guide.

If your battery level is high enough and you’re sure about the settings, try gently unscrewing the Powerblow from the case, check to make sure the rubber gasket is in place and screw the Powerblow back on. It should be tight, but you shouldn’t need to apply great force to tighten it.

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