Meet the FeelStar: Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate isn’t your average Hollywood star. Director, radio host, and adult star Tanya knows exactly how to turn on her fans and have them bursting in their pants. Priding herself on building up an explosive orgasm for her fans, Tanya says, “it’s all about the chemistry. Being with that person, letting them take all of you over, and getting into a good, hot session.”

Now, she has joined our long list of extraordinary FeelStars, with her Feel Tanya stroker.

A Jack of(f) All Trades

Going into the adult entertainment industry wasn’t a hard decision for Tanya - she knew she wanted to please as many people as possible.

“I ended a relationship and was watching an adult movie with my friend - he was really into it. And I was sitting there and thought, ‘I could do that’.” She was flowing with sexual energy and knew she had to find a way to release it.

“So, I did some research, sent some emails, and got invited to a photo shoot. Then in 2008, I came to LA, and I moved here permanently in 2010. I was also a director and a radio host.” Tanya says.

But Tanya wanted to be her own boss; she wanted to create content that would really get her fans cumming. “It’s that connection, that personal connection. I know what my fans like, what they want to see from me, what they want from me, and it evolves me as a person because my content becomes more intimate. It’s not like working for a production company where you have lines, and you have to say this or do that.”

Go down fantasy lane with Tanya

Watching Tanya on screen is one thing, but feeling inside of her is a whole other level of sexual intensity - one that most men don’t get to experience. While the odds are you won’t meet Tanya at a bar or match with her on Tinder, that doesn’t mean you can’t fuck her. “Using a sex toy and having it interactive is like choosing your fantasy, and whatever it is you want - me riding your cock - you’ll get to really feel me riding your cock.”

The Tanya Stroker is more than just a stroker; it’s a way to connect with Tanya in ways most people can’t - inside of her. “My fans have a place where they can talk to me, sext me, but with the Tanya Stroker, now they have a place where they can connect with me on a deeper level.”

Tanya may love to go virtual shopping with her fans or hang out in bed with a plate of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, but that’s not what really turns her on. “My biggest wish is that every boy can have a Tanya Tate Stroker and wake up every morning next to me.”

Feel Tanya Tate

The full package: Smart and Sexy

Tanya is all about her fans, but there are probably some things you don’t know about her. When we asked her what the most important skill in bed is, she smiled seductivly and said, “it’s not about just having one skill in bed. You need to be able to read your partner - what they want, how they feel, and then know how to act on it. You gotta feel her.”

But is there something Tanya has never tried before? We decided to ask her. “I’ve never tried anal. Maybe one day I might do it.” Well, that wasn’t a no, so stay tuned because she may be coming out with some content for the anal lovers out there.

While we see her as sexy and sweet, we wanted to know how she would describe herself. “Hmm, I think I would say I’m a nurturing, demanding mommy.” We’ve been naughty mommy, so we’ll need to be punished.

Feel the connection to Tanya

“I’m super excited about being able to have my fans feel me. It’s just gonna be me, them, and AI technology,” Tanya says. “I wanna give a big, big thank you to every single one of you who bought the Tanya Tate Stroker. I hope you enjoy the ride! [blows kiss].

Are you ready to feel Tanya? Take things to the next level with the FeelTanya stroker. Connect it to the Keon masturbator and sync it to Tanya’s x-rated content so she can ride you while you watch her on screen.

“It’s gonna be super hot to have you feel me. You just need to lock it into the Keon, connect it to the Feelme AI, press play, and just let it all do the work for you.”

Explore the FeelTanya Collection for infinite pleasure.


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