How to save your relationship in another lockdown? 

How to save your relationship in another lockdown? 

Maintaining a relationship during lockdown

You made it through the first lockdowns with your partner, but now there’s another lockdown that most of us are facing. Not exactly the situation you wanted to be in, right? You may have tried to forget what happened during the first lockdown, but now’s the time to prepare yourself for the next round. Here’s what you need to know to save your relationship during this lockdown.

A little bit of space goes a long way

Here’s the thing, whether we’re living with our partner or having a long-distance relationship (LDR), when a lockdown rolls around, we tend to think we need to spend all our time with them. But that’s not true!

The secret to saving your relationship during the lockdown is by giving each other space. This doesn’t mean you need to stop talking to your partner and ignore them. They’re not a plant.

Just make sure you give each other some space for you two do things on your own. If you’re in an LDR, texting each other every second of the day isn’t going to make your relationship stronger. Remember this word: space.

“Me time” matters

If you’re in an LDR, you have a lot of time away from your partner. But many couples make the mistake of spending all day sitting in front of FaceTime with their partner, in hopes of keeping the connection. Together or apart, your first priority should be yourself.

Now, I don’t selfishly mean this. You can’t be a good partner unless you take care of yourself. So, give yourself an ample amount of “me time.” Exercise, talk to your friends and family, journal, and give yourself some self-pleasure with the right Kiiroo sex toy.

Let loose

These are stressful times! But if there’s one thing you and your partner can do is help each other relax and get through this time. So, if you want to walk on the bright side of life, let loose.

Have a dance party (virtual, if you’re in an LDR) with your partner, roleplay, play some kinky board games together. There are plenty of things to do to help each other unwind without leaving your house. And to be honest, in-home games are more fun as they always get a little naughty.

Get ready for another change in your routine

With the another lockdown coming around, this means your routine is going to change again. But don’t see this as something to worry about. You’ve changed your routine before, and you’ll do it again.

But from the first lockdown, you’ve learned a lot, so prepare yourself for another routine change, and use your past experience to help you get ready for what’s coming.

Check-in with your partner daily

You went through your ups and downs during the first lockdown, and so did your partner. Everyone went through their own experience, which is why you need to check in with your partner daily, whether you’re sharing a space with them or not.

Don’t assume you know how they’re feeling, always ask them how they are, and if they need anything. If they’re your partner, you two need to be each other’s backbone during this time.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, get some interactive sex toys

Don’t make the same mistake as last time. During the first lockdown, you assumed it would be a week or two, and then things would go back to normal. But then as the weeks started ticking by, you realized you and your partner would be separated for months.

We all know when the lockdown strikes, everything goes out of balance, including the post office. So, if you’re in an LDR, prepare yourself by getting Kiiroo’s couples set. They’re interactive sex toys that can be controlled by your partner, no matter how far away they are. Plus, they can also be used for solo pleasure, so it’s really a win-win for everyone.

Don’t forget intimacy

If you’re in lockdown with your partner, the desire to have sex 24/7 quickly fades, as you probably may have noticed. But this doesn’t mean you should push intimacy on the side. You don’t need to be having sex all day, every day, but you should make an effort to be more intimate.

Cuddle with your partner, kiss each other, give each other compliments. These are all forms of intimacy that can grow into something physical. And remember, sex can come in many forms. Mutual masturbation is a lot of fun if you’re not feeling like having sex, so keep in mind there are other ways to pleasure each other.


In the first lockdown, you probably had your moments where you couldn’t stand your partner, but instead of communicating to them how you felt, you bottled it up and later exploded over something stupid. It happens to the best of us.

Lockdowns aren’t easy, especially if you got laid-off or have family members around. Regardless of your situation, you need to communicate with your partner. If you’re feeling annoyed, tell them. If you’re stressed or overwhelmed, let them know. Talk about it with them and reduce those negative feelings instead of bottling them up.

If a another lockdown happens or already is happening, don’t worry. You’re more prepared than you think you are. If you follow these tips, you’ll go through the lockdown with a smile on you and your partner’s face. And isn’t that what you wanted all along?


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