Ada to the Moon Part 8 - An Erotic Story

Part 8

'I can buy what the fuck I want, anything, anything, bitches. And today I'm buying you!'

'Shut up Tom,' I said, 'you're starting to get on my nerves.'

'Oh?! I'll buy you too! Here's five hundred large ones. And another one. Now shut up and enjoy the ride... So, here's the plan: I want you, Mary, to rip the dress from your friend Alice's tight little body, put on this strap-on, and fuck her from behind. Can you do that for me?'

Mary nodded and began to do what Tom had instructed. Meanwhile all the distraction and my growing resentment towards Tom had taken me out of my pleasure trip, and I was beginning to worry that I would not be able to come under these circumstances. I even thought it might be better to get up and leave.

But Alice was too good. She had me and I couldn't resist. So I sank back and gave in to the dancing colors. After a while Alice began to moan. I looked up and saw Mary's hands on Alice's ass. Her mechanical moves were reflected in the tightening and releasing of her stomach muscles.

My gaze went up, past Mary's undulating breasts; her neck; her slightly parted lips with the tip of her tongue sticking out of the left corner of her mouth; and then I looked straight into her purple blue eyes. She seemed to be in a different world... her expression was completely spaced out. 'Damn,' I thought, 'this MDMA is really kicking in. Or is it something else? Did that bastard spike our drinks?'

'Yeah, very good!' Tom hissed, 'excellent!'

Suddenly the light was all different. The room had gone dark, yet our bodies were bathing in light.

'It is time,' Tom said, 'to change positions.'

He threw a condom at me.

kiiroo feelstroker

'I want Alice to sit on top of you and then Mary to come into her from behind. Put that little bitch in the sandwich like a piece of ham.'

I really didn't know why we did what he said. It was some sort of spell. Was this the black magic force that money and its subsequent power cast? Alice moaned and shuddered. We moved up and down like a three headed beast, or a camel with three humps.

Then I heard a strange, whirring noise. I looked up and saw a tiny space ship. 'What the hell?' I said. I looked to the left and stared straight into the lens of a camera. Tom had suddenly approached us to within less than a foot. He was filming us.

'You're doing just fine, excellent!' he muttered.

'Yo, fuck you man!' I cried, 'what the fuck is wrong with you?!'

The spell was broken.

'It's what I like to do!' Tom said, 'I want to enjoy you, again and again. Three beautiful bodies. It's...'

I didn't let him finish. 'Enough!' I cried, 'who the fuck do you think you are?!”

I had already managed to free myself out of the threesome. I got up and smashed Tom's camera out of his hand. At that moment I realized that the space ship was a camera drone. I picked up the recorder from the floor and hurled it at the drone with more strength than I knew I had in me. The collision caused the two devices to disintegrate in mid-air.

I turned around to Tom, my right fist lifted, ready to pounce.

'But I'm paying you, you are my guests! I am paying you!' Tom cried. As he cowered on the ground, moving backwards on his ass, with his arms in front of him to shield himself. With his weird goatee and his pants on his ankles, he looked like a despicable gnome from a 3rd rate b-movie.

'Yeah, you're paying us,' I cried, 'to end up on youporn?! Is this how you really make a living? Scumbag!'

'No, no, that was not my intention! I just got carried away... I don't know what got into me... It was as if an external force...'

'Aha, that's enough. I don't want to hear it.' I turned toward the girls, who were hastily gathering their belongings and asked if they were okay.

'Yeah,' Mary spoke with a wry smile, 'this sad man learned a lesson and we made good money. It's just another day at the office, as far as I'm concerned.'

I turned back to Tom. 'So, there is twenty-five hundred dollar on the table,' I said, 'I assume this is for us?'

'Ah man,' Tom grunted, 'I didn't mean things to go like this. You have to know that my apologies are for real. Why don't you just take all of it?'

He hurled the money clip at me and I caught it.

'That's about twenty k,' he said, 'that should cover your grievances.'

'I guess it will,' I said.

The light outside had already become light blue, and then, while we were all dressing silently, the sun suddenly appeared on the horizon and began to rise from the lake in the east. It was pink red like a blood orange. An unnatural, chemical pink hue flooded the apartment.

Tom followed us as we walked to the front door. I turned around to face him one last time: 'well,' I said, 'that was strange.'

'It's the money, man!' Tom whined. 'The money has changed me. I don't know who I am anymore. I really mean no harm... I just feel... corrupted.'

'It's okay,' I said, 'you got plenty of cash for a good shrink. Now please let us out.'

I entered the elevator with Alice and Mary. We were silent for a while.

'I'm not sure what to make of this,' I said as we began to whiz down.

'Me neither,' Alice whispered.

We looked at each other as the elevator slowed down. All of sudden we erupted in laughter.

'We made a fucking fortune tonight!' Mary cried.

'That poor schmuck!' Alice added.

'I guess you are right,' I said. 'We shouldn't be depressed... I'm still confused though, but that's probably also all the drugs and alcohol. So, will you girls be all right? What are your plans? Where are you going?'

Mary opened her handbag. There were two bottles of Cristal in it. 'I helped myself to these,' she said, 'why don't we go somewhere and enjoy them together?'

I laughed a relieving laugh that flushed the tension and the negative energy out of my system. I put my arms around the girls and said: 'let's go to my place. You are invited.'

To be continued


John Condor

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