Ada to the Moon Part 10 - An Erotic Story

Part 10

'You look like a goddess,' I said.

'Well, I guess, in a way I am.'

'Glad you haven't lost your modesty.'

'They have changed me, John, they really have.'


'You could say I'm a goddess, but you might as well say I'm a bio-molecular cyborg. My new limbs feel like human skin. I have a human touch... I can feel a human touch,' she spoke.

'How is that possible?' Mary interjected.

'It all happened after my return to India, dear,' Ada sighed. 'I felt that my life was over and it got even worse when my misfortunes quickly gained notoriety. I was the stupid girl who had squandered her talent, who had squandered her privileges.

Some people even used me as an example to emphasize the inequality between men and women. They said I had no business in space travel, That was not for me. The Indian government even issued a statement, in unison with several middle eastern states, that in our current times no woman should be involved in space travel.'

'I remember I saw something about that on the YouTube news,' I said.

'Yes... what a nightmare. But then... then there was dr. Mohinder Meghna.'

'The tech billionaire.'

'Yes, indeed, the one and only. He offered to help me. He said he was fascinated by my case... by my willpower and my life-force. He fluttered me and used many expensive words. In truth he was looking for a fit subject for his experiments. He wanted to create a super human space traveler. He needed a volunteer.'

'He found you.'

'Indeed he did.'

'So he used you.'

'Yes... he did, but look at me, I'm the goddess of space-travel, hahaha.'

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'I really think you are,' Mary spoke in awe. 'You are so brave... so beautiful... an inspiration to everyone.'

Ada laughed, 'well, you, my dear, are in bed with my one and only John. You must be quite special too.'

'You flatter them too much!' I said, 'but really, once again my apologies for this here situation that you have presently found us in. It is really awkward. Damn.'

'Ah John, come on. I was the one intruding, forget about it. I do mean it when I say that I grant you your happiness.'

'Grant, grant... but seriously,' I said, 'I do think I'm speaking for all of us when I say that we are happy to see you like this, in this blistering state of... could I call it, health? Whatever that doctor Meghna fella did to you, it seems to have done you a lot of good.'

'Mohinder Meghna did my body. He gave me the world's first bio-molecular cybernetic bodysuit. He even had to amputate the two limbs that I still had left. It was a tough thing he asked of me... and I did it. I consented. When I thought I had nothing more to lose and realized that I did, that I actually did have more to lose, I consented anyway.

There was no way back now. I had to prove to the world that I belonged in space. That I was not your average loser. That I was not a loser at all. So he, they, went at it. I became a laboratory rat. A guinea pig. The result was unbelievable. But it wouldn't have worked without the programming skills of doctor Alonzo. Dr. Alonzo's main net became my mainframe. It's unique in its kind. Really magnificent programming.'

'The Venetian doctor...' I said, rubbing my chin.

'That's the one! Dr. Alonzo, the big bad Venetian genius. Hey, by the way: do you know where I am?'

'Oh, I know!' Mary cried. 'You're in space!'

'That's right... and, and something has just occurred to me.'

'What is it?' I asked.

'I'm supposed to test all my bodily functions. See if everything works, you know.'

'Are you proposing something indecent!' I exclaimed.

'I am indeed. I just noticed that you have the Amethyst system, right there on your bed.'

'That is true...'

'We could use it. We can connect it to this commlink. The info can upload straight to me.'

'That's pretty incredible....'

'Modern technology.'

'So, Ada, if I'm not mistaken, you are suggesting that I'd fuck you by fucking one of these girls right here.'

'You are not mistaken.'

'Ooh, that sounds ultra kinky,' Alice lisped. 'Let's be part of this scientific experiment. I want to get fucked with her.'

'Well then, this seems to be my lucky day!' I said, laughing slyly.

'It does seem so Mr. Super Sperm! You better have some left! You better not be worn out on me! Did those creatures leave something for me, eh?' Ada yelled mockingly.

'I never imagined you'd come back like....'

Ada interrupted me. 'Get on with it!' she commanded.

And so I placed the rods back onto Alice's inner thighs. Mary began to lick the dildo and subsequently bored it back into her shaft. I entered Alice.

Meanwhile Ada had procured a dildo too. Whatever it was made of, it looked like a real dick. I gathered it must have been made of the same futuristic material as Ada's limbs. But... but... it really looked like mine. What the fuck?!

'Why does it look like my dick?' I yelled in exasperation.

'Because it is!'

'What?! I've got mine right here.'

'The information sent through that commlink has biologically altered my cyborg-organic dildo,' she said.

'That's some sick tech right there, damn!' I cried.

'Are you distracted? Have they worn you out already?' Ada asked, while touting her lips.

'No no, I'll be fine. Just lay back and... well, you know...'

'I know baby, I know... let's do it. Aah yeah. Aah yeah! Aah fuck yeah!! It's good to feel you, John! It's so good! So deep! So, aaaaah!'

So much pussy around me, it was absurd. Only twelve hours earlier I'd been despondent, lost, left alone by the world. A man in a futuristic future without a future. And now. 'Look at me now!' I cried. 'Look at me now!!'

'Yes baby!;

I was part of a crucial scientific experiment. And boy, did it make me come hard.

And fuck yeah, Ada was back! She was impervious.


John Condor

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