Ada to the Moon Part 7 - An Erotic Story

Part 7

One moment we were in the club, the next we found ourselves in one of those brand new driverless blockchain cabs. Tom had invited all of us back to his place. Lights flashed by and the skyscrapers on the horizon increased in size as we whizzed towards downtown.

Alice clung to me like a crustacean. She had wrapped her left arm around my back, her left hand was stroking my chest. Her right hand was placed on my thigh. Her agile fingers moved playfully over my lower stomach and my belt.

'You're so sexy, you look like that actor Ryan Gosling. I'm so happy to have met you tonight,' she whispered in my ear.

'The pleasure is mutual.'

I couldn't suppress a sigh as I felt the tip of her tongue in my neck and the fingers of her right hand slip under my belt, into my underwear.

'Oh, oh, you find yourself in the hands of one bad, baaad girl,' Tom laughed.

He was sitting opposite of us, on the backward facing seat, with Mary on his lap.

Meanwhile a metallic female voice kept repeating: 'Please fasten your seatbelts! Please fasten your seatbelts!'

The cab stopped in front of a neo art deco skyscraper, a really flashy building that was one of the latest additions to Detroit's skyline.

'Christ almighty!' I exclaimed, 'is this where you live?!'

'Yeah man,' Tom said, 'did you expect anything less from the Hodler himself?'

The girls and I exchanged puzzled looks.

'I see you don't believe me!' Tom said.

'Well, it's not that,' I spoke hesitantly, 'it's...'

'It's that you think I look like some lowlife. You never expected anything from me. I know, I know,' Tom grinned. 'It's okay man, you know, I just stayed true to myself. I used to be a bum of sorts, but unlike you, I did make a fortune in crypto. God works in mysterious ways... I say it's all fair though: you got the looks and I got the loot. Now let's move the hell up.'

We walked into a large lobby, where the floor, as well as the walls were made of at least five shades of white and yellow marble. The elevator took us to the 54th floor. Tom's apartment was located in front of the building. He opened the front door by looking into an iris-scanner.

'Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!' the girls shrieked as we entered Tom's absurdly lavish apartment. Through a hallway that was lit by intricate led patterns, we came into a living room that must have been about a thousand square feet. The other end of the room was formed by blueish windows that ran from floor to ceiling. The panoramic view over the inner city and the lake was out of this world.

feelapolonia by kiiroo

'Not bad, Tom,' I said.

'It could be worse,' he said, grinning.

'I can't believe my eyes,' Mary said. 'How the hell did you do it?'

Tom scraped his throat. 'Just like John here, I discovered crypto... but, obviously, things went a bit different in my case. Anybody want a drink?'

He fetched a bottle of Cristal and four wine glasses. The four of us sat down on the enormous white couch that was facing the windows.

'You see,' he continued, 'I used to have a pretty decent job at GM. I worked hard and the pay wasn't bad. As I didn't really do much – I mean, I had no wife, I had no hobbies so to speak of of – I just kept moving money to the bank.

Already in 2016, my friend Michael tried to get me into Bitcoin and Ethereum. It's a waste to put cash in the bank! He said. I laughed when he lost all his money in the crypto bubble of 2017 / 2018. But the whole thing did have me thinking: these bubbles will happen again.

So, when all these goddamned altcoins had lost 90 to 99 percent of their value, I began to buy in. I invested 50 bucks every day, starting in the summer of 2018. After a while I realized that my strategy was working and I upped the ante to 100 bucks a day.

I never looked at the dips and I never sold anything. And, as you know, the bubble came back. Then the 2020 / 2021 bullrun just went up and up and up. Needless to say the financial windfall that came my way was more like a goddamn hurricane: your pretty asses are sitting in and on the results.'

'Holy fuck!' I sighed and buried my face in my hands.

'Ah, our pretty boy can't take it anymore. He's so jealouuuusss,' Tom said.

'Poor John!' Alice cried.

'Poor John indeed,' Tom laughed sarcastically, 'so poor.'

'Don't be rude all of a sudden. Where did that come from?' Mary spoke while looking at Tom in dismay.

'Ah man, it's just a joke,' Tom said, 'we are having a great time tonight. What's a little jeer among friends? Let's drink.'

Feeling embarrassed that I had so childishly expressed my jealousy, I stuck my left hand up and bowed my head in an apologetic gesture. 'Tom is right to make fun of me. I'm an idiot,' I spoke.

'Aww, dear idiot. I know there's a real tough man in there, let me bring him out,' Alice said. Once more she crept up to me. She put her mouth on mine and licked my lips. Her right hand began to fiddle with my belt again. It was a great relief when she managed to open my pants, because my dick was about to burst. Skillfully she removed my pants and underwear and began to massage my genitals.

'Very nice!' I heard Tom's voice from the left. I tried to ignore him. In the corner of my eye I saw that he had procured a tiny glass vial. He began to scoop white powder from the vial into his nose with the help of a minuscule spoon. 'Very nice!' he cried again.

My attention was instantly drawn back to what was happening around my nether regions, because Alice had placed herself on her knees, in front of me, and began to perform fellatio on me. Her mouth was satin soft, but her lips were firm. A rush went through my spine, into the back of my head. Smacking noises rose up as Alice began to suck harder and deeper. I began to see stars in the corners of my eyes.

But in the left corner the stars subsided as Tom distracted me again. He had taken a money clip from his pocket, took out a wad of bills and threw them on the the table. 'Now that we have taken care of business, it's time for you bitches to deliver,' he grunted.

'Don't call them that,' I groaned.

'It's fine,' Mary said, 'he's just a bad, horny son of a bitch. Aren't you Tom?'

'Yes, yes! Now, Mary, I want you to walk right up to the window and strip.'

She did as she was told. She opened the zip on her back and her red dress fell at her feet. She had a hollow back, a really round, yet firm ass, and long legs. Her body moved fluidly. It was bathing in intense flashing colors: bright red, light yellow, fluorescent green, amber... that was just my mind though: the effect of floods of pheromones, endorphins, dopamine and serotonine on my perception.

She removed her black lingerie.

'I hope that some pervert voyeurs out there are staring at ye with their binoculars. That would be sweet,' Tom spoke. 'Let me bring some toys to this party.'

He took a rectangular black box from a drawer in the coffee table. He opened it and it turned out to be full of sex related paraphernalia. 'Yeah John, you thought you were the perverse one, with all them sex stories, but I'm the real king of sleaze, hahaha!'

To be continued


John Condor

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