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Cyborg Monday Part 1 - An Erotic Story

A Cyber Monday Erotic Story

Mary and Alice had been so much fun. But a man needs to pay the bills, and after some (very entertaining) months I had wasted all the money that we had obtained. Stolen...? I hadn’t made my mind up concerning that, from that weird Tom Hodler.

I found myself in a peculiar position: at one hand I had been living any man’s dream, fucking two beautiful young women (never mind they were sex workers, there’s no need to get into technicalities). On top of that, my sexual relationship with Ada, the world famous astronaut, had made me some sort of celebrity too.

Footage of my involvement in sexual experiences - or experiments, whatever you want to call it - beyond the confinements of Earth’s stratosphere, had found its way to the metaverse and to the world’s media. I was a hot item for a while.

I made some bucks with giving interviews. But the storm blew over and I ran through that cash quickly as well. And so it was that I was unemployed, about to hit rock bottom financially once more.

I was an accomplished steel mechanic, or at least had been, that didn’t matter though since there were no fucking jobs in steel in Detroit anymore.

One night I invited Mary and Alice to my apartment again. Thankfully they didn’t expect me to pay them. Though they were not my girlfriends, we had developed an intimate friendship. And they didn’t mind expanding the boundaries of that friendship into the territory of their profession.

So we had fun again. So we had sex again. So we made each other come and come and come again. I was the world’s richest poor man.

‘I don’t know what to do though…’ I sighed, reclining in the pillows of my bed, smoking a Cohiba Philly cigar that Alice had brought with her. ‘I feel like I have become obsolete. Replaced by robots.’

‘I might have something for you,’ Mary said, ‘a client who’s in advertising. He told me that they are looking for people. That they need fresh blood, new ideas.’

‘Why would I be someone who has refreshing ideas about advertising?’

‘You have the ability to think out of the box. And, more importantly, you are famous… well, notorious.’

I laughed. ‘I guess…’

A couple of days later I was sitting in a small downtown office, facing a nondescript middle-aged man who was conducting my job interview.

‘We are an up and coming ad firm which specializes in tech,’ he said. ‘We mainly promote hardware, and software applications. We’d expect of you to bring some flair into the business. We are aware it’s a gamble, but who knows, it might pay off. And if it does, it will give us that crucial edge over the competition that we are searching for.’

I felt uncomfortable. How the hell was I supposed to bring flair into their business? It seemed like nonsense, yet I had to take the opportunity which I was given. They gave me three months to prove myself. The three months leading up to their Cyber Monday campaign.

I had to specifically come up with something special for that event. They minimized their gamble by giving me a contract that entailed a strict no result, no pay stipulation.

I could work at home most of the time, though I had to be in the office a couple of days a week. Those days were hell, since I had no idea what to do, what to say, how to behave, how to present myself to my colleagues. They seemed just as baffled as me concerning my employment at the firm.

They had all these terms, all these tricks… they knew how to make people buy things. And yet they seemed wary and tired. It was fucking hard to make people buy things. Even for them. After some weeks they didn’t even ask me to get coffee for them any more.

Cyber Monday… A month had gone by and I had nothing. On a hot and humid night in July, Mary and Alice came over to my place. ‘How am I supposed to tell these professionals how to do their job? What the fuck do I know about selling stuff?!’ I cried.

kiiroo couple sex toys

‘It can’t be that hard, don’t give up now,’ Alice replied. ‘To sell something is to convince people they need something, whether they need it or not,’ she added.

‘We are experts at that,’ Mary laughed.

‘Of course!’ I yelled, ‘that’s it! You are brilliant! Fuck yeah! People want sex!’ ‘People need sex…’

‘Yes,’ I growled, ‘sex. People have everything already. But I know what they don’t have: they don’t have what I have. They don’t have Ada. They don’t get to have sex with a technologically enhanced cyborg. With the technology that was used to create - or how should I put it? - modify her. The most fantastic sex robot in the world could be created. Just imagine!’

I contacted Ada, who was back at her villa in Bangalore.

‘I need your help,’ I said, ‘I have this crazy idea of how to spice up Cyber Monday.’

She laughed when I explained my intentions. ‘You’ve become very ambitious, but perhaps it could be done,’ she said. ‘I’ll ask doctor Meghna if he can be persuaded to get involved in something so risqué.’

‘Thank you Ada! How are things anyway? Are you busy at the moment?’

‘I think someone wants something,’ she laughed.

‘Well, you know, all this thinking of advanced sexual appliances…. you know…’

‘I can see that you’re horny as hell, hahaha. I know those mischievous eyes, John. Better get your Amethyst. My team has made some adjustments to my meta body, you’ll like them.’

Ada began to undo her saree, exposing her body bit by bit, making undulating movements like seaweed in underwater currents. A cliché that is often overused, could be applied to her more than to anyone else: her body really was a work of art. Over 30% of it was artificial, but it looked more beautiful, more accomplished, than any woman I’d ever seen.

We opened a 5D meta-chamber in which we were together: we could see each other, touch each other, feel each other, while we were 10.000 miles apart.

‘Hey John, you are extra big today. You reallllly want to fuck me, don’t you?’

‘I want to destroy you…’

‘You actually might - I’m not sure if all of that fits in me. My pussy is still one hundred percent me and I’d like to keep it that way.’

‘Your pussy is one hundred percent mine today.’

I knew I was fucking a tool, a machine, yet it felt like the real thing. While I was working towards an orgasm, I was strangely distracted by my wild plans for bringing super advanced sex droids to the market. Everyone could experience this! Who would not want it?!

Ada was still the hottest. We came together though we were not. Strange times.

From that day things, took a turn that I had not at all anticipated. Doctor Mohinder Meghna was not only willing to talk to me about applying his cyborg technology to create the world’s most advanced adult themed droids - he told me that these robots already existed.

‘Since you are such a close friend to Ada and since your help has been crucial to our research,’ he said, ‘I will get you into contact with the people who’s technology I’ve been using. You have to visit them, because they don't communicate online. Their secrets are hidden from cyberspace. You need to go to Yaskawa to find out about the world’s most advanced sex tech.’

So, just as I thought my life could not possibly get any weirder, I found myself traveling to Yaskawa Robot village in Japan...

To be continued...

Written by

John Condor

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