Ada to the Moon Part 3 - An Erotic Story

Part 3

'Day by day my obsession with altcoins grew, and so did my obsession with Ada. Hilda began to notice how distracted I was. I kept justifying to myself that I was doing all this for her. She was going to receive the most amazing gift anyone had ever given her... she ought to have been grateful.

But how could she be grateful for something of which she was not aware, something that was yet to materialize. And as our relationship became more tense by the day, my desire to flee into the safety of my newly adopted world – the crypto space and Ada – intensified.'

'What coins did Ada advise you to buy?' Tom said.


'Ah, shit.'




'No fuckin way. Don't say you also bought into Bitconnect.'

'Yes, we did...'

'Ridiculous man. You wrecked yourself.'

'Yeah, yeah... but it was worse, because initially I couldn't believe how much I was gaining. I had begun with twelve hundred dollar and soon it was about five thousand.'

'That's nowhere near what you were aiming at.'

'No, not at all. I had quadrupled my starting cash in about three weeks, but I only had three more weeks before the auction. I believed I had to do something radical... that's when I came up with the plan to approach the Cardano brothers.'

'That doesn't sound like a good plan at all, whoever the fuck they are,' Tom spoke.

The barman grinned so hard that it made him look like a snarling dog. He poured two more shots. 'These are on the house. You can sure use a drink, my god, hahaha,' he laughed.

'The Cardano brothers,' I continued, 'are two Italians who own several restaurants in Düsseldorf. There was one in our neighborhood, where Hilda and I went regularly. She had become acquainted with the Cardano brothers because she helped them to purchase several paintings.

Roberto, the older brother, always greeted us warmly and escorted us personally to a table, whenever we dined in his restaurant. One evening we had stayed 'till after all the other guests had left. Roberto sat down with us at the table and treated us to the best wines I ever tasted. At a certain point he said something like “you have helped me with the paintings, you are loyal customers, if you ever need anything, really anything, don't ever hesitate to ask.”

At that moment I just acknowledged that remark on an abstract level. Why would I ever ask him for anything, right? Now, fast forward several months, and suddenly his offer seems like the solution I was looking for.'

'Well, at least you somehow made it out of that situation in one piece. This shit you're telling us becomes more disturbing by the second,' Tom spoke.

'Yeah, I know,' I sighed, 'I went to Roberto, convinced that everything I would invest would turn to gold, and asked him for a loan of twenty thousand dollars.'

'And he gave it to you?! Just like that?!'

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'Yeah... well, I had to explain that I was investing his money diligently, but when I came to the part about buying an exquisite Venetian painting, he was sold. He was enthralled about the whole concept. I think I should have reassessed the situation and quietly backed off when he instantly handed me the twenty thousand in cash.'

'So when and how did the shit hit the fan?' Tom asked.

'Hmm... let me take another sip here...'

'You do your thing man, take that poison.'

'Things started to unravel when Hilda began to notice that I was obsessively talking to someone online. I'm not sure why anymore, but at some point I had told her that I was receiving instructions in crypto trading from a girl in India. I even mentioned her name.'

'She didn't like that.'

'No, of course she didn't like that. What could she do though? When Hilda wasn't there I talked to Ada for hours and hours. I began to fantasize about her.'

'Did you have webcam sex with her?'

'No, no... we flirted, yet it remained sort of innocent. But then one day I had become so aroused by Ada that after the call had ended I began to look on porn sites for Indian girls who looked like her. I was lusting to see a whole naked body like hers, to see the uncensored version of that coffee colored skin.'

'You freaky bastard!'

'Yeah... I know, it was pretty bad. Worst thing about it though, was that when I did actually find a porn video with a girl who looked like Ada, I took my dick out of my pants and began to jack off. And right then, right then Hilda suddenly came home from work, two hours early. I was caught in the act.'

'That's shameful.'

'Yeah, ahum... yeah... Hilda freaked out.'


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'Yeah, but it was even worse: she thought that the girl who was masturbating on the screen of her desktop was Ada. She ran out and stayed away for several days.'

'And then your relationship was over?'

'No, actually, after a few days we met at the bar of the hotel where she was staying.'

'She went to a hotel, while you stayed at her house?!'

'Well, that was her choice. I would have left if she had asked me to, of course. But she just ran out on me and left me there.'

'She must have been very upset.'

'Of course... But I managed to sort of explain the situation to her.'

'How the fuck do you explain something like that?' Tom said.

'Look at him,' the barman interjected, 'he's a good looking man. Look at that privileged son of a bitch. Coming in here with those pretty boy looks, talking about art, using ten penny words and still claiming he's a Detroit steel worker.'

'Steel structure mechanic...'

'Get outta here'

'You want me to leave?'

'No, I meant the proverbial “get outta here”, now just finish your fucking story.'

'Okay, in the short run I actually thought I was, miraculously, getting away with it. To prove my point I showed the porn video with the masturbating Indian girl to Hilda – and it a very sexy video, I mean, that girl in that vid was fucking hot – and Hilda's anger began to be replaced by arousal.

So, guys, I'm sure you know that the combination of anger and lust can create something quite explosive. We tore the clothes from each others bodies and knocked boots like never before. Just pure fire. I guess we both knew that our relationship was doomed – that kind of added to the fierce savagery of that particular session.'

To be continued


John Condor

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