Cyborg Monday Part 2 - An Erotic Story

A Cyber Monday Erotic Story

‘I had never heard of this village,’ I said to the woman behind the bar.

‘Of course you hadn’t,’ she giggled, squinting her eyes. She was one of the most unusual looking women I had ever seen. Stunningly beautiful, but just plain weird as well. Her face had those delicate features that are so partial to Japanese women, and yet she had blond hair and bright green eyes. Her body was more of the Latin type: big breasts and a ballooning ass.

She had been the first, and only, person I’d encountered since I had entered Yaskawa village. I had walked around for about forty-five minutes until I came to an alley that was full of bars and restaurants, of which only one was open. In this bar I was warmly greeted by this stunningly beautiful young lady. She was apparently running the place all by herself. I was the only client.

‘It’s noon and there are no other people having lunch in any of the bars and restaurants in this street,’ I said to her.

‘It’s just a small village, everyone is working,’ the lady spoke.

´But why so many bars and restaurants then?’ I asked.

Instead of answering my question, she asked me if I would like a rice ball with my saké, ‘Our onigiri is the best in the prefecture,’ she added.

‘Ehm, ok…’

A little bit later I was flushing down a third rice ball with my fourth saké. ‘These things are excellent,’ I said. ‘Did you make them yourself?’

‘No, my sister makes them. Would you like to meet her?’

‘Yeah, sure.’

A door slid open and another stunning woman, who looked almost identical to the bar lady, appeared. She had green hair and golden eyes though (why did I think blond eyes?). ‘My name is Destiny, do you like me?’ she said.

I laughed, ‘I guess I do.’ What strange women… I thought.

‘I would like to drink saké with you, I know a nice drinking game,’ Destiny said. ‘All right…’

‘It goes as follows: we will play the song Roxanne by the Police. Every time Sting sings “Roxanne” one of us drinks saké, and every time Sting sings “put on the red light” the other drinks saké. Which part will you choose?’

‘I’ll go for “put on the red light”,’ I said, thinking that this could not possibly occur as often as “Roxanne” in the song. I was wrong about that. After the song had finished so was I. ‘You look a bit pale,’ the bar lady said.

‘I’m not used to drinking like that at lunchtime,’ I answered with difficulty.

‘Would you like to lie down and rest for a bit?’ Destiny asked.

‘Yes… ehm what?’

‘We live just down the street. You are welcome to crash on our couch.’ It didn’t even occur to me to refuse that most unusual offer.

‘We will escort you to our premises,’ the bar lady said. She suddenly came from behind the bar and hooked her left arm under my right arm, while at the same time her sister hooked her right arm under my left arm.

We began to move through the street. I was more or less being carried. The strange signs around me blurred into one another. We stopped at a concrete apartment block which was adorned with a large neon sign that read ‘Dutch Wives Hotel’.

‘What a strange name… this is a hotel… you live in a hotel? Who lives in a hotel? What’s going on?’ I mumbled.

‘It’s fine, just come with us,’ Destiny spoke.

We took an elevator to the seventh floor. There they chaperoned me into a minimalistic, high tech apartment. They carefully seated me on a white sofa. ‘I will make some tea for you,’ the bar lady said. ‘It is potent tea. It will work miracles, trust me.’

She was right about that! With every gulp I took I felt my strength return. ‘Wow, this is great stuff!’ I said, ‘thank you... bar lady.’

‘My name is Harmony.’

‘It’s a pleasure to meet you Harmony. I feel a bit overwhelmed by your kindness actually. I’m not sure I deserve this,’ I said, as I looked at the girls, who had nestled themselves on the sofa, on both sides of me.

‘Oh, the pleasure is all ours!’ Destiny spoke. ‘You are a very nice customer,’ Harmony added.

I felt drowsy, elated and incredibly horny. I could not control myself any longer. ‘You both have beautiful legs,’ I said, ‘is it okay if I touch them?’ They both blushed.

‘Go ahead,’ Destiny said.

‘I was hoping you’d say that,’ Harmony added.

I put my left hand on Destiny’s knee and my right hand on Harmony’s knee. A shiver went down my spine. Was I dreaming? Was I hallucinating? Had I had an accident? This couldn’t be real. I received a kiss on each side of my face at the same time. Hallucination or not, I’ll be damned! I said to myself: let’s ride this one out.

Before I knew it two tongues were playing with mine; breasts were out; stockings were showing while skirts were being unbuttoned; my jeans were pulled to my ankles. And then we were naked. The girls began to take turns giving me head.

‘Jesus Christ!’ I yelled, ‘what kind of force is this in those devine mouths of yours?! You are like two hoovers with lips of silk! Ah, I can’t believe it! I can’t stand it!

This is craaaazy! Fuck fuck fuck.’ Just before I came they stopped.

‘Don’t come yet, have some more tea. Ride us next. Ride our bodies like waves, like the wind, like galloping horses.’

And indeed I did just that.

kiiroo couple sex toys

‘I’m sorry I came all over your chic couch,’ I stammered afterwards.

‘You are welcome to do it again.’

They didn’t have to say that twice.

I fell asleep on the sofa, with the sisters all twisted around me. I woke up as the sun began to set. After I had dressed, I decided to go outside for a stroll through the village. At some point I was still supposed to conduct my business.

The streetlights and neon signs lit up at the moment I stepped out of the Dutch Wife Hotel. And lo and behold: there were actually some other people on the streets, finally. Two men in fact, who walked straight up to me. One of them was Japanese, the other looked European. They stopped right in front of me.

‘You must be John Condor. Pleased to make your acquaintance,’ the Japanese man said and bowed. ‘I am professor Rangaku and this is my esteemed associate Dr. Bartholin.’

The other man stuck out a large white hand with sausage-like fingers. ‘How do you know me?’ I asked as I hesitantly shook it.

A coy smile appeared on the lips of professor Rangaku. ‘It appears the demonstration of our merchandise has been… satisfactory.’


‘You are here for business. And our latest prototypes have given you a warm welcome. I believe it has been to your satisfaction.’

‘Oh my god! Those girls… Harmony and Destiny, they are robots!?’ I cried.

‘But, but… how is that possible? They even sweated. They even smelled organic,’ I stammered. I was silent for some seconds, then I recovered my wit.

‘This is unbelievable. Why does nobody know about your work?’ I said.

‘We have chosen to wait for the right time to release our products. This is the right time. We are ready. We would like to do business with you.’

Destiny and Harmony accompanied me back to the US. They needed a passport and a visa - it was hilarious. The people at work were completely freaked out by them.

‘This is insane!’ My boss shouted. ‘You suddenly disappear for weeks and then you show up with the most advanced sex tech product anyone has never heard of. What’s the price tag of these fucking things? A couple of million? What do you expect me to do? You still actually expect a paycheck?’

‘I do,’ I said, ‘The people at Yaskawa are prepared to send over a couple of dozen Destiny’s and Harmony’s. We won’t sell them, but we can use them for promotion stunts. We can offer an amazing range of adult themed tech with the help of my Japanese contacts. Instead of Cyber Monday, we’ll call it: Cyborg Monday.

The whole world will be watching...

Written by

John Condor

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