4 Days before my Pornstar Husband's Shoot - An Erotic Story

4 Days before my Pornstar Husband's Shoot - An Erotic Story

Tales of a Male Straight Porn Actor’s Husband: 4 Days Before His Shoot

This is a more detailed account of the sexiness with my husband told in "Tales of a Male Straight Porn Actor's Husband"


Zen and I had just come back from a sexy getaway. Numerous sexual adventures with just the 2 of us. The finale however was a 5-man orgy with me and one other guy bottoming for Zen and the remaining 2.

With the travel taking so much out of us, we did nothing our first night back except sleep totally naked spooning. Fully aware we had to get some sex in because in the next 4 days, Zen had his next straight porn gig.

I woke up the next day to the sound of the shower running and missing the embrace from my husband that aided in my peaceful sleep. Concluding that Zen was in the shower immediately sparked my kink for naked wet bodies. So I remained naked because I decided to join him.

I opened the bathroom door to see Zen’s naked frame blurred by the shower curtain. Over the shower running, Zen never heard me coming until he was surprised by the me pulling back the curtain.

After 5 years of marriage, whenever I sneak up on Zen in the shower after he has let me continue sleeping, he still asks me, “Did I wake you?” And this time was no different.

To which I replied, “Yeah. But it’s only because I knew you’d be in here naked and wet. And you know how much I love a naked wet body.”

“Oh! Someone’s horny from not getting any last night.”

I looked down to see Zen’s penis getting erect and throb in anticipation of entering an orifice of mine. So I said, “It seems I’m not the only one.”

Watching Zen’s devilish smirk in response, I did my husbandly duty and pleasure by dropping to my knees. Loving the view on the way down of water running through his light treasure trail then traveling into his trimmed auburn pubes.

Once on my knees, I grabbed his cock. Massaging it with my fingers as I brought it to my face to engulf it. Just before it was in my mouth, my tongue was out to give the underside of the head of his penis licks that sent a surge of sensation through him. With the engulfing, then tongue massage as his dick went in deeper, and purposely arching my back so the water ran down it for Zen’s viewing pleasure, I kept intensifying the pleasure to him.

I sucked on his beautiful member for about only two minutes. Maybe even 90 seconds. Because when his cock got to the back of my throat, I hummed. Because with sound causing vibration in your throat, making sounds with a penis going to the back of your throat turns you into a human male masturbation toy. And I had given Zen so much sensation by the time I made that move, he knew it would soon make him explode if I continued. That would have totally ruined our plans for him to pound my ass.

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Knowing that, Zen picked me up and turned me around. I immediately leaned my hands on the shower wall and arched my back again. I could feel the energy of his plan to finger me and it caused my butthole to twitch. Then it happened.

Zen slipped his finger into my usually tight ass with such unusual ease that he said, “See! You want it so bad that you’re not even your usually tight self.”

“Then feel free to take advantage”, I said. “I didn’t arch my back just to look like I wanna fuck.”

We both chuckled as he slowly removed his finger from my ass as I relaxed it. He massaged my neck as he turned me to face the wall. He spanked my butt cheek with his fully erect cock, made a path running it against my butt cheek, then put it against my hole. Slowly going inside me.

As I breathed in to pull his cock in deeper as he pushed, I could feel him simultaneously widening my just restored tightly round tunnel. Once he was completely inside me, my hole clamped down on him. Making him gasp.

He then moaned his hot breath on my ear and kissed my neck. Thrusting slightly where I could feel his wet pubes tickle my sphincter. Then slowly picking up the pace to where his pubes tickling my sphincter soon became replaced by the hard thrusts of his crotch impacting my entire butt. Causing the sounds of body slaps and water splashing so hard that I could feel drops reaching the cheeks of my face. Wet pellets that I didn’t want to stop.

Imagining the beauty of the water running down the chocolate skin of my arched back, then meeting the fiery red pubes on Zen’s vanilla skin made Zen’s thrusts into me that much more stimulating. And I could feel Zen throbbing inside me enough times that I knew him coming could be any second if he didn’t stop.

He chose not to stop.

So he came inside me, then leaned over burying his head into my shoulder. Letting the water then start rolling down his back as he panted from the release.

We knew with our free day that we would fuck more later. But for the moment, we dried off, laid on the bed, and cuddled to bask in the afterglow of curing each other’s morning wood. Then both our phones went off.

It was a text from Kres, one of the studs from the 5-man orgy during our vacation. He was a top and coming into town soon. He sent both of us texts because once here, he wanted to meet up. In a 1-on-1...but only with me.

Now, don’t write him off as a jerk just yet. The reason he also texted Zen is because as a gentleman, he was acknowledging Zen as my husband. Therefore, asking for Zen’s permission.

Hmmm. Perhaps Zen won’t be the only one between us getting laid 4 days from now.


LeNair Xavier

LeNair Xavier has studied sex and sexuality by reading up on and observing various sexual behaviors. These observations has led to time in the gay porn industry, and now writing erotic poetry. Tales of his journeys leading to his growing sexual knowledge can be found on his blog, L’s X-Ray Vision.

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