Powered by our most advanced AI chip, Pearl3 enhances Pearl with all-new responsive features, deeper pleasure, and more advanced ways to play. Reimagined contouring directs vibrations straight to your G-spot, while improved touch sensitivity elevates stimulation to a whole new level.


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The world’s most technologically advanced award winning G-spot vibrator just got a power and battery usage time upgrade.

Pearl3 is a technologically advanced G-spot vibrator enabled with touch-sensitive technology. The slightly curved shape is perfect for G-spot stimulation and all types of external pleasure. The three bumps on the Pearl3 stimulate the G-spot more intensely when inserted in the body.

Pearl3 can connect to all Kiiroo products using the FeelConnect app so that partners can feel each other in real time no matter how far apart they are.

For webcam performers Pearl3 will help them make more money as users are able to give control of their vibrator to their fans and use it for interactive tipping.

What makes Pearl3 different from Pearl2?

Aside from Pearl3’s new, vibrant colors (Purple and Pink), we’ve improved the touch plates and extended them into the tip to make Pearl3 so much more responsive to touch than its predecessors. This is ideal for clitoral play or stimulation which begins as soon as Pearl3 is inserted into the body.

The contouring of the silicone around the G-spot area on the underside of Pearl3 concentrates and directs the vibrations directly onto the G-spot area giving the user the most pleasurable sensations.

We’ve also added 3 hours of battery life which is perfect for extended play, multiple sessions, and professional use. Who will get tired first?

FeelConnect App Features:

Available on the Google Play and Apple Store.

Feel Your Lover:

Pearl3 users can use the FeelConnect app to control their partner's products from a distance. They can also pair their Kiiroo products to each other through the app to feel each other in real time no matter the distance.

Feel Webcam:

Kiiroo’s webcam feature allows webcam models to sync their Pearl3 to webcam platforms and get tipped for giving control of their toys to the fans who are watching them. The webcam business is growing and there is a huge demand for this interactive technology among performers. Compatible sites and connection instructions are available on

Feel Videos:

The vibrations of Pearl3 sync with the motions you see on the screen, making users feel like they are in the scene. For more information and instructions on how to get started, please visit

Feel Virtual Reality:

Using mobile VR glasses and Pearl3 users can experience high-quality adult videos filmed in 180 and 360-degrees with 3D stereoscopic views or play VR porn games. For more information and instructions on how to get started, please visit

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Materials: ABS, silicone

Finish: Matte chrome for ABS, matt finish for silicone

Size: 200 x 39 x 36.5 mm / 20 x 3,9 x 3,65 cm / 7,87 x 1,53 x 1,46 inch

Box Size: 210 x 50 x 50 mm / 21 x 5 x 5 cm / 8,27 x 1,97 inch

Weight: 139g / 4,90oz / 0,30lb for device, 159g / 5,60oz / 0,35lb for device + USB cable

Battery: Lithium-ion 1080 mAh 3.7V

Charging: 3-3.5 hours

User time: 3 hours

  • 1 x Pearl3 Pink
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Setup Guide

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Regular price
Versatile stimulation
Improved touch-plates extend to the tip of the shaft, making Pearl3 a multi-pleasuring clitoral and G-spot interactive vibrator that’s even more responsive to touch than its predecessors.
An interactive world of pleasure

Pearl3 safely syncs with other Kiiroo pleasure products, perfect for long-distance relationships or remote partnered play. For a interactive solo experience like no other, connect your Pearl3 to adult content and feel every erotic movement, as it happens.

Responds to you
Controlled by our most advanced AI chip, the Pearl3 takes touch-sensitivity all the way to the tip. Luxurious touchpads adapt to your body’s natural movements for internal and clitoral stimulation that helps you reach deeper orgasmic realms.
Hits the (G) spot
Sophisticated contouring on the underside of Pearl3 concentrates vibrations directly to your G-spot for intense, powerful and uniquely delicious sensations followed by deep, slow, full-bodied orgasms.
More than double the battery life
Time should stand still when you’re deep in pleasure. Pearl3’s battery life lasts three times as long as Pearl2, allowing you to linger longer in orgasmic sensations to reach climactic heights. Ideal for extended play, multiple sessions, and professional use.
Dive deeper with Pearl3

Deliciously angled, AI-powered, touch-sensitive: find out why Pearl3 is our most advanced interactive G-spot vibrator yet.