Zen's Abstinence...One more day - An Erotic Story

Tales of a Male Straight Porn Actor's Husband: Zen's Abstinence

This erotic story is part of 'Tales of a Male Straight Porn Actor's Husband' series. LeNair Xavier continues telling this tale after the previous chapter '4 Days Before My Pornstar Husband's Shoot'.


One more day until I could go back to having my husband’s beautiful cock inside me after he did his next porn gig.

The abstinence was causing me to have so much pent-up energy that I needed to go for a walk in the park. I walked for about an hour. Besides being in the open air, working off that extra energy felt great.

But then I came home.

I say that because the sight I saw when I walked in undid what I went on a walk for. For I came home to find Zen laying on the chaise in our living room. In a tank top and wearing a weakness of mine...Lycra tights.

He had just got done working off his own pent-up energy with a home workout. As soon as our eyes met, he motioned for me to come squeeze in and lay next to him. I put up zero fight. Going to him as if I was hypnotized.

As soon as I landed to squeeze next to him and cuddle, my hand landed on his upper thigh. From that smooth feel of the spandex, an erotic surge went through me. And the same happening to him was told by the sudden growth moving in the crotch of his tights, then tapping the edge of my hand.

“Ah, fuck!’, I said.

“What’s wrong?”, Zen asked.

“I’m not trying to sound cliché, but…I didn’t mean to turn you on. And the way your cock just started growing, I obviously did.”

“Don’t worry about it. Besides, you’re supposed to turn me on. That’s actually why I wanted you over here.”

Bewildered, I said, “Huh?”

Zen then reached to floor on his side of the chaise. Pulling up our Kiiroo Titan and a white pouch. He handed me the white pouch to open up and find that in it was the OhMiBod Lumen powered by Kiiroo that arrived 2 days ago.

I asked, “Is this a good idea? You do have a shoot tomorrow. Of course, we’ve done this before, but you seem especially horny tonight. To the point that you might not practice the same restraint this time.”

Zen replied, “Trust me, Babe. I’ll be fine. And so will you.” Then he winked at me by standing up to take off his tights revealing his hard cock and bare bottom.

sex toys for men titan by kiiroo vr experience

He reached down and got some lube he also had stashed at the side of the chaise and put it in the Titan and on his cock. He then handed me the lube to put on the Lumen and my butthole.

The Lumen was already on and connected to the Titan. I quickly learned that because as soon as I put the Lumen in me and relaxed, Zen surprised me by stroking the sensors of the Titan to send a vibration to me.

Zen put his cock into the Titan and started stroking the sensors. Knowing the science geek that I am about sex, Zen pointed the open end of the Titan right at me. He stroked the sensors simultaneously with his thrusts so I could watch his cock glide through the wetness of the sleeve from the lube.

Giving me an idea of how his member looks when he’s thrusting back and forth inside me. By this point I was fondling myself. Getting more erect as the Lumen throbbed in my ass with every one of Zen’s strokes to the Titan’s sensors.

Zen did that for a good couple of minutes. Then he got on the chaise with his back to me and one knee on the chaise. With his cock still in the Titan, he lowered himself down. Making sure his ass was within my arm’s reach. As he held himself up with one hand, he used the other to stroke the Titan as he started grinding into it.

Simulating the moves of his body that I’ve long enjoyed seeing when he does me in missionary position, and I look a tad pass him to see the mirror strategically angled at our bed. This time, his butt cheeks were right there. Within my grasp for me to touch, massage, and spank as they flexed from his thrusts into the toy. And I took full advantage.

Jerking off the entire time, the ass-man that I am got closer and closer to coming touching Zen’s muscular legs and beautiful ass in motion. Then it happened. I came. I shot 2 days of cum all over my crotch and stomach. Once laying there breathing heavily after cumming, Zen stopped grinding in the Titan.

Pulled out his still hard cock with no look of necessity on his face to have it shoot out a load. He just wanted my load. So he made himself into my clean-up crew by licking the cum off of my crotch and stomach. Every last drop of it.

Knowing that Zen is a swallower like me, I quickly grabbed Zen’s face and pulled him to me to tongue-kiss his mouth full of my jizz. Once we shared, we both swallowed.

We then laid there naked on the chaise. Basking in the after-glow of my release of sexual tension. Tension that Zen knows is caused by his side gig as a male in straight porn. So he looks out for me at risk to his own performance.

Zen did this for me knowing that I actually could have held out for the next day. Because not only would our usual after-shoot fuckfest happen, but my plans with hooking up with Kres from the 5-man orgy we were in while on vacation was still a go. So while Zen was to be inside a pussy the next day, Kres was to have his cock inside my ass. But Zen did this because he’s my husband. He’s the sure thing.

Kres is just a tryst. One we didn’t know well enough to call him reliable in keeping made plans. And this is why I love my husband. Because he did this for me just in case Kres was a no-show.

So did Kres show up? Well, we’ll soon find out. Just one more day. One more day.


LeNair Xavier

LeNair Xavier has studied sex and sexuality by reading up on and observing various sexual behaviors. These observations has led to time in the gay porn industry, and now writing erotic poetry. Tales of his journeys leading to his growing sexual knowledge can be found on his blog, L’s X-Ray Vision.

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