Sex in the Summer

When the summer heat rolls in and you’re laying on the couch drenched in sweat, sex is the last thing on your mind. But how can that be? All those songs about sweet summer sex must come from somewhere. There has to be some truth in it, right?

Well, let’s get one thing straight, when it comes to seasons, summer is the best one for sex. The weather is hot, you’re sweating all day, and you’re already half-naked. In other words, summer is the perfect time to let loose and have hot and steamy sex.

And though you may not think that summer heat can be sexy, if you do it right, you’ll be surprised. Summer is well-known as being one of the ‘horniest’ seasons. Which means even though the summer months may be a little hot, people around the world are having fun between the sheets.


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Why Summer is the Best Season for Sex

Before we go into how to enjoy summer sex, you need to know why the summer months are the best time to have sex. You may be complaining about the heat, but there are many benefits the hot weather brings that you may be overlooking. 

It’s vacation time

The summer months mean one thing: vacation time. When you feel you’re on vacation, you’re automatically feeling more relaxed. A slow summer pace, whether you’re on holiday or at work, reduces stress and anxiety, allowing yourself to be in a better mood and fill your mind up with other thoughts and goals. And by goals, we mean sex. 

More sunshine means more sex

That’s right! During the winter, the brain produces melatonin, which makes people feel sluggish and tired. However, as we pass through spring and summer, the body produces less melatonin. In the animal kingdom, the decrease of melatonin leads us to the 'breeding season'. Though humans breed throughout the year, sunlight gives us more positive energy, which aids with increasing our sex drive.  

You’re already half-naked

Some people will wear shorts during the winter and sleep naked throughout the year, but that’s not most people. Summer is one time where you can sleep completely naked next to your partner, enjoying the summer nights. And during the day, you’re not wearing layers of long-sleeved shirts and jackets. Instead, everyone opts for minimal clothing, which increases sexual awareness.

People are more confident

During the summer months, because of the sun, our vitamin D levels are increased. With an increase in vitamin D, people have a boost of endorphins, improved mood, increased energy, and a high sex drive. In other words, summer creates the perfect formula for fantastic sex life. 

Summer is all about sex

When it comes to the summer months, everything is sexualized. Everyone is wearing less clothing, and though you’re not paying attention, the increase of sexualization is everywhere around us. From pool parties to trips to the beach, sex is all around us. 

Are you convinced yet? Thanks to the sun, summer is the perfect time to have mindblowing sex with your partner. And if you’re already sweaty, a little more sweat won’t hurt you. You’ve learned why summer sex is amazing; now it’s time to show you how to enjoy summer sex. 


9 Ways to Enjoy Summer Sex

It’s time you learned how to enjoy summer sex. Yes, it’s hot outside, but that doesn’t mean your sex life is on pause. Instead, you need to learn the small tricks and tips which make all the difference. 

1. Create the right scene

When it comes to summer sex, the scene usually creates itself. The fan is on, you’re both sitting on the couch sweating, and a light breeze rolls through and hits the spot. But, you can also create a sensual and arousing atmosphere on your own. Dimmed lights, soft music, even a couple of scented candles will do the trick. 

2. Cool your house off

We don’t mean to make your home feel like you’re in the Arctic. But, if you feel really hot put the AC on. Whether it’s a fan, blinds or AC, cool down your house. If you’re having sex in a bed, avoid using flannel sheets. Keep your bedding light and natural; it’ll help reduce heat. Summer heat can be hard, and if your house feels like an oven, the odds of you wanting to have sex is limited. So, spend some time cooling down your house. 

3. Eat and drink right

If you want to have amazing sex, avoid eating a greasy burger with french fries. It’s summer, so you want to eat light and fresh foods. Feeling bloated and stuffed isn’t going to improve your sex life. During the summer, stick to cold fruits, vegetables, and popsicles. They’re easy to digest and will help you cool down. And when it comes to staying hydrated, drink lots of lemon or cucumber water. You need to stay refreshed. 

4. Prepare yourself

If you know ahead of time you’re going to have sex, then prepare yourself. Eat light and cold fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated, and keep a towel near you to wipe the sweat off. A little preparation can go a long way during the summer. And you’ll be happy you took an extra couple of minutes beforehand to get everything organized. 

5. Have sex when it’s the coolest outside

Though you may think having sex in the middle of the afternoon is a good idea, think again. If the heat is getting to you, avoid having sex during the sun’s peak hours. Instead, get busy in the early morning or evening when the sun is at its lowest. Mid-afternoon sex is the best during the fall, spring and winter, but now, it’s something you should avoid. 

6. Get yourself waterproof sheets

If all the body contact is creating a pool of sweat on your bed, consider investing in waterproof sheets. It’ll prevent your mattress from having a musky sweat smell, and it’s easier to clean. Once you have waterproof sheets, the last thing you will worry about, is your bed.  

7. Try 'no-touch' sex

Not everyone has the luxury of having shower sex, which means body contact can become an issue. With the heat and bodies rubbing together, it can be a little uncomfortable. But there are sex positions where you don’t need to touch each other so much. Some options are:

  • Oral sex: When it comes to oral sex, there doesn’t need to be a lot of touching. One partner can be standing while the other one is on their knees. It can be done in the shower, on a bed, in a car - literally wherever you are. It’s very versatile and great if you want the least amount of body contact as possible. Use a good silicone-based lube, and you’re good to go. 
  • Doggy style: With one partner kneeling on all fours, the other partner comes from behind, only grabbing the hips. You can do doggy style without even touching your partner as well.  
  • Cowgirl: The only body parts touching in this position between you and your partner are the abdomen and thighs. Other than that, there’s minimal body contact. But do watch out for dripping sweat. 
  • The pretzel: It sounds complicated, but it’s not. The pretzel is highly recommended as it’s the definition of summer laziness. Though this position does have more body contact than the others, it doesn’t require a lot of energy. The male partner straddles one of his partner’s leg, while the female partner wraps her other leg around the man’s waist. If you can handle more body parts touching each other, then you’ll enjoy this one.  
  • Standing in front of an open fridge: When it’s hot outside, this position covers all your bases. Of course, make sure anything that can fall from the fridge is taken out; we don’t want any accidents. Standing in front of an open fridge will cool you and your partner down while having 'no-touch' sex. 

8. Have shower sex

If you’re over being sweaty and sticky, well, there’s a shower waiting for you and your partner. You can cool off and rinse off the sweat with a sexy shower. Lukewarm water is the best as it’s neither too hot nor too cold. It’s the perfect temperature for you and your partner to play around in the water. If you have a waterproof toy, well, you’ll be able to get a little dirty in the shower.

9. Get over it

If nothing is working out for you, get over it, and embrace the summer heat and sweat. You can’t control the weather., right? So there’s no point fighting it. Use the sweat to slide up and down each other’s bodies; think of it as a natural lubricant. It’s not disgusting or gross; it’s human. 

The next time you decide to give summer sex a try, use some of these methods above. They’ll not only cool you off the right way, but they’ll enhance your sexual experience as well. Below are a couple of extra hot summer tips you’ll be able to add into your sex life. 

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8 Extra Hot Summer Tips

Don’t let the summer heat get to you. If you want to switch things up and add a little spice to your sexual repertoire, try out these sexy summer tips. 

1. Play in the water

Couples who play together have sex together. Whether it’s a lake, swimming pool or beach, have fun playing in the water with your partner. Sex in a body of water is an issue as it does increase your risk of infection, but that doesn’t mean foreplay and oral sex are out of the question. Focus on caressing, rubbing, and kissing each other. If you’re on the beach and no one’s around, oral sex can be a thrilling experience. If you have your own pool, use silicone-based lube as water will remove natural lubrication. 

2. Cool off with lube 

Though lube can help act as natural lubrication, it can also work to help you cool off. Keep your silicone-based lube in the fridge before using it. Whether it’s for oral sex or intercourse, it’ll send a little chill up your spine once you feel it on your body. 

3. Go on vacation

Everyone needs a vacation. By going on one, you’ll be able to take a break from your routine and relax. Going to work every day and dealing with other obligations can take your mind off of intimacy, putting it on the back burner. If you’re not having summer sex, well, then you need to take a vacation. This doesn’t mean you need to pack your bags, just take a couple of days off and relax. You’ll notice your sex life drastically improve when you practice self-care.

4. Hot and cold

We love hot and cold sensations. During the winter, a warm breath on our bodies can drive us crazy. In the summer, it's the opposite. Since it’s hot outside, contrast the temperature by using something cold. Whether it’s a mouth full of cold water, ice cream, or frozen yogurt, it’ll give a cold shock to the body. An ice cube works wonders as well. Just make sure you’re using bed sheets that are waterproof or sheets that can get a little messy. 

5. Bikini bondage

Whether you have your own BDSM equipment or not, you don’t need to stick to using latex and leather. Why not embrace the summer and use a bikini for bondage. A string bikini can work as an excellent bondage tool. Once you use a bikini for bondage, you and your partner will never look at it the same way again.

6. Try going commando

If you want to feel a little naughtier or tease your partner in public, go commando. By going commando, you’ll automatically give yourself a confidence boost that’ll make you feel sexier. By feeling sexier and confident, it’ll turn your partner on in an instant. It’s a small but powerful way to improve your sex life. 

7. Use waterproof toys

If you want to add a little spice to your summer sex life, then incorporate sex toys in the bedroom. But since it’s summer, you’ll need to make sure your sex toys are waterproof. A waterproof sex toy will handle itself against natural lubrication and sweat. You’ll be able to use it for oral sex and intercourse; it’s incredibly versatile. Make sure you use a silicone-based lube as it’ll feel the most natural and last for a long time. 

8. Get low

No, this isn’t about Lil John. If you’re trying to battle the summer heat, get low. Warm air rises, so the lower you are, the cooler and better off you’ll be. If you have a basement, your sex life will mostly happen down there. If not, throw a futon on the floor and have fun. 

Well, you now have everything you need to enjoy summer sex. Now it’s up to you, whether you use the sweat and summer heat to your advantage. You only live once, so why not have fun? Try out the tips, and ideas we gave you and you’ll have the best summer sex of your life. 

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