Sex in Space? Is It Possible?

Space: The final frontier… But is it possible to boldly screw where no one has screwed before? Well, it’s hard to get a straight answer on that.

Zero Gravity Sex

First, you have the problem of existing in zero gravity. Zero gravity changes a lot of things about human function, including blood pressure. Obviously, normal blood pressure is key to getting and maintaining an erection.

Because the activities of astronauts tend to be pretty physically demanding – and because those suits aren’t exactly the most breathable – astronauts sweat quite a lot when they’re in space. While some people enjoy getting it on after getting a workout in, I suspect it would be difficult to hold onto your partner when you mix slippery bodies with zero gravity!

When it comes to actually using objects and interacting with your fellow astronauts, zero gravity again poses problems. Anything touched is pushed away from you, so you can see why sex might be a little challenging.

The 2Suit

In 2006, Vanna Bonta invented the 2Suit, a space suit specially designed to facilitate physical intimacy and connection while in flight. Actually, the 2Suit is two separate suits, designed to easily fit together, with a roomy interior. The space inside is actually adjustable from the inside, making it easier to pull your outer space lover closer. Unfortunately, the 2Suit has only been tested in microgravity, on parabolic flights – it hasn’t yet been used on a space shuttle or a flight into proper outer space. And, of course, NASA remains hush on whether or not any of their astronauts have ever gotten busy in space.

“But what about Star Trek?” I hear you, reader. In both The Original Series and The Next Generation, episodes aired during which the crew lost their inhibitions due to contact with a bizarre substance. As you can imagine, a few of them got pretty naughty. But, like many other aspects of Star Trek, this is sadly not representative of the current state of space travel. (Side note: Did you know that Data was programmed to be sexually fulfilling? When’s KIIROO coming out with one of those!?)

Teledildonics in Space

What about KIIROO couples toys in space? When you think about it, one partner floating around out there is the ultimate long distance relationship! Theoretically, it’s totally possible. We’re just waiting for some intrepid space explorers to get in touch and make it happen.

All in all, it’s a possibility that not too far down the road, there might be an established 50-mile-high club. Would you have sex in space?

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