Article originally published on May 30th 2014 

What is it? 

Teledildonics is the science behind what we do at KIIROO. It has the capacity to bring couples together from all over the globe. The idea itself isn’t exactly new science, but we’re working to make significant advancements in the field.

An Intro to Teledildonics

Teledildonics (sometimes referred to as Cyberdildonics) has its roots in haptic technology, which applies forces, vibrations, or movements to a user. A very simple example of haptic technology is the Rumble Pak from Nintendo.

kiiroo teledildonics

Fortunately, technology has come a long way since the N64. (But no judgment if you’re planning on enjoying a game of GoldenEye 007 later.) Modern Teledildonics is much more than just a little vibration that responds to your input. It allows for interactivity in real time with both real and virtual objects.

The term Teledildonics was first coined in 1975 by Ted Nelson. Referring to remote sex with real feelings of touch, transmitted through computers connected to telephone lines. The technology in use ranged from rudimentary, remotely controlled sex toys to full bodysuits complete with headgear and special gloves. Can you imagine suiting up in space-age regalia to get busy?

Teledildonics in Fiction

Of course, fiction took it a few steps further. In Woody Allen’s Sleeper (1973), there was the Orgasmatron. Although the technology wasn’t specified in the movie. The idea was that 1 or 2 people could step inside and the machine would rapidly induce orgasm.

Because the fictional society depicted in Sleeper was essentially sexless. Orgasms had changed from something you enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle to a commodity. The Orgasmatron made orgasms much less human and removed the interactivity from orgasms altogether.

In the 1990s, the future of Teledildonics was imagined to be full bodysuits. Made of a thin, flexible material, covered in tiny vibrating devices capable of sending and receiving data.

The thought was instead of heading out on the town, people would suit up, log on, and conduct their sex lives online.

Modern Teledildonics and Haptic Technology

In reality, teledildonics either has not progressed to that point, or it turns out that people are more interested in slightly different things.

On one hand, we have things like, the most innovative “sex game” on the market today. Each player has an avatar, and these avatars are capable of having sex with other avatars. It’s similar to the Sims or Grand Theft Auto in terms of graphics but takes everything to the next level. is not by itself Teledildonics, though.

That’s where the Oculus Rift comes in. It’s basically the most advanced virtual reality headset that has ever been designed. It renders virtual reality in the most advanced 3D format, putting you directly in the game.

Imagine combining, Oculus Rift, and handheld Teledildonic adult devices. You would have an entirely immersive virtual reality sexual experience.

Speaking of handheld Teledildonic devices, a variety of Teledildonic adult toys are cropping up. Each one promises something a little bit different from the last.


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In 2009, RealTouch was launched. The platform and devices are marketed towards men to use with webcam performers.

It’s a very cool concept. The JoyStick device is controlled by the webcam performer and sends touch data to the RealTouch masturbator device.

The RealTouch masturbator can also receive data from videos made to be compatible with the device. So you don’t necessarily need to pay a webcam performer each time you want to use it.

Inside the RealTouch masturbator, there are belts that move, heating elements, and a lubricant reservoir. While RealTouch is great for men who want to experience something more from their entertainment. It’s not particularly conducive to use in long-distance relationships.


In 2011, Lovense introduced iMan and iLady, the first generation of their interactive male and female adult sex toys. Unlike RealTouch, iMan could actually control the iLady device. This was a great step towards female pleasure. Later, in 2013, they came out with Max and Nora, a male masturbator and a female “rabbit style” stimulator.

Max and Nora work together with Bluetooth and phone apps. The rabbit style is a very popular choice for standard vibrators. But the variation among women’s anatomy means that the placement of a clitoral stimulator is not necessarily going to work for everybody.

LovePalz, launched in 2012, are similar to Lovense in that they’re marketed and designed for couples. Their male masturbator is called Zeus while their female stimulator is called Hera. Zeus and Hera also feature two-way control.

The faster one moves inside of Zeus, the faster Hera will move and thrust. The more one contracts and moves on Hera, the more movement and tighter grip Zeus will feel. However, because the majority of women experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation, Hera not being able to vibrate can be considered a major drawback.

Here at KIIROO, we’re working on the most advanced system yet. One of our projects focused on a high-tech male masturbator called Onyx+.

The Onyx2 has rings inside that are capable of sending and receiving tactile sensory data. And responding to data received by contracting and expanding. In other words, Onyx2 does the work for you and feels more realistic than any other male masturbator on the market. Like all KIIROO devices, you can also enjoy interactive virtual content.

Our corresponding device, Pearl2 is one of the most advanced female vibrators ever made. It has a powerful, rumbly motor and five capacitive touch rings, each one corresponding with two of Onyxes. The Pearl2 is currently capable of sending and receiving data, and able to connect with other KIIROO devices or interactive content.

Our vision for the future of Teledildonics?

We want the ability for everyone to feel and touch their partner in a whole new way. Regardless of their gender expression or sexual preference. That’s the direction we’re moving towards, and we certainly hope you’ll join us, and Feel the Connection for yourself.

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