Spice up the Holidays With a Sexy Easter Egg Hunt

Spice up the Holidays With a Sexy Easter Egg Hunt

We’ve all done Easter egg hunts when were young - it was the best part of the holiday! And when you think of Easter, that’s what pops into mind. You picture you and your friends running around looking for colorful Easter eggs to put in baskets. But what were the adults doing? Okay, they were eating and drinking (not a bad way to celebrate Easter either, I have to admit).

But why should the youngsters get all the fun? Sure, maybe you don’t see the fun in trying to hunt for Easter eggs, but what if we put a spin on it? What if we made a naughtier version of an Easter egg hunt? Oh, I know I caught your attention now.

So how does a sexy Easter egg hunt work? Well, first thing’s first; you won’t need jelly beans for this. I’m going to show you right now.

How to Have an Easter Egg Hunt - The Naughty Version

Okay, I don’t want to play it up as something that’s completely new because this sexy Easter egg hunt follows the traditional layout of an egg hunt. But if you and your partner (or group of naughty friends) are looking for a fun and cheap adventure, this is definitely the game for you.

What you need:

  • Small pieces of paper
  • Pens
  • 3 of 12 packs of empty plastic Easter eggs (the number of eggs depends on how many people are playing)
  • Everyone’s consent
  • And the imagination to come up with all the naughty, kinky, and sexy ideas you can think of.

On a piece of paper, players write down a sexy/kinky/naughty (whatever you want!) idea and stuff it into an egg. Just make sure beforehand that everyone knows the boundaries and is consenting to play the game.

Then take the eggs and place them around the space you’re in. You can play this game at home, in your backyard - just make sure you’re not going to get caught for public indecency!

Once everyone has hidden their eggs, it’s time for everyone to go hunting! After all the eggs are collected, open your eggs up and follow the instructions written on the piece of paper. From there, you decide how you’re going to complete each instruction.

Now, you may be wondering what types of instructions you can put into the eggs. Well, here’s a list of sexy (and naughty) Easter egg stuffers. But remember, as long as everyone is consenting, you decide how dirty the egg stuffers are going to be.

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Easter egg stuffer ideas

Here are some Easter eggs stuffer ideas to use to inspire you for your egg hunt.

  1. Give me a massage
  2. Striptease for me
  3. Tell me your sexual fantasy
  4. Give me a lap dance
  5. Spank me for 10 seconds
  6. Make out with me for 1 minute
  7. Suck my nipples
  8. Blindfold me and tease me
  9. Give me a blow/hand job
  10. Tickle me with a feather
  11. Nibble my earlobes
  12. Fuck me in the shower
  13. Tell me your favorite part of my body
  14. Use my vibrator/dildo on me
  15. Bind my hands
  16. Suck my _____
  17. Lick my clit
  18. Have group sex with me and ____,____, etc.
  19. Do a shot off of me
  20. Remove a piece of clothing
  21. Finger me for __ minutes
  22. Choose another room (or space) to have sex in
  23. Sit on my face
  24. Masturbate in front of me
  25. Rub my _____
  26. Eat my ass for __ minutes
  27. Have a threesome with me and ____
  28. Rub my body with oil
  29. Try this Kama Sutra position
  30. Stare into each other’s eyes for 1 minute

As you can see, what you can write for your Easter eggs can range from vanilla to kinky. Some people enjoy a lighter version of this, while others are hardcore. Whatever you choose is totally fine; it’s your sexy Easter egg hunt.

Remember, depending on the comfort level and the people playing; you’re in control of how far you’ll go with the instructions. You make the rules.

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