The 20 Sexiest ASMR Stars You Need to Check Out

Maybe you’ve heard of ASMR, maybe you haven’t—but it’s time you did. The world of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a term used to describe a tingling response, usually going from the scalp down to the neck, as a response to specific triggering audio or visual stimuli.

People can feel this response from listening to rain to listening to someone eat food or watching someone brush their hair.

With ASMR, people can feel non-sexual feelings like calmness, but people can also become aroused through ASMR. The sound of someone whispering in your ear or looking into your eyes is all-around foreplay. And that’s where sexy ASMR comes in.

Sexy ASMR incorporates ASMR with more sexual content. It can range from whispers to sex scenes with high-definition sound, which highlights the sounds made during sex.

But where do you go for sexy ASMR? Good question (and we have the answer). Below is the list of the 20 sexiest ASMR stars you have to check out.

1. Rae Lil Black

Our very own feelstar, Rae Lil Black, is popular in the ASMR world. She’s sexy, she’s fun, and she’s always herself on camera. Plus you can also indulge her content by using her FeelRae Lil Black stroker.

2. Amouranth

How could we start this list and not include Amouranth? If you know who she is, you get why we’re saying this. Amouranth is an American celebrity and OnlyFans model. Her content is naughty, erotic, and very sexy—you’ll like it.

3. Gibi ASMR

If you’re a fan of cosplay, then you’ll love Gibi ASMR. She’s been doing ASMR for years and incorporated some of her cosplay favorites into her videos.

4. Bella Brookz

Another ASMR star to hit the list is Bella Brookz. This Latina is a webcam model who is known for her solo performances, including masturbation and dildo.

5. Xoaerial

Xoaerial is a Cali-born ASMR star who loves to put on a show. She’s known for her solo performances, including masturbation, dildo, and dildo blowjob content.

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6. Jinx ASMR

Content creator, and YouTube star Jinx ASMR, creates relaxing content that’ll send tingles down your spine (and maybe in other places too). Her content is captivating, and her costumes are even better.

7. Gina Carla

Gina Carla is a YouTuber and ASMR star who started on YouTube creating inspirational, fashion, and beauty content. However, that’s not all she does. Her adult content is on OnlyFans and Patreon.

8. Mad ASMR Triggers

Mad ASMR Triggers is a blonde beauty that knows exactly what her audience wants to see. She’s known best for her adult content, including solo performances (masturbation, dildo, blowjob) and boy/girl performances (blowjob, vaginal, anal).

9. 6g Maya

If you’re a fan of Latinas from Texas, well, look no further. 6g Maya is your girl for all the ASMR content you need. Plus, she even does roleplaying.

10. IndieFoxx

Glamour model and ASMR star IndieFoxx blew up in popularity due to her hot tub and ASMR live streams. Check her out, and you’ll understand why.

11. Tingting ASMR

Tingting is really well-known for her ASMR, especially her relaxation videos (that girl can calm you down in a second). Fun fact: Her most popular video is called “Chinese calligraphy and Brush Sounds.”

12. Nadina Ioana

Nadina Ioana is a beauty and cosmetics content creator who really hit popularity once she started creating ASMR videos. This Romanian beauty keeps people coming back for more (and I don’t blame them).

13. Sammi Herrera

Sammi Herrera is a Mexican beauty vlogger who became an instant celebrity after she opened her YouTube channel. She’s an all-natural beauty, and we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening to her ASMR content.

14. Momo Okimoto

Momo Okimoto is an exotic Asian beauty who loves to make ASMR content. She’s one of those creators who will always leave you wanting more.

15. Amy Rose

Amy Rose is an Australian native who goes further in the ASMR world. She’s known for her solo performances (masturbation, dildo blowjobs, nudity) and girl/girl and boy/boy performances as well (blowjobs, vaginal).

16. Jelzy ASMR

Jelzy ASMR is a native Los Angeles YouTuber and ASMR star who’s known for her naughty and sexy content. Not to mention, she has a great voice.

17. AftynRose

Youtuber and ASMR Star AftynRose is an all-natural beauty who is all about putting on a show. She’s known best for her solo performances, including dildo blowjob and jerk-off instructions.

18. ASMR Jas

ASMR Jas is a well-known YouTube and TikTok star known for her ASMR content, and she’s a pro at it. She uses spa, medical, and salon roleplaying scenarios to enhance her ASMR content (and her fans love it—seriously, she’s really popular)

19. Jasmine Lee Bryant

If luscious and curvy women are just your type, then you’ve come to the right place. Jasmine Lee Bryant is one ASMR star you don’t want to miss out on.

20. ASMR Maddy

Also called Madelon Cullen or Miss Sykeology, is a blonde beauty known for her ASMR content. But that’s not all. She’s also a playboy model and porn star. So, you’re in a treat for some really great content.


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