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Meet the Feel Star: Apolonia Lapiedra

Ahh, Apolonia Lapiedra… the Spanish actress and model is adored worldwide for her sculpted figure and sensual personality. Since breaking into the adult industry in 2015, she’s become one of the most desirable (and downloaded) performers.

Now, with her FeelApolonia Stroker molded from her real-life “chichi” (pussy), fans can feel the bronzed beauty’s every move while interacting with her wide range of erotic entertainment. Aching to know more about Apolonia? Come on in…

First time memories

How romantic is this? Apolonia shot her very first adult scene on Valentine’s Day in 2015, which she has a “good memory of” and describes as “very nice”. She clearly did enjoy it, as she featured in more than five productions and even won “Best New Actress” in the Ninfa Awards that same year.

Our FeelStar has come a long way since then, starring in more than 300 titles for the likes of MOFOS, Brazzers, Reality Kings, 21 Sextury Videos, Evil Angel, Marc Dorsel Fantasies and Vixen. Apolonia hasn’t stopped being nominated or winning awards since her debut, either - grabbing gold for ‘Best Foreign-Shot Group Sex Scene’ at the AVN Awards in 2019.

Sex on the beach

It’s no surprise many of Apolonia Lapiedra’s shoots are located on sandy shores - she adores the beach and the sea. In fact, her ideal date is just that, with a full moon and “of course, with a guy that I like,” she adds. “That is the most important thing”.

Her love of the ocean doesn’t end there. Asked if there was anything she hadn’t yet done in porn, Apolonia replied: “I would like to shoot a scene on a boat! It’s something that I have never done before.” FYI: she would play the captain, of course.

One glimpse of Apolonia’s beach-based content is enough to raise heartbeats (and more), so we’re very much behind the above becoming reality.

Apolonia Lapiedra fake pussy

Behind the scenes

As a professional model, Apolonia has graced the covers of Playboy Mexico (2018), featured in various European magazines, and starred in music videos (including Kevin Roldan’s hit song ‘Baby’).

For her erotic scenes, the natural beauty doesn’t need to do a lot to prepare for her close-up(s). “The first thing I do is shower, wax, put on oil, and exfoliate my face. And that’s it. Mentally, I like to disconnect for a moment. Have a moment with myself, without anyone talking to me - focus on my inner world, my bubble.”

Apolonia tells us she’s learned a lot since working in the adult industry. “It’s helped me to grow and to have my feet on the ground”, she muses thoughtfully. “I’ve discovered my sexuality, and it’s what makes me happy about it. I was not that open-minded before. And now I have found a new world. I love it!”

Her favorite actor to work with is fellow Spaniard Alberto Blanco - and she would love to shoot with English stud Danny D in the future. We’re here for all of it.

A day in the life of Apolonia

When she’s not performing, Apolonia Lapiedra has plenty to keep her occupied. Playing sports, seeing friends, and dining out are three of her favorites. What’s on the menu? “French fries with eggs and Serrano ham,” says Apolonia, decisively. This is a woman who knows what she wants, right?

The Spanish stunner is a dog lady, with her own beloved chihuahua named Lia. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t very excited about her own personalized ‘chichi’ (pussy). She enthuses: “My fans have asked me about this product for so long. They will be so happy!”.

According to Apolonia, passion is “the interaction between bodies - the feel of it” and the enemies of pleasure are “insecurities, not letting yourself go, not enjoying the moment, and being tense”.

And if you’re a new porn-watcher, she advises: “Use a lot of lube and enjoy the moment!”

Whether you’re buying your first sex toy or your fifth, you need to try the FeelApolonia Collection to believe it. Connecting the performer’s adult content to her FeelApolonia Stroker and the KEON automatic masturbator is way more than a feeling. It’s as close as it gets to experiencing the Spanish FeelStar’s every move, in real time.

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