Meet the Feel Star: Britney Amber

When Britney Amber became Kiiroo’s first-ever FeelStar in 2021, it was the beginning of the most pleasurable journey. “Finally!” beamed the Californian bombshell. “I can get my my very own toy for everybody across the world to have so that they can fuck my pussy, any time, any place they want”.

Bubbly, busty, blonde - and a certified sexologist to boot. The ultimate fantasy? Definitely. And with the FeelBritney Collection, it’s a fantasy that can easily become reality. Allow us to introduce you to the award-winning performer…

Lights, Camera, Amber!

Whether she’s chatting on her YouTube channel or blowing minds (and more) performing adult content, Britney Amber’s infectious personality and blessed body leaves fans hypnotized. In her 13+ years in the industry, the adventurous entertainer has done it all. Apart from one thing…

“I don’t know if this really applies, but I want to produce my own big feature, it’s not really a sex know, wait...I’ve already done that too. I was going to say double vaginal, but I did do that in Europe and it was kinda impromptu. It was an unofficial thing, so maybe doing an official double vag”.

Now creating a lot of her own content on sites such as OnlyFans, Britney explains how it feels to have the power in her hands.

“Shooting a lot of my own content, now I have my own business - that’s very, very empowering,” she explains. “I feel like ‘yeah, this is the most empowered I’ve ever felt in my career’”.

And with her personalized FeelBritney stroker now available from Kiiroo, there’s even more opportunities for the performer to pleasure her fans.

Britney explains the molding process: “This company [Kiiroo] actually sent a professional molder to my house which was amazing. And she had all kinds of things, we even did a cast of my butthole and two of my vagina. You have to sit in a weird position with your legs back and hold open your vagina so that it [the mold] all kinda seeps in.”

Britney Amber pocket pussy

Girl next door…?

With lead roles in films such as DreamZone Studio’s Pamela Anderson parody ‘Barb Wire XXX' under her belt, it’s clear Britney Amber is the roleplay queen. As for her personal favourite scenario in the bedroom, she describes her current relationship:

“He fantasizes about me being the neighbor’s wife and that he’s like a techy guy sitting at home alone,” she flashes her cheeky smile. “He’s like, ‘that would be such a good fantasy - I always think about that one when we have sex’”.

And if you’ve ever fantasized about getting down and dirty with Poison Ivy or Sharon Carter, Britney’s your gal. She’s starred in several superhero porn parodies, including Batman Vs Superman and Captain America.

Close to Britney

In the bedroom, Britney loves to set the mood with music. She swoons: “My favorite song for sexy time (and I also feature dance to it too) is called ‘Close to You’ by Frank Ocean. It’s a very short song, but a very sexy song.”

When asked to name three things that give her pleasure, Britney’s as kooky and surprising as always. Beginning with clitoral stimulation, first and foremost, because “ya know, that’s every girl’s favourite, or most girl’s favourite”. And following up with dark chocolate and Pokemon, naturally.

The ultimate XXXperience

It’s not just Britney’s movies that shower you with interactive erotic content. For the ultimate experience, the FeelStar recommends syncing the FeelBritney Collection to her custom videos. She explains:

“In my customs, I’m talking to the guys where I’m like, ‘aw yeah, you like that Gerry, you like that, you like when I stroke it, when I suck it.’ And so if I’m there talking straight to you, giving you a JOI, encouraging you, it’ll be almost like the real thing”.

So what will you need to feel Britney Amber, in real time, from anywhere in the world? Pair the performer’s FeelBritney Stroker with our automated masturbator KEON to feel the blonde bombshell’s every thrust, bounce, moan and groan.