Apolonia Lapiedra

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There’s a reason Spanish-born Apolonia Lapiedra is one of the industry’s most downloaded artists. She’s exquisite. Pair the FeelApolonia stroker with KEON and connect to her stunning content to feel Apolonia in real time.

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Spanish actress, model and influencer, Apolonia Lapiedra, is known worldwide for her dark, sultry beauty and dynamic onscreen sex appeal. She has nearly 300 titles under her belt, and is at the top of her game!

Now with her new FeelApolonia Stroker, you can FEEL every inch of Apolonia.

Material Stroker: ABS, PC 

Material Sleeve: TPE 

Size: 220x84  SIZE GUIDE

Weight: 800 grams 

  • Feel Apolonia Lapiedra Stroker

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Apolonia’s sleeve
A deliciously tight opening makes way to a ribbed section, which sets the scene for the building orgasm. Spherical, then rectangular, bumps massage the penis as the tunnel widens.
Apolonia’s texture
The texture then switches to completely smooth, offering a delightful contrasting sensation, before the penis reaches the very back nubs, which are perfect for tip play.
Feel in real time
Connect KEON to your favorite Apolonia content and feel every single exhilarating sensation – just as it happens on the screen.
Connect to Apolonia’s interactive videos

Each Kiiroo pleasure product can connect to interactive encoded videos. All you need to do is lay back and let your favorite stars take control of your device.

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