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Long Distance Logistics: Long Distance Relationship Reunion Planning

Long Distance Logistics: Long Distance Relationship Reunion Planning

The Best Ways to Plan Your 2017 Reunions in a Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationships can be healthy, rewarding, and completely and utterly worth it. They can also be the most persistent and aching tug on your heartstrings that you’ve ever experienced.

In times where that connection feels so stretched out and frayed that it hurts the New Year can sometimes promise a revival—a sense of renewed motivation as you look forward to seeing in a whole new year together. But, of course, that doesn’t eliminate the practical considerations that come with being in the LDR. The biggest of which is often traveling to meet each other.

Money, holiday time, other commitments: There are so many things to juggle when it comes to wanting to see each other in person and being physically capable of doing so in a way that’s financially and emotionally viable. But you should never let this stop you, especially as you enter into a new year.

So take up the spirit of reinvigorated passion that comes with January and follow some of our top tips for the best ways to plan your 2017 reunions in a Long Distance Relationship.

Don’t Fall Prey to the January Sales

Say whaaaaat?

Yeah, yeah, this one can be hard to resist, especially with so many fantastic and potentially fortune-saving deals out there, but trust us when we tell you not to go clicking that fast track button just yet.

Here at Kiiroo, we have been known to advocate jumping on sexy (s)exciting sales (especially when sex toys or sex tech are involved) but when it comes to travel it pays to take a step back and be a bit more pragmatic in your approach.

If you book in the January Sales are you booking the best time to spend together or are you just booking the best price? Anyone who’s been in an LDR for a prolonged duration knows that it’s not always the amount spent on a trip that matters, but the quality of the time spent together.

If you grab a travel deal just because it’s cheap then you might overlook something like your partner’s availability or the finer details of the booking (which might not cater to your desires). You may find that the trip is longer or shorter than you previously anticipated, or that in hindsight it doesn’t actually work for you.

We know you want to see each other, and sometimes that can feel like the strongest urge in the world, but when it comes to planning reunions in an LDR it pays to…

couple set onyx2 pearl2 kiiroo

Get Together And Plan, Plan, Plan

By ‘get together’ we, of course, mean digitally, not physically. We’re not going to encourage you to meet up just to arrange meeting up (although if you’re already together for the New Year then doing this in person is also a very good option).

Carve out the time to pull out your calendars for the year, mark out any occasions that you know are non-negotiable, figure out if there are any months that your work doesn’t permit leave on, co-ordinate Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, anything and everything that is coming up then locate that perfect slice of time to mark in a reunion.

Don’t just consider personal events either—look up seasonal holidays, weather conditions, popular travel times, heck even fishing trends, anything that might irritatingly inflate the cost of the trip to the point where it’s not viable. This might be a bit of a slow and tedious grind at times, but come to the end you should have a clear date (or dates) that you can pencil in for a definite reunion.

You’ll also have a pretty good idea of any other availability too, which is a definite plus and will help you both feel more involved in each other’s lives.

From there you can both keep an eye on travel sites for applicable sales and/or discounts and take a more rational approach to frugal travel and hotel booking (if necessary). Once all the cards are on the table it’s so much easier to ascertain the hand that the year ahead will have dealt you.

Celebrate The Occasion

Once you’ve decided on a date commit to it firmly and treat it with the kind of excitement and anticipation that it deserves.

When you’re struggling keep it in mind. When you want to cheer each other up then talk about things you might be able to do together. And when the time comes then commemorate the occasion in whatever way you want to. Some people take photos, some Vlog, others enjoy living in the moment with each other. Relish it. You’ve worked hard for it. You’ve earned it.

It’s sensible during the planning phase to allocate an amount of money or savings in order to pay for the trip but if you made savings during the booking process then don’t suddenly place that money back into other things. Use it on the trip to go on dates or for extra treats. Alternatively, buy each other a gift in the lead-up with the excess (perhaps even a certain piece of ground-breaking sex tech? *hint*hint*).

Whatever you do remember that this year is your year to plan and spend together as you wish. As long as you resist the sales, take the time to do the planning needed, and then celebrate all of your victories along the way then you should be primed for some very enjoyable reunions.

Written by:

Emmeline Peaches
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