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Not everyone understands what it’s like to be in a long-distance relationship. It takes hard work, great communication skills, and more than a dash of passion. If you’re a long-time long-distance pro, you’ll recognize all of these immediately.


1. You keep your phone close by and turned on 100% of the time. Always have a charging cable at the ready.

                          stay in touch kiiroo

2. You know your partner’s schedule inside and out, even if they’re 9 time zones away.

                           south park mr herbert know your schedule kiiroo

3. You’ve had to explain over and over that, no, you wouldn’t rather “ just date someone closer because it’s easier.”

Face to face close up kiiroo

4. You’re a pro at going to events alone, or you have a go-to with a friend who’s always your plus one.

alone at events kiiroo


5. When you’re together, you take a million pictures, even in completely mundane situations. Bus selfie time!!

selfie together kiiroo

6. You’ve both gotten really good at sexting, phone sex, Skype sex, or all 3. In fact, both your writing and vocabulary skills have improved so much since you studied at school, you now fancy yourself as the next E. L. James.

kiiroo platform fleshlight launch pearl2 sex toys for him and for her kiiroo

7. “You hang up first.” “No, you hang up first!” for at least 20 minutes.

you hang up first kiiroo

8. You know the cheapest ways to make calls across the ocean and all the most reliable platforms. No more ‘1c per minute’ call cards, with you standing at a phone booth at 04:00 in the morning because it's 18:00 their time.

Free video chat kiiroo

9. You can’t help but roll your eyes when one of your friends misses their SO (significant other)… who’s out of town for one night. “Oh it must be so hard for you guys?”

rolling eyes come one kiiroo

10. You’ve thought extensively about all of the weird jobs you would do to live in the same place as your long distance partner. (Hey, we aren’t here to judge.)

my job is so weird kiiroo

11. You’ve marathoned a TV show together, and you know that skipping ahead is an offense punishable only by death no nudes for a week.

Netflix and chill? watching tv shows together kiiroo

12. You keep a special countdown or calendar devoted to the next time you’ll see each other in person, with the date circled, then circled again, then add a few exclamation marks and arrows just to make sure you notice it.

countdown kiiroo

13. You know for a fact that you wouldn’t trade your partner for anyone else, no matter the distance, because they are worth it. Distance only makes the heart grow fonder.

Love of your life kiiroo

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