Being Single on Valentine's Day

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day. For many singles, it’s a reminder that you’re alone. But who said that was a bad thing? You don’t need a partner to celebrate the day of love.

The most important relationship you can have is with yourself, so instead of getting a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s, moping on the couch until the day is over, it’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day the right way. Being single on Valentine’s Day should be embraced, so here are a few ways to enjoy the holiday as a single person.  

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Host or attend a sex party

If you don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone, no one said you have to. Though many events are directed towards couples, some wild sex parties are happening on that day.

Couples who are looking to spice up their sex lives, and single people looking to mingle come together and enjoy Valentine’s Day-themed sex parties. You can participate with one, two, even five people, and or simply hang back and observe. You don’t have to spend your Valentine’s Day sexless or alone, and let’s be honest; a sex party sounds like the perfect alternative.

Have a masturbation funfest

If you’re not into going out and meeting people, it’s fine. You can still enjoy Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your own home. Why not have yourself a masturbation funfest? Just because couples are getting down and busy doesn’t mean you need to sit at home with a sad face.

Nuh-uh, not on this day. Have fun with yourself and celebrate the love you have for your body, mind, and soul. The best way to do this is to get yourself a toy and use it. Whether it’s a Kiiroo Pearl2 or the Kirroo Onyx+ Male Masturbator, get yourself the toy you want and release any sexual tension you have. You can use porn, watch a naughty movie, or use your imagination. You don’t need a partner to have a Fifty Shades of Grey moment with yourself. 

Treat yourself 

We put a lot of emphasis on this day, but really, it’s just a regular day like any other. You shouldn’t be feeling bad because you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy or in love with your partner.

So, keep that in mind when Valentine’s Day rolls around. Focus on self-love and self-care; treat yourself with a bubble bath, masturbate in your bed, or read the book you always wanted to read but never had time to. Valentine’s Day is all about you, and don’t forget that.  

Where’s your friends-with-benefits?

Do you have a friends-with-benefits relationship or booty call? Why not call them over and have fun celebrating Valentine’s Day with them? Your relationship with them doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic and full of love, but it should be fun and lighthearted.

Most people think that to spend Valentine’s Day with someone, there has to have a significant meaning behind it, but that’s not always true. So, call them over, and let yourself have fun under the sheets with your friends-with-benefits or booty call. You can jazz things up with a fun couple’s toy or some new red lingerie, just have fun with the experience.

Enjoy a solo-pornfest

You have the whole day to yourself, so there are a lot of things you can do to fill your time. Why not explore the world of porn and go wild; have yourself a pornfest. It’s a good way to explore your sexual interests and fantasies.

Who knows, maybe you’ll discover more about yourself and what you want sexually. If you finish Valentine’s Day sexually relieved and with a new discovery in your sexual needs, well, it sounds like you had a very good day. Not too many people can say they go through Valentine’s Day satisfied.

Netflix and Chill

Yes, you can masturbate, watch porn, or hook-up with your friends-with-benefits. But, you also don’t have to do any of those things either. If you’re not in the mood to get turned on and aroused, that’s perfectly fine.

No one said there’s a rule book on how you should spend your Valentine’s Day. You can also enjoy good old “Netflix and Chill” with your favorite snack and blanket, watching a corny chick flick or an intense thriller. At the end of the day, do what makes you feel good. 

Valentine’s Day is unavoidable, it’s a yearly event that isn’t going anywhere, so there’s not much you can do about it. But it doesn’t mean you need to spend it in sadness because you’re single. Being single can be a lot of fun; you just need to look within yourself instead of looking around at everyone else. Try out these different ways to connect yourself on Valentine’s Day and celebrate self-love.


Natasha Ivanovic

Natasha Ivanovic is an intimacy, dating, and relationship writer best known for her writings on Kiiroo, LovePanky, Post Pravda, and more. She's the creator and author of her short stories on TheLonelySerb. She completed her first degree in Criminology and continued and finished her Masters in Investigative Psychology, but then decided to follow her true passion of writing.

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