6 Benefits of Being Single

If you’re without a partner at the moment, you might not be aware of the many benefits of being single. Being single is awesome!

And now, us singles even have Singles Day: our own holiday to celebrate singledom. On November 11th single guys and gals around the world honor the fact that they are not in a relationship.

When you’re single, chances are that you feel kind of left out during the major holidays. Annoying couple friends getting all mushy underneath the mistletoe come to mind. Not to mention the torture of yet another Valentine's day just by yourself.

But on Singles Day it’s our time to shine. And to actually celebrate the many benefits of being single. Because although the romantic comedies might have you believing otherwise, being on your own actually comes with a large number of advantages.

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Open relationships are becoming more common these days, but the majority of relationships are based upon monogamy. And monogamy means you gotta keep it in your pants when you see a fine PYT walking down the street.

But not when you’re single, though! No relationship means you can flirt and tease to your heart’s desire without feeling guilty. Perfect for all you Casanova’s and Femme Fatales out there!


Being single by no means implicates suffering from dry spells. You don’t need a partner to experience great sexual pleasure. We live in a day and age where there are so many options when it comes to amazing sex toys that can give you climaxes beyond your wildest dreams.

So this Singles Day, treat yourself to a tantalizing new toy, such as the OhMiBod Fuse or the TITAN by KIIROO. Playing it solo means you get to focus on you, yourself, and you. No need to return any sexual favors. After you’ve just had the best orgasm of your life, you can just go to sleep and be done with it.


What’s the one thing you hear all the couples complain about? Exactly: the many discomforts of sharing a bed! Of course, the idea of falling asleep and cuddling in your lover's arms sounds super romantic. In reality, though, it’s often a lot of kicking and pushing, snoring and stealing of blankets. Yikes!

As a single person, you’re way better off! You get to have that whole big-ass bed all to yourself. You can even lie down flat on your belly starfish-style and no one will complain. Enjoy your good nights of restful sleep!


It’s a tale as old as time. You and your BFF are inseparable. But once either one of you get involved in a long-term relationship, you suddenly see a lot less of each other.

It makes sense since a romantic relationship consumes a lot of your time and energy. But this may cause some of your most important friendships to collapse.

Luckily, if your single, you have plenty of time to spend with your besties. While all your boring couple friends are at home watching tv, you’re living it up with your buddies.

When you’re single, you are more likely to have a tight-knit group of friends and family. Plus, single people more often get support from their network when they’re in need of a little help. Who said you need a partner when you have a whole bunch of awesome friends?


Ever been on a weekend getaway trip with your less-than-perfect in-laws? Or were you ever forced to attend another super boring office Christmas party for your partners work?

Those problems do not exist in the wonderous, liberating world of single people. When you’re single, you can basically do whatever the hell you want in your free time! You don’t have to take the wants and needs of another person into account.

That means that if you want to spend your weekend lying on the couch naked watching Gossip Girl for 9 hours straight, guess what? You can! There’s literally no one to tell you that you can’t.

And there’s also no one forcing you to watch that new Marvel movie (which you already know will be terrible). Being single doesn’t just mean sexual freedom, but also freedom of how you want to spend your time in general.


One of the surprising benefits of being single is that it’s actually good for your overall health. Studies show time and time again that when people get into a relationship, they tend to gain weight.

This has to do with the fact that couples often eat out together and watch tv on the couch a lot. Studies have also shown that single folks are more likely to go to the gym on a regular basis.

Being in a committed relationship with another person takes up a lot of your time and energy. When you’re single, you have more time to focus on taking good care of yourself by cooking healthy meals, going to the gym and working on your personal goals.

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