How to Shoot your own Homemade Sex Tape

Lights! Camera! Sex!….How to make Homemade porn

Let Former Adult Entertainer LeNair Xavier School you on how to create a Classy Homemade Sex Tape

There are plenty of exhibitionists out there. Many of whom love posting their homemade videos online. I myself have a few profiles on some mainstream porn tube sites (XTube, Pornhub, RedTube, and YouPorn). So with all of my homemade videos, I thought I would share a few tips as to what I have learned makes for a hot video to appease the human nature of voyeurism.

Note: Always make sure that the individuals involved in shooting a homemade sex tape have given you consent. Also agree on what sex positions or acts before filming.


Use decent lighting to see the action. Medium to bright lighting in the room, but never deep darkness. Because you need to remember this equation:


I personally feel sex should only be in the deep dark when it happens spontaneously in the middle of the night. So planning for it to be in the deep dark says that the parties involved are ashamed of their actions.

This becomes a problem when making homemade porn because such little lighting requires a night-vision feature on your camera. Night-vision is a good feature to have, but for homemade porn, it is usually a big turn-off.

For your voyeurs want to feel like a Peeping Tom invited in to see you having sex you are proud of. That pride in your sexual behavior and partner isn’t shown by making a video in the deep dark. So do it with the lights on.


If you know you’re making an amateur porn video, and don’t want to start naked, dress sexy for it. Mainstream porn repeatedly shows women dressing sexy for a video, regardless if it is studio-based or amateur porn. Well, males should do the same.

So guys, NO old man boxers. NO socks. Especially, NO dress socks. If you are a bit overweight, NO t-shirts to cover your gut. Own your rolls, and celebrate the fact that heavy people have sex, too.

Don’t play to the camera

You’re having sex with your partner(s). And with sex, besides lube (if the type of sex calls for it), there should be no other non-human priority during the sex. Your playmate(s) should be your focus.

They are there to experience you, and you are there to experience them. So don’t play to the camera because it takes away from your attentiveness to them.

Let the knowledge of being watched by the electric eye of a camera be a thought in the back of your mind. One that adds to the sensations from your partner(s), not distracts you.

As I said in my previous tip, most voyeurs watching a video like to feel like a Peeping Tom. They don’t usually want to feel like an in-theater audience.

Also, don’t overdo it on the sound. Let the natural sounds of sex take over. Some people are verbal, I know because I’m one of them. However, I’m never verbal to the point that a viewer feels I’m exaggerating about the pleasure I’m feeling like one experiences watching a lot of studio-based porn clips.

That’s probably one of the main reasons voyeurs decided to view your amateur video. They wanted to get away from the exaggerations. So by you allowing your real sexual self to show, you don’t disappoint your voyeurs, or yourself.

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Where do you put the camera

To avoid lessening the attentiveness that should go to your partner by doing a lot of going and stopping, put the camera at a good midpoint between your top 2 preferred angles. This way, with the right video editing software, you might be able to zoom in for a glimpse (or more) of the body parts and movements you are trying to show.

Also, if you plan to upload the video to a tube site, and one or more of you don’t want your faces shown, set up the camera at an angle to avoid face shots. Or again, use video editing software to zoom in and move the picture over to get rid of faces.

Yes, you are making a video. But you are still having sex with your partner. They are giving their body to you, so please be attentive and make your passion about them and not the perfect shot.

For sex with them alone should be the perfect shot. So if you’re holding the camera during sex, then you’re not giving all of your passion to your partner. This is still the case even if you find or create something to attach the camera to yourself.

Homemade porn should not make the viewer get motion sickness. Unfortunately, this is usually the end result when someone makes a homemade video while holding the camera.

Again, homemade porn should make the viewer feel like a voyeur. One who can get off on the action with ease. Even when that viewer is yourself.

Be inventive to make your Homemade Sex Tape Really Pop!

There’s not too much you can do with making a homemade couples porn video. The extent of your creativity is limited to special angles. That is unless you have the special equipment to go inside the penetrated person’s body that lets you show the sex during the act.

For my personal taste, such a video would be the only porn I would want to watch during sex. Because when I’m having sex, my partner and myself —-we are the porn.

Masturbation videos, however, are not so limiting. In fact, my sex geekiness making me let the only porn I’d watch during sex be showing inside the penetrated person. This is where I got the idea to make masturbation videos from inside a sex toy like a masturbation sleeve.

Most were made by finding a bottle big enough for the masturbation sleeve to fit in. Cutting a hole near the top to put the masturbation sleeve inside.

Then right in line with where the masturbation sleeve ends, cut a hole to fit your cell phone on one of the sides of the bottle.

If there is space behind your phone, cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle so you can fill the space with someone that will lessen your phone’s movement.

Video editing software

You don’t need an elaborate video editing software to edit your video. Most of your editing should consist of piecing together parts, and maybe edit out faces. The most elaborate work you might need to do is zooming in on certain areas. So find a video editing software this is simple

I’m sure those of you more advanced in video editing have editing software in mind that they would recommend. This article, however, is more so for those new to the video editing process. So for their sake, I’m keeping my tips less elaborate.

With these tips in mind, I hope you have a great homemade porn-making experience. Especially since most of the tips are already at your disposal. So…. Lights! Camera! Sex! And Enjoy!

Written By

LeNair Xavier

LeNair Xavier has studied sex and sexuality by reading up on and observing various sexual behaviors. These observations has led to time in the gay porn industry, and now writing erotic poetry. Tales of his journeys leading to his growing sexual knowledge can be found on his blog, L’s X-Ray Vision.

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