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Game of Thrones Sex Scenes

Sex Scenes in Game of Thrones

If you haven’t heard of Game of Thrones, where have you been? You really must have been living in a cave somewhere for the last few years. The award-winning series from HBO, based on ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R.R. Martin has been causing a stir the world over and has gained record viewers in its first five seasons. Adapted for the screen by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, Game of Thrones is a massive television hit for the 21st century.

The fantasy drama, set on fictional continents Westeros and Essos, seduces the viewers with several different, engaging storylines, and depicts the struggle that transpires for the Iron Throne, amongst many other things. The cast is one of the biggest in the industry, and the production is filmed all over the world, resulting in a show which is incredibly detailed, with amazing sets and a wonderfully talented, array of actors and actresses.

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly known for pushing boundaries with its raw plots and storylines, but another thing that it’s perhaps best known for is nudity and acts of sex and sexual violence. Set in a different time, in a different world, viewers are subjected to acts which are not necessarily accepted in the world we live in. Incest, rape, rituals, and sacrifices to name just a few. They absolutely love a good old romp, and so there are plenty of sex scenes to keep us entertained!

Whilst the world prepares itself for the imminent drama and fuck-fest that season 6 will no doubt be, we take a look back at the past five seasons, and the sex scenes that raised our pulses and gave Game of Thrones the sexy reputation we’ve come to know and love.

Season One, Episode Two – Daenerys and Drogo

In this scene, Daenerys Targaryen makes a decision to take control of her relationship with her husband Drogo. After receiving lessons from Doreah on how to use her sexuality to her advantage, in a bid to make him see her more as an equal, Daenerys forces him to make love to her whilst looking into her eyes. Drogo is hesitant, to begin with, but she soon wins him over and we get to see them making love with her in control. Claiming her man like this was a defining moment for her character, as Daenerys begins to gain confidence and her journey into becoming one of Game of Thrones’ most powerful and best-loved characters begins.

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Season Two, Episode Eight – Robb Stark and Talisa

Robb Stark is set to marry a daughter of Lord Frey after a deal was struck for an alliance between two houses. Frey controls a very important area, and strategically, Robb needs it. The problem is, he’s fallen for Talisa, a battlefield medic from the Free City of Volantis. In this scene, Robb explains the marriage situation with Talisa, and although she tells him she understands why he must marry into Frey, passion takes over and they end up making love on the floor. A true story of romance and love, Robb, and Talisa end up marrying in secret, and their relationship is one of a few which viewers really fall for.

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Season Three, Episode Eight – Gendry and Melisandre

After being given him in exchange for two heavy bags of gold, Melisandre finally reveals the truth to Gendry about his heritage. Gendry is a bastard son to King Robert Baratheon and has royal blood in his veins. In a scene that raises the temperature, we see her tie him to the bed and seduce him. Her aim is to leech his blood for a ritual. And leech him she does, as men around the world shudder at watching her place a leech on his manhood.

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Season Four, Episode Three – Oberyn and Ellaria

Prince Oberyn Martell or the Red Viper of Dorne as he’s also known is a character introduced to us in season four, who is recognized for his skills as a warrior. His insatiable sexual appetite has also earned him a reputation, and he’s happy to bed both women and men. In this scene, we see him take his lover, Ellaria, to a brothel. Here, two women pleasure her, and a man, Olyvar, pleasures him. The total freedom and carefree attitudes they both display, as well as all of the physical activity that takes place on the bed, results in a scene which is pretty hot.

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Season Five, Episode Five – Ramsay and Myranda

Ramsay had long since been having a relationship with Myranda and had once promised to marry her. But after Roose announces he’s arranged for Ramsay to marry Sansa Stark, an exchange between the lovers leads her to tell him of her jealousy towards his pending matrimony. After taunting him with thoughts that she too may marry someone else, Ramsay lays claim to Myranda and reminds her who she belongs to. He forces himself on her initially, but she reciprocates in a scene which leads to sex against the wall.

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Game of Thrones does sex so well, with such a huge array of scenes to choose from, picking just five was difficult. There’s something for everyone, and although the sexual diversity and raw storylines often cause us to hide behind our cushions in disgust, there’s no denying that it’s gripping and very exciting viewing.

Has that whetted your appetite? Are you excited about the start of Game of Thrones season six?

As the world patiently waits, wondering what the new season will have in store for us, there’s one thing you can truly be sure of – We’ll all be hooked and the sex scenes will continue to wow us! The big question on everyone’s lips is … Is Jon Snow really dead and gone for good?

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