Virtual cumming with Virtual Reality Porn

Virtual cumming with Virtual Reality Porn

Oh, what a time to be alive! Once porn was something we mysteriously discovered tucked away in hedges, then came the internet and we found a new way to exchange our smut. But now we’ve gone a step further, and it’s truly glorious.

All you need to do is find the right subscription service, pop on your virtual reality headset, and your favorite Kiiroo interactive sex toy, and suddenly you are fully immersed in porn that you could virtually touch (pardon my pun) for just how immersive it is.

As the name implies, Virtual Reality Porn is porn that uses compatible VR goggles and devices to help users interact with the content visually.

VR itself is often praised for making users feel as if they’re actually experiencing the virtual world depicted, so you can just imagine how potent this can be when paired with pornography.

A lot of VR porn chooses to favor the employment of the gaze, too, helping further foster the sense that you are the star of the pornography in question, interacting with the lovely individual that is performing the scene.

Some of these porn even goes further to interact with its users—employing a variety of different manners to draw in its users, and this is the focus of this article.

Making the most of VR smut

VR porn is a marvel all its own, but technology is progressing rapidly, and the adult community is full of some amazing and creative individuals, who are really blazing forward in terms of VR pornography.

So how does a VR enthusiast make sure that they get the most out of the erotic content available? Here are some of our best tips.

  1. Double check the degrees

What with the recorded nature of pornography, some shoots are only able to offer 180 degrees’ worth of range, which can feel a bit restrictive if you like looking around.

But, thankfully, some virtual porn is now offering a full 360-degree range for users to enjoy.

Whether you feel that you need this full range, it’s always worth seeking this out so that you can try it at least once. You may find that it makes all the difference.

  1. Keep an eye out for thematic content

If you find playful porn provide then chances are that they’ll have at least dabbled in thematic content, typically concerned with the seasons, the most recent internet trend, or a popular TV show or movie.

These scenes may sound funny at first, but whoever said that sex and porn had to be a strictly serious affair? Besides, any creator that is willing to play around with a theme is usually more invested in the quality of their work and its ability to entice its readers.

Easter means the Easter bunny is out full-force, including on, so don’t miss out on the latest seasonal trend in VR smut!

  1. Explore interactive VR Porn

Some VR porn now allows you to interact with the content, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style. Of course, such content is still in its early days, but being able to make decisions and dictate the way your porn unfolds is unbelievably arousing.

What’s even better is that a lot of VR also uses Binaural Sound dual-mic recordings, which allow sound to feel more realistic with headphones) in combination with the VR and Interactive experience, covering, even more, aspects of immersion. Multiple scenarios also means additional content and amazing replay value. How many times will you ride the porn star of your dreams before you’ve exhausted every choice? There’s only one way to find out.

  1. Upgrade your VR headset

VR headsets can be purchased with little issue nowadays, and prices still vary greatly, but you really do get what you pay for.

Rely on a cheap (or free) VR system and you’ll still be experiencing the smut of the future. But save up to get the best that the VR world has to offer and you’ll almost immediately notice the difference in comfort, build, and effectiveness.

Chance are you’ll also be able to play more VR games if you take this route, too, which makes this a win-win.

  1. Invest in sex tech

Here we get to blow our own trumpets a little bit more by saying that the only thing better than interactive porn that you can see and hear as if you are there is interactive VR porn that allows you to feel the sensation too.

This is made possible through the Kiiroo platform and our exciting pornography partners (pure champions if you ask us). There are now even more ways to use Kiiroo with VR content.

What are you waiting for!?!

Now you officially know all the best ways to optimize VR porn it’s just a matter of selecting the right combination for you. So get those subscriptions ready, grab your Kiiroo kit and see just what VR can do for you.

Chances are the answer is “More than you ever imagined”. Want to get started with VR Porn? Check out BaDoinkVR new features!

Recently we spoke to our good friends over at BadoinkVR. They are always improving the quality of their content and the user-friendliness of their interfaces.

Badoink is known for producing immersive sex-positive content that takes users on lustful journeys exploring their sexuality. Helping their fans to discover what it is that turns them on, making them more attentive and better lovers in the process.

Since the crew over at BadoinkVR are true sex-tech revolutionaries we feel akin to them and keep a close eye on their prowess. They are trailblazers in our niche and, like us, aim to bring the sense of touch to the internet.

Once we read about their player’s latest update, we reached out to their PR agent Leslie. We were elated about the things she had to say about the wonderful new upgrade they have made to their VR viewer.

BadoinkVR told us the following:

BaDoinkVR does not promise innovation, we deliver it. The sci-fi vision of the future of virtual reality, depicted in movies like Minority Report, show a world with floating holograms that can be navigated with touch.

But let’s be honest, no one wants to look like a blind conductor when you’re wearing a VR headset and your girlfriend walks in. But the future does lie in hands-free navigation, and BaDoinkVR is proud to announce that the future is now.

Can’t Touch This!

With mobile VR, having to take the phone out of the headset to adjust settings is not only annoying, it is time consuming and kills the immersion experience.

Even with Bluetooth remotes, there is a learning curve to use it, if you manage not to lose it somewhere between your couch and coffee table. Either way, you are bound to take off the headset to either find it – or see which button to press.

Problem Solved

What if there was an interface that allows you to use your eyesight while also freeing up your hands for more important tasks, like grabbing a beer – or more likely, a Kleenex from the tissue box? Well now there is, and this is what our brand-new VR Theater Mode is all about.

Now when you open BaDoinkVR on your mobile device, you’ll see a little pink box that prompts you to switch to a more immersive and intuitive HUD. By just using your head, you’ll be able to control pretty much anything! With our newly implemented technology you will never have to remove the smart phone from your headset ever again.

May the Force Be with You

Our cool new menu structure is clean and simple enough to operate just by looking at it. A floating cursor can be controlled by your device’s head-tracking technology, allowing you to browse the video archive, jump across menu items, as well as play and pause videos.

The completely revamped hands-free viewing experience eliminates the hassle of using your hands to fumble with the hardware. The only thing you have to worry about now is which scene you want to stream. Theater Mode Beta is available now, there’s no need to download and install anything. So, it’s really the perfect way to watch VR porn without getting caught!

Grab the BadoinkVR Theatre here