An Education Part 3 - An Erotic Story

Part 3 of 12

Justine and I were laying in her bed. It was the third time that I had ended up there. I wondered in which devious ways she was going to frustrate my attempts to make love to her this time.

We kissed and cuddled and things seemed to be heading in the right direction. She interrupted our canoodling and spoke:

'Oh Basilio, you have no idea who you're dealing with, do you? You're just a boy, a sweet boy who imagines he knows what he's doing.'

'That sounds matronizing...Is that what you think?'

'Basilio, you have no idea what I think. I'm an enigma to you. You want to possess me; you want to taste me. Like some sort of exotic fruit; you want to enter me. But you are entering dangerous waters; your proud vessel might just tragically sink in my harbor.'

'You think I'm intimidated by you? That I won't perform, is that it?'

'I'm sure your performance would be nothing short of magnificent, but don't think for one moment that you're not intimidated by me. I really care about you, that's why I'm saving you from yourself. Once we have sex, you will be mine. You will be like a mouse in a wooden shoe in the middle of the Great Ocean. '

'Is that so?' I laughed. I was highly amused by her antics. I moved my hand towards her pubic hair and she struck my fingers.

'You imagine perversions,' she said 'but I am perverted. Let me tell you about my life. Dear Basilio, my story is really quite dramatic! Let me tell you how I became the way I am so that you will be warned and if you're still too stubborn to take heed, you might at least be inspired.'

Her dark green eyes suddenly lit up and seemed to produce more light than the candles that surrounded us.

Her body appeared to be carved of marble... it seemed as if I was no longer next to a woman, but next to hundreds of generations of women distilled into one shape, one archetype. Her voice was now booming in my head and yet it appeared to be strangely remote, bellowing from a place outside of time. She spoke:

'When I was eighteen years old I was deeply, maddeningly, in love with a young man named Jacques. But I was not the only one: all the girls in our village were in love with him. He had the looks of a young God, with his black curls, his impressive sideburns, and his light blue eyes.

And besides that he had style; whether he was walking to the bakery or talking to someone on the street, he made the most ordinary things seem imbued with significance. He had this beautiful deep voice... How I dreamed about this young man!

I couldn't believe what kind of perverse designs my mind began to concoct! I was a virgin, yet my mind was filled with imagery that would make a seasoned sex worker blush. And then one day, on my way back from church, I suddenly found myself facing the object of my desires in the tiny alley that led from the church to my home.

Much to my own consternation, I heard my own voice say: “Jacques, would you like to go on a date with me?” I blushed crimson while speaking, but the words had been spoken.

He smiled his irresistible smile and said that he would love to. We met a few times in the vineyards above the town. And the second time we met we kissed and I went home on a cloud, hardly being able to believe that these things were happening to me.

A few weeks later my father had to leave town for a couple of days for business. It was the first time he left me alone for an entire weekend and obviously, he didn't have a clue how his dear, innocent daughter was planning to abuse his trust. As soon as I could, I invited Jacques for dinner. Little did I know that my life was about to be turned upside down; that my youth was to end that day.

When evening fell and I heard a knock on the door my heart jumped into my throat. I ran to the door and there was Jacques... but he had not come alone. He had brought my best friend Marie with him!

Of course, I couldn't tell her that her appearance felt as if a knife was being thrust into my chest, yet it was obvious to her that I was not at all pleased. “Why,” she said, “you look as if you're about to faint. What's wrong, my dear Justine?” “Oh,” I whispered, “I'm just a bit tired... and, and... I feel somewhat ashamed, for Jacques did not tell me you were coming and so I have only prepared enough food for two people.”

“Aww, poor, poor, Justine,” she laughed, “you need not worry: I brought two bottles of wine and a fine pâté from our boucherie. We will have a fabulous time.” As she spoke I noticed a devilish spark in her eyes, instantly I realized that she knew perfectly well what I was going through and she acted as if nothing was amiss! Was that my best friend?!

My dear dear Jacques and my dear Marie had formed a pact against me! The situation was so strange to me, so overwhelming, that I gave up... what did I give up?

Not just resisting – I gave up myself. Whatever was going to happen, I was going to let it happen. And so I ate with them and drank wine with them, and so I let Jacques kiss me in Marie's presence. And so I watched passively as he kissed her.

Things got weird when Jacques started fondling my breasts; he had never done that before, and although I had been prepared for that to happen on that particular evening, I certainly had not envisioned it would happen in company!

Yet, as I have said, my spirit was broken and the wine had smoothed over the last edges of what used to be me. So, yes, things got stranger as Marie also began to fondle my breasts!

I had always felt intimidated by Marie: while I looked like half of all the girls in our village, with my dark brown hair, somewhat dark complexion and modest height. Marie looked like a famous actress; she was the tallest girl in the village, blessed with long blond hair that curled down her back almost to her waistline. And her bright green eyes were like emeralds. And she was always so self-assured; her voice was smooth, her diction precise and her speech eloquent.

Of course, I had been intimidated by her! Was I only her friend because I dreaded being her enemy? Was I the indistinct background she required to shine brighter?

Of course, our friendship was not mutually beneficial! Yet, at that moment, while I realized all those things, she languorously began to undress and I my doubts and anxieties were replaced, or rather, swept away by admiration and lust.

It had never even occurred to me to look at another girl that way... but there I was, thrilled, my whole body tingling. A mere moment earlier I was internally wrestling with whether I was going to consent to anything more than fondling, but now... it was hard for me to process these feelings of all-consuming lust. I tapped into my inner bravoure and went up to her putting my lips on her lips, then on her neck, on her breasts. I nibbled on her earlobes... I was wild with desire!

We moved to my bedroom...'

'Are you serious,' I interfered, 'you lost your virginity in a threesome?!'

'Yes, indeed, dear Basilio. Jacques and Marie seduced me. I watched him fuck Marie and Marie watched as he slid his throbbing dick into me. It was such a strange sensation because it hurt when he fucked me, of course, it did! It was my first time and he was more than well endowed. And on top of that, his betrayal, as exciting and erotic as it was, was still very painful too... but all this pain and all this lust together... it was, it was overwhelming... it was more than that: it was delicious!


Basilio Valentino


Floris Pieterse

Floris is a Dutch illustrator, storyboard and comic artist based in Amsterdam.
Follow him on Instagram @florispieterse

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