Things Adult Movies Can Actually Teach You

What can you learn from Adult Movies?

It’s pretty much common knowledge (and sense) by now that the sex depicted in pornography does not reflect the reality for most people in the bedroom, and this is to be expected.

Shot with actors, given a very specific script, and performed in a very contained space, pornography is to the real-world sex what the movies are in everyday life: Sure, it’s a good bit of fun, but we all know that things in real life require a bit more care and attention.

However, just as all good adult movies work through presenting relatable situations and providing valuable new insights, a good pornography can also be worth its weight in gold when it comes to sexual wisdom. Learn what to take away from your favorite porn and you may find yourself with an array of tools for enriching your own love life.

So, disclaimers aside, what can we learn from watching porn and, perhaps more importantly, what benefits can these moments of erotic education provide in our own sexual encounters?

Be Open to New Experiences

If there’s one thing that can say about porn it’s that there truly is something out there for everyone. The actions, fetishes, and scenarios in porn are extremely varied and act as a fantastic showcase of our wonderfully varied kinks and proclivities. Because of this porn stars often find themselves in a huge variety of scenes doing things that reach across the full spectrum of sexual desire.

This willingness to try different scenarios is a great lesson to embrace your own love life.

Variety in the bedroom is actually considered to be one of the cornerstones of a solid relationship. According to Petra Zebroff, Ph.D., Sex Therapist and Relationship Counselor, “Research has found the more sexual variety we have, and the more open we are to new things, the more we feel sexual satisfaction.” You can’t argue with results.

Exploring a fetish or trying something new may seem daunting at first, but approach it like a porn star and you’ll soon be reaping the benefits.

Don’t Neglect the Fundamentals

Foreplay, communication, lubricant, sex toys, and safer sex practices. All of these are showcased in pornography to an increasing extent.

While there is definitely an artifice in pornography (reapplications of lubricant being one commonly edited-out element of a shoot, for example), a lot of the fundamentals for a considerate and enjoyable sexual encounter can be found in pornography.

This, it seems, is important as studies have shown that pornography that shows safer sex practices can actually promote safer sex practices in its audience, and you should definitely make up part of this statistic.

Embrace the focus on foreplay demonstrated in some scenes. If you like a particular sex toy then ask your partner if they’d be open to using it and exploring if it will work for them. And, of course, be vocal and clear about personal boundaries during every encounter. These are tips that are often easy to take in but potentially difficult to implement so allow porn to be your guide.

Embrace Your Body

What do porn stars Lisa Ann, Bobbi Eden, Tanya Tate and Jasmine Jae have in common? Confidence (and an impressive repertoire of shots, but I digress).

When the camera is on a porn star they command the shoot. All eyes are on them and they use their sexuality to empower themselves and arouse all those who watch, captivated by the sight.

There’s no denying that taking ownership of your own body and sexuality can be an incredibly exhilarating experience and porn stars are the masters of this and, with the help of porn, you can be too.

Take some time to treat one sexual encounter as if it’s a porn shoot and you’re the star of the show. Take the confidence that you’ve seen so often on screen and channel it in your own mind and mannerisms to become an assertive and empowered sex icon at the moment.

Sexual confidence tends to be connected to other forms of confidence and self-love so you’ll be helping yourself in multiple ways if you embrace this lesson from adult movies.

Never Underestimate The Power of the Visual

How are all of these benefits conveyed? Visually.

Pornography is, at its core, something to be seen and (as this article has shown) the visual potency of a good porn shoot can have a deeply beneficial impact in real life if given the right consideration, so why not take advantage of this yourself?

The next time your partner wants to know how to turn you on or what position works best, etc. don’t just tell them your preferences, show them. As vulnerable as displaying yourself may seem the benefits of a visual demonstration can sometimes convey more than words ever will. What’s more, the intimacy of the moment can help bring you closer together in ways you didn’t necessarily expect.

This is different to put on your own porn show, but the results are arguably much more profound in the long run.

Aaaand Cut!

Ultimately pornography’s main priorities are to entertain and arouse and this means that they should never be taken as truly reflective of real-life sexual experiences. Still, it’s undeniable that there’s a lot to love about porn when it comes to practical advice. So take what you can from adult movies and acknowledge the rest for what it is: a fantasy world (one that is well worth indulging in).

Now that we are done learning, get ready to start the hunt for the best porn scene in movies.


LeNair Xavier, Porn Connaisseur Extraordinaire, gives you an insight into his thought process when hunting for that perfect porn scene. What makes a Porno “Great”. Come and explore the 3 key factors.


We all go on a hunt for a good porn movie or scene every once in awhile. But what is our criteria for us to say that for that night, or maybe for all porn excursions, we have found “The One”?

Well, for me, it’s mainly 3 positions and 2 angles that I look for on a DVD cover, in screenshots, trailers, and thumbnails.



In making a decent porn movie, good positions are of great importance. Seeing the right position in a screen capture or trailer is a deciding factor as to whether I want to see the rest of the movie, or not. And a good director knows this as well.

For in one of my last movies, “All Out Assault”, my director asked for a certain number of positions to make it a good scene. The magic number he asked for? 3. So what do I personally feel are the Top 3.


This position is perfect for displaying intimacy between the performers. If it’s avoided, I suspect that the performers were just thrown together with no regard for their individual taste in sex partners, making the scene a big letdown.

For it’s extremely arousing to see the performers look into each other’s eyes. Making you able to see how much they enjoy having their bodies joined together. I’ve come to enjoy seeing this position a lot more in what has come to be known as feminist porn, because feminist porn is more intimacy-driven. Meanwhile, most male-targeted porn is more about showing a female as a tool to get a male, and not an equal partner in the play. With that being the case, the intimacy of missionary position is not in the forefront of director of (or performer in) a porn scene intended for a straight male audience. For males are usually more visually stimulated. So a position more focused on visual is what gets a male’s attention. Which leads us to….


A position for penetrating males to be visually stimulated. By the site of their partner’s ass while bottoming males and females are mentally stimulated by stroking the penetrating male’s ego. And I know this firsthand.

For when I’m the one penetrating, I love seeing my partner’s butt bounce from my inward thrusts. Meanwhile, when I’m the one being penetrated, I’m turned on with a stroke of my ego feeling my partner cock throb and him groping my ass because along with my tricks of my body, he is absolutely loving the view.


Whether it’s cowgirl or cowboy, or the reverse version of the two, this gives more obvious power to the usually perceived penetrated person, who already has power by the contraction of their orifice being entered into. So straddling makes them the undeniable penetrator. Penetrating all the nerve ending in the penis.

In these positions, the guy can lay back and experience his partner’s love of the sex displayed by their ferocity. Further confirming why for any sexual orientation, I’ve never liked the terms, “He fucked me”, or a penetrating male saying “I fucked her/him”. I’ve always said, “WE fucked.”


Whether we realize it, or not, one of the reasons we play voyeur, and watch pornography is to live vicariously through the participants, and see all the beautiful aspects of sex that we can’t see when we are in the act ourselves. For this reason, camera angles are very important in making a great porn scene.

Profile Angle

While missionary is the position that creates intimacy, porn shot from a profile (or side) angle is how you see the intimacy. You won’t catch that looking into each other’s eyes from any other angle.

Also from this angle, you see the exact flow of the bodies in whatever position they are in. It’s like you are getting a side view of an ocean that you know has the sole intent of making you horny.

Back Angle

Porn shot from the back more so than any gives us the aforementioned view of seeing the parts of sex we can’t see while in the act.

For you can’t see the beauty of a cock going in and out of an ass in a cowgirl (or cowboy) position if you don’t shoot the scene from the back. You can’t see the beads of sweat this pleasure is giving his partner if the scene is not shot from the back. Nor can you the beauty of a man’s ass flexing while he’s thrusting in and out of a pussy or ass if it’s not shot from the back.

These 3 listed positions and 2 angles are what I look for when looking for a good porn movie to get me off. Sometimes the positions and/or angles are not 100% of what I initially desire, but when the intimacy and genuine attraction-energy given is on point, I can make them do, and suggest a compromise. Still making in the end…. one great porno.