Where to find the best virtual sex apps

Cyber sex and virtual masturbation doesn’t begin and end at sexting and video calls. Both are extremely popular, but they’re only the tip of the very erotic iceberg. From digital sex parties and cam stars to VR porn and remote toy control, the power of Wi-Fi and 3G combined with sex tech has turned the internet into a pleasure playground.

Here, we share the most exciting virtual sex app spaces to hang out, find partners, join parties, and experience pleasure like never before. Enter the world of online orgasms…

Finding the perfect virtual sex app for you

As with any pleasure preferences, the best way to find out what works for you is to explore. This guide is a great starting point, but if you want to cherry-pick your virtual sex apps even more selectively, try making a checklist of your turn-ons first. Then, you may want to ask yourself:

  • How do I want to communicate sexually? For example, do I prefer words, audio, images, or videos?

  • Do I want to watch or join in? If so, am I comfortable with sharing digital images (or videos) of my body (or intimate parts)?

  • What technology am I able to use? Interactive masturbators or vibrators? VR headsets? Video conferencing apps? Or perhaps plug-ins that allow porn to be experienced interactively, such as FeelMe AI?

  • Do I want to use virtual sex apps to connect with someone I know, such as partners or casual lovers, or people I don’t know?

  • Do I have any fetishes which might help me meet like-minded play partners? (Note: not everyone has a fetish or kink, but if you’re curious about finding yours, this guide can help you explore your fantasies).

If you’re using virtual sex apps with any partner or partners, get consent and consider everyone’s comfort levels. Set boundaries and expectations, then keep communication levels up throughout to make sure these are maintained. The number one goal is that everyone stays safe amid the X-rated fun.

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Virtual sex app ideas for solo play

Check out some chat rooms

Whether you’re seeking quick online thrills or virtual mutual masturbation, sex chat rooms are the perfect place to find partners with similar interests or adult stars to hire.

Jerkmate is popular due to its wide range of erotic experiences, sexual preferences, fetish categories, and even interactive sex games. For closer member-to-member chats, Adult Friend Finder features more amateur sex and niche chat rooms, as well as local or filtered match searches.

Enter the world of interactive porn

Want the ride of your life, without leaving the house? Truly the future of adult entertainment, interactive porn gives users a chance to see (and feel) their wildest fantasies in full glory.

While there are a wide range of interactive porn sites, these can be expensive and limited in terms of content. To solve this problem, Kiiroo and FeelRobotics created FeelMe AI, the world’s first platform to make almost all adult content on the internet interactive.

Using AI and machine-learning video recognition software, this revolutionary software extension works with everything from 2D videos to VR streams, for virtual masturbation like never before.

Hire a cam star

Whether playing the role of pornstar or virtual lover, many live performers allow you to interact with them virtually via erotic streaming sites.

Chaturbate is considered one of the best virtual sex apps to watch free sex shows and use interactive sex tech.

Other virtual sex apps such as LiveJasmin® give the option for private shows with quality one-on-one time together.

If you’re looking to sync up sensations to what you see, FeelConnect is a virtual sex app that connects interactive sex devices to live camming sites such as Camster, so you can enjoy virtual sex with your cam star of choice in real time.

If the cam star in question also has an interactive pleasure product, you can tip them to control their device too. For an even closer intimate experience, many of our FeelStars offer private shows on their personal channels. Connect one of their ultra-lifelike strokers to a Keon and you can truly feel each breathtaking star.

Rock up to a digital sex party

With the decline of social gatherings, many sex parties became online orgies during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are nothing new: often taking the form of virtual group masturbation on video-conferencing platforms, virtual sex parties can be organized by people you know, on chat rooms, through Facebook groups, or directly through sex party websites.

Find a partner to control your pleasure products

Teledildonics are sex toys that can create a feeling of physical intimacy between partners via technology. While these pleasure products are game-changers for couples in long-distance relationships, they can also be used to play with cam stars and members on chat rooms.

One virtual sex app space specifically set up to match users who want to consensually play with each others’ remote-controlled sex tech is the subreddit ‘ToyControl’. Anonymous users will share their age, desired role, and toy of interest, then pair up to play.

Virtual sex apps for partnered play

Attend a digital sex party together

Virtual sex parties can be just as fun if you bring a friend. As well as being a great way to explore group sex for the first time, it can also be a useful way to find a third - if you and a partner are considering a threesome.

With the option to open a couple account, Feeld is one of the best virtual sex apps for people with multiple partners to explore themselves openly and date like-minded folk.

Sync your pleasure products

As mentioned above, long-distance sex tech is the dreamiest way to ease the tension of a lack of intimacy. Kiiroo are experts in remote pleasure - all of our pleasure products and virtual sex apps are designed for both solo and partnered play.

You can make your own couple set, with two separate devices that can be connected, interacting in unison together. For example, the Onyx+ masturbator can be connected to the next-gen Pearl3 G-spot vibrator through the FeelConnect virtual sex app.

With the most advanced technology on the market, the touch rings in each toy correspond so that partners can share an interactive sexual experience.

There’s a set whatever your gender or sexual orientation - pair up vibrators or match up masturbators to sync together. Keon and FeelStroker set owners can even add a Vacuum-lock Dildo to their award-winning masturbator (with our Keon Dildo Adapter) and, voila! You’ve got a Keon Sex Machine.

Interested in more fun ways to use Keon accessories? From handy phone holder tips to creating your own milking machine, this guide shows you how to enhance your immersive experience.