The Erotic Massage - An Erotic Story

An Erotic Massage Story

I look up at the sign, biting my lip with uncertainty. Should I go in? I open the door and walk into one of the many massage parlors near my place. Every day, I walk by them, and a small voice inside of me says, Go, try it out. You’ll like it.

A woman at the reception desk looks up, smiling at me with a fierce glaze.

“Hello, how can I help you?” she says.

“Uh,” I reply nervously, “I would like to get a sensual massageI mean an oil massage. I can get one right? You have massages for women?”

“Oh, of course.” She says enthusiastically. She bends over the counter, her large breasts resting on it, “Trust me, I have the perfect massage for you. Follow me.”

She leads me to a room, “what’s your name?”

“I’m Kate.”

“Well, Kate, just go into this room, take off your clothes and lie on the massage table.” She pauses, “oh, and before I forget, would you like a male masseuse or female masseuse.”

I’ve never been touched by a woman. Maybe this is my chance. “Uh, a female masseuse?”

“She’ll be right with you,” she says, closing the door.

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I get naked and lay on the table. A few seconds later, a voluptuous brunette walks into the room.

“Hello Kate,” she says softly as she takes off her robe. She’s completely naked, with every inch of her body dripping in oil. I feel a tingling sensation from my pussy making its way up through my body. All I want to do is suck on her nipples. “My name’s Sarah and I’ll be performing an oil massage on youa Nuru massage to be more specific.”

She oils her hands, placing them on my body. “Just relax; I’m going to take good care of you.” She runs her hands over my breasts, massaging them and gently pinching my nipples. I feel like I’m staring in an erotic movie.

Her hands go down my body, as her fingers gently run over my pussy lips. No, no, no, stay there. She climbs onto the table, her breasts in my face. She slowly places her body onto mine, rubbing herself slowly. I can feel her pussy against mine. With every touch, my pussy throbs harder and harder. I try to control myself, “just breathe,” she says with a small smile. “We’re going to be releasing that pent-up tension.”

Though I don’t know how she’s planning on doing that, I don’t even care. Every inch of my body is vibrating with sexual energy. And I’m not going to leave until it’s released. Sarah slowly makes her way down, massaging my body with hers.

The sensual massage loosens every muscle in my body while creating explosive sexual tension. Her nipples rub against my stomach as her hands are grabbing my thighs. She slides off the massage table with one hand making its way to my pussy.

“And now,” she says sensually. “We’re going to release the tension.” One hand grabs my pussy lips, gently squeezing them together as she slips two fingers inside of me, making a come-hither motion. I’m in a slight state of shock, I didn’t know I was going to get a happy ending. I’m really living in a scene of an erotic movie.

With her other hand, she presses on my lower stomach, fingering me harder and harder. My head stretches back as the tingling sensation becomes stronger and stronger. She slips a finger into my asshole, staying in perfect rhythm. I stop focusing on my breathingthe feeling is too intense. Please fuck me, please.

I grab the sides of the table, “Oh my god,” I cry out. She keeps going, fingering me harder and harder. “Let go,” she says. I close my eyes, the energy is running through my body, ready to burst. “Oh my god,” I cry out again and again. In a split second, I feel the energy shoot into my vagina and release out of me. My body’s shaking; Sarah doesn’t stop fingering me.

“You’re going to orgasm again,” she says, but I don’t hear her. I feel my juice leaving my pussy. I’m squirting all over the massage table. Sarah fingers harder and harder as she moans with each thrust. I squirt, again and again, my body uncontrollably shaking.

She suddenly pulls out her fingers from my pussy. We’re both breathing heavily. Her hands softly run over my body as my shaking slowly subsides.

“It looks like you’ve released yourself,” she says, drying off her hands. She grabs her robe, putting it over her body. “Take a couple of minutes to unwind. I hope to see you again, Kate.” She smiles at me and leaves.

I nod and smile, pretending I’m listening, but I’m not. I’m on cloud fucking nine. My pussy has never been touched like that before. I slowly get up and dry myself off before slipping on my clothes. What the fuck was that?

I head towards the exit door.

“How was your massage,” the receptionist asks.

I feel euphoric, almost like I’m high, “I’m so happy I didn’t go with the male masseuse for the Nuru massage.” I head to the door, but turn around, “actually, maybe I’ll have to try that out next time.”

I wink at her and walk out the door. Who thought massage parlors would become my new favorite place? Guess I’m a fan of a happy ending after all.


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