What it Takes to be a Live Cam Model

Become a Live Cam Model

Live cam shows have been making waves in the industry for years, but recently there has been a surge in popularity. Broadcasting sexual acts over the Internet has transformed into quite a unique profession. Most are cam models for financial reasons, however, occasionally it is for exhibition purposes.

Nude shows are incredibly fun to watch and although it might seem intimidating, getting yourself naked on the Internet isn’t as scary as you might think.

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Here is why you might want to try it out:

1. It is easy!

To start broadcasting, most sites only require that you send in your name, email address and proof of legal age. With a few clicks, you can pretty much start online immediately. There is almost no delay between deciding to start camming and actually putting on a live sex show.

This also means that it is accessible to a variety of people because of the low cost of entry. You don’t need to start with high-quality technology. All you need is a computer (or phone) with an internet connection and a camera.

2. Your Own Rules

Being a cam model means that you get to make your own rules. You get to schedule your own hours around your life whether that means school, kids or another job. The beauty of the Internet is that there is always someone online – there will always be an audience.

It is your chat room so what you do is totally your decision. If you are uncomfortable with something, you don’t have to feel any pressure. If you want to explore something new, you can try it out. You also get to block anyone from your chat room!

3. Available for Everyone

Live cam shows or webcam sex does not have an age limit or a gender bias or any other limiting factors. You get to be exactly who you are, and people will watch you for that reason. People will connect with you because of your traits, whether you label yourself a certain way or whether you ignore all labels.

The mainstream adult industry tends to focus on stereotypically desirable people, which often means thin, young, able-bodied and white. Live cam models can be absolutely anyone. Adult webcams portray a diverse bunch of people, and that is a major part of what makes them special.

4. Be an Entrepreneur

Being a cam model requires you to be an entrepreneur, but that means you can make your online cam sessions exactly how you want it to be. You will surprisingly spend more time working offline than you will do shows. In the sex worker industry, there is a lot of marketing and promoting that is required.

You will also need to come up with creative ideas to captivate people’s attention on free live sex cams. It might sound like a lot of work, but you will gain a lot of skills from being your own boss and working from home.

5. Make Money

Obviously, most people put on nude webcam shows for the money. The amount of money that you receive will be proportional to the amount of work that you put in. There are so many cam models that support themselves from their live sessions, but like everything, it requires time and effort. If you’re looking to be your own boss, put in the work and make some money, then this can definitely be an option for you.

6. Experiment with Toys

Toys are incredibly popular during shows. Not only can you use your usual sex toys, but also there is now a whole new element that can be added: interactive toys. Live webcams are the next step forward for virtual reality porn and there are different ways to interact with the performer.

Certain webcam toys vibrate every time there is a payment, essential causing pleasure from money. Other toys, like the Kiiroo Pearl can be connected to multiple Kiroo Onyxes meaning that viewers can physically feel what the cam model is doing. Porn will always be at the forefront of technology, and live webcams are no exception.

If you’re interested in becoming a cam model, then you do need to consider the negative stigma attached to working in the sex industry. If you’ve done your research on the topic and you are comfortable with the potential negative aspects then you should definitely consider putting on live cam shows. You get to be your own boss and make money in an industry that has no limits. Tempted? Check out some of the live cam sites listed on Kiiroo.com to see what all the fuss is about!

This post was inspired by the Chaturbate session from Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2016.

Written by:

Rebecca Dane

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